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Suncoast Internet Marketing Llc

Suncoast Internet Marketing Llc

Posted by SuncoastMarketingLLC
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We are specialized at getting result online for big and small businesses. From getting to the first page of Google (The page 90% of consumers shop from), PPC (Less than $2 per lead), SMM (Social Media Marketing), building and optimizing your site to reach the ROI (Return On Investment) a company can dream of. Interested in learning who we are and what we do?

Read below:

Suncoast Internet Marketing

  1. Total Internet Exposure
    Internet Marketing Management
  2. Internet Marketing 2008 vs 2010
    Jan 2008 - The economy becomes undisputedly tough on companies and households. Most begin tightening up on their budgets and cutting back on unnecessary expenses. Everything just seemed to be on hold.
    Jan 2009 - More of the same, companies cutting back on hours and staffing. Households continue to stream-line their budgets, Unemployment going up
    Late 2009 - 2010 - Companies and households are adjusting to new tighter lifestyles. Some companies seem very strong, while similar companies are visibly stuck in 2008 or worse.
    What's Happening
    2008, in terms of technology, that was a long time ago. The first iphone was in 2007, the net book was only a concept, few people had the internet on their phone, and you were lucky if you could find a Public Wi-Fi.
    2010, Public Wi-Fi are everywhere, some covering entire communities with free public wi-fi. Most cell phones have full internet browsing and email, even the seniors are getting on board. People are researching and making decisions based on internet search results, from desktops, laptops, net books, ipads, cell phones and iPods. Purchasing decisions are primarily internet search results influenced now. It's 2010, magazines and newspapers are half as thick as 2008, print media has become a terrible return on investment. Internet search results are replacing asking a friend for a referral.
    May 2010, new customers are still out there. If your company is on the internet reinforcing its name, service, and brand, you are probably doing well. If your company is not on the internet with a strong presence, you probably are not growing, and will soon begin to lose your market share every quarter. It's 2010. Suncoast knows where your new customers are. It's 2010, do you know where your new customers are?
    In 2008, there were 8,000,000,000 internet searches in the US.
    In 2010, there were 60,000,000,000 internet searches in the US, in the first four months.
    In 2010, there are 200,000,000,000 projected internet searches in the US.
    Your new customers are still around and spending money, they just can find you.
  3. Total Internet Exposure
    The Goal is Your Company's Website & Ads Shown On The 1st Page Search Results
    Internet Users will find your company on the Search Engines under Sponsored Ads, Local Business Listings, Social Media Sites & Organic Results, turning them into New Customers
  4. Who Is Suncoast?
    Suncoastis an Internet Marketing Management Company.
    GOAL - Consistent Multiple Exposures on the 1st Page Search Results
  5. What Is Suncoast?
    Suncoast develops, programs, monitors & optimizes all aspects of a company's internet based, new customer lead generation marketing, by integrating sponsored ads, local business listings, social media & organic search results all under one roof.
  6. Internet Marketing At Its Best!
    How Can Suncoast Help You??
    "Suncoast creates ads & programs your website so that you reach your customers at the "moment” they demonstrate interest”
  7. What Suncoast can do for Your Company?

    • Using the Suncoast system can help your company generate new customers that only come from the internet.
    • Using the Suncoast system to determine, measure, and track information that helps ensure new customer lead generation.
    • Generate awareness
    • Build brand
    • Educate prospects
    • Targeted impressions (When Your Ad Shows)
    • Qualified customers to your website
    • Helpful Company Info
    • Request for proposals
    • Coupon downloads / Specials
    • Generate leads
    • Identify prospects
    • Sales conversions = $$$
    • Lower cost per lead/sale & great ROI
    • New Customer
    • Sales
  8. Total Internet Exposure
    1.) Sponsored Ads / Pay Per Click Advertising
    Suncoast creates ads that reach your customers at the moment they demonstrate interest.
    2.) Local Search Visibility & Social Media
    Local Business Listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing,, Facebook & Twitter, Press
    Release, CraigsList Banner Ad Link
    3.) Organic Website & Website Programming
    AKA - (SEO - Search Engine Optimization)
    4.) Program Progression / Additional Services
    Feeder Sites Link Building
    Blog Site Merchant Service Link
    Press Releases
  9. Total Internet Exposure
    New Customer Lead Generation
    Sponsored Ads / Pay Per Click Advertising
    (This is your company's on-line version of TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper, Post Cards & Other Forms of Paid Advertising)
    Suncoast creates ads that reach your customers at the moment they demonstrate interest.
  10. Total Internet Exposure
    Results Within Seven Days
    Sponsored Ads / Pay Per Click Advertising
    Suncoast creates ads & then programs your website so that you reach customers at the moment they demonstrate interest.
    What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?
    Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a form of online marketing that drives targeted leads to your business.
    PPC involves creating and placing ads in prominent positions on search engine result pages. Potential customers see your ad when they type a word or phrase related to your business into a search engine like Google®. To create the most effective campaign, Suncoast will help your company select keywords that best define your business. Your ads will then appear on the most appropriate search result pages.
    We go beyond traditional PPC sponsored ads by providing you with weekly website tracking reports, phone tracking, emails, contact form submissions and traffic to your Website generated by your ads.
  11. Basic Definition: PPC
    PPC: pay-per-click

    • Click: The action a user takes to select your ad and be taken to your website.
    • Google charges the advertiser when a user clicks on your ad
  12. Ad Distribution Example
    Search query: ‘SUV'
    Four AdWords ads under the title ‘Sponsored Links'
  13. Other
    Total Internet Exposure
    Internet Ad Distribution Network
    The Google Network reaches over 80% of Internet users
  14. Sponsored Ad Visitor Tracking
  15. How Can Your Marketing Pay for Itself? This Is Your 1st 90 Days Plan
    For Example Purposes Only
    Start Up Fee & Management Fee
    $900 investment in PPC Sponsored Ads
    $2.00 CPC ? 450 clicks
    10% New Customer Call Rate =45 New Customers Calls
    Fund Your Account, New Profit Source
  16. Benefits of Suncoast
    Low cost per new customer for high ROI
    Ads are seen by new customers looking to purchase
    Reach your new customer at the right time, with the right message
    Ability to pause and restart your Google Sponsored advertising
    Continuous Monitoring, Tracking & Adjustments to increase ROI
  17. More Benefits of Suncoast

    • See your Sponsored ads on Google quickly
    • Choose how much you want to spend per month (No Minimum or Maximum)
    • Suncoast will optimize and adjust your Sponsored Ads continually to increase your Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Pay Google only for the visitors who click on your Sponsored Ad
    • More cost-effective than other forms of advertising
    • Target multiple Cities, States or Countries
Print Ads Can Never Give You This
  1. Total Internet Exposure
    New Customer Lead Generation
    Local Search Visibility & Social Media
    ( No reccurring costs to your company for these. It's your company's on-line referral system funnel.)
    Local Business Listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing,, Facebook & Twitter, Press Release, CraigsList Banner Link Ad
  2. Total Internet Exposure
    Results - within Fourteen Days
    Local Search Visibility & Social Media
    Local Business Listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing,, Facebook & Twitter, Press Release, CraigsList Banner Link Ad
    What is Local Search Visibility & Social Media?
    Suncoast takes advantage of the exploding trend in the local search market and the emerging Search Engine Technology. The majority of internet users visit Google®, Yahoo® and Bing® when they look for local businesses. In 2008 & 1st Four Months of 2010 about 70,000,000,000 searches were done online with over half of them looking for a local business like yours. Of these users, 75% do business with the companies located on the front page of Google® and many other Top-tier Search Engines. This means that if your business does not come up with noticeable ranking in Local Searches of Google® and other Major Search Engines, you won't be found online.
  3. Suncoast Gets You Connected
    Local Business Listings
    (Google, Yahoo, Bing / MSN)
    Press Release
  4. Suncoast Gets You Found
    Local Listings Results
  5. Total Internet Exposure
    New Customer Lead Generation
    Organic Website & Website Programming
    (This is your company's on-line version of a Marketing Home-Run, Leads are Free & Abundant)
    AKA - (SEO - Search Engine Optimization)
  6. Total Internet Exposure
    Results- Soon - It's All About SEO
    Organic Website & Website Programming
    AKA - (SEO - Search Engine Optimization)
    What is Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of specific programming to your organic website in order to improve its rankings in search engines. Search Engine Optimization helps search engines such as Google® and Yahoo® find your website.
    Why do you need SEO?
    Consumers use search engines like Google® or Yahoo!® to find products and services. The objective of SEO is to get your website ranked in the natural or organic section of 1st page search engine results. Because you have to earn your way there through optimization programming, being listed in organic search engine results is a sign of credibility and commitment. People trust organic search results, but unless your site is on the first page of the search results, customers are unlikely to see your website.
    Moving forward, businesses must have an SEO plan in place or they will begin to lose market share.
    Getting your website to rank as high as possible on the organic search listings is accomplished through search engine optimization (SEO). Talk to Suncoast
  7. Suncoast Programs Your Website For Organic Success
    (Search Engine Optimization)
    Yahoo & Partners
    Bing / MSN & Partners
    Google & Partners
    Other Search Engines
  8. Suncoast Gets You Found
    Sample Organic Search Phrase
  9. Benefits of Suncoast Organic SEO

    • See your Website on the Search Engines Soon
    • Optimization and adjustments of your website continually to increase your Visibility, New Customer Leads and Your Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Your Website can be found World-Wide
  10. Suncoast Website Tracking
    Weekly Tracking & Statistical Reports Monthly SEO & Re-Submission To Help Improve Your Business Decisions
  11. Total Internet Exposure
    New Customer Lead Generation
    Additional Services
    (This is your company version of the Grand-Slam. Step four drives big time internet traffic, and the new customer lead generations are free.)
    Link Building
    Merchant Services Link
    Feeder Sites (20 Domains)
    Blog Site (Complimenting your Website)
    Regular Press Releases (4-5 per quarter)
  12. Why an Internet Press Release?
    It is fun and motivating to see your hard work and accomplishments in print.
    Announcing through a third party PR Firm, the good things that your company has done, like events, promotions, fund-raisers and credentials, is a great way of letting your potential customers know nice things about your company, while they are researching their choices on the internet.
    Press Releases also help to push down potential negative things, true or false, affecting your company's image.
    Internet Press Releases are an excellent way of managing your company's public relations, with the potential of being published in a trade magazine.
  13. More Benefits of Suncoast
    • Your ads are continuously matched to Internet users interests
    • Your ads are placed as buying decisions are made
    • You reach your new customers at the right time, with the right message
  14. Six Month Promise
    If a new client advertiser feels that Suncoast efforts do not meet our joint expectations by the end of the sixth month, we will be happy to waive all management fees for the second six months.
    This new customer lead generation guarantee confirms Suncoast's leadership role and commitment to new clients. Suncoast, the only professional internet marketing management company to offer a six month guarantee, demonstrating tremendous confidence in their ability to help clients gain new customer lead generation.
  15. Founders are Seasoned & Successful Business Entrepreneurs
  16. Total Internet Exposure
    Structured Internet Marketing Management | 813-523-1600
  17. Mission Statement
    Suncoast Founders total focus is on immediate internet marketing results. From a small startup business to a large corporation, Suncoast knows the importance of partnering up as knowledgeable guides into the next generation of the internet marketing frontier. Pay Per Click, Local Business, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization...
  18. Total Internet Exposure
    Structured Internet Marketing Management | 813-523-1600
  19. Total Internet Exposure
    Structured Internet Marketing Management
    What's Next?
    Make a new commitment to your company's on-line success. Stay ahead of the curve and your competition…

Here at is a quick visual presentation. It will explain more in detail of what we can do for you. After you take a look and you are still interested give me a call at 813-523-1600. We can get you signed up and your personal marketing specialist will begin working immediately. This is a team effort, we all work together to ensure you get the best results possible. I (Your marketing agent) and the specialist will keep a close eye on your account, plus you will be updated weekly on results. Again the number is 813-523-1600.

Look forward to doing business with you,

Marcus Walton - Marketing Agent Suncoast Internet Marketing

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