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Story #1:�Feeling Minnesota: Ahmadinejad Gains Recount VotesRUSH: Okay, the Minnesota Supreme Court has said it's over and Franken is the winner.� You know, it's just like they recounted the votes in Iran, folks, and Ahmadinejad actually got more votes after the recount! It's just like in this country.� In Minnesota, after the original vote count, Norm Coleman was ahead.� And in every recount thereafter, Franken got more votes, the loser.� It's amazing the similarities in the Minnesota electoral system and that in Iran.� Story #2:�Rasmussen's Obama Approval Index Falls Below ZeroRUSH: The Obama approval index in Rasmussen is at minus two.� Remember, now, the Rasmussen approval index takes the "strongly approve" and the "strongly disapprove" and matches them up, and he is minus two.

It's the first time in negative territory for the Bamster out there.

He's ranged from plus-16 to plus-ten to plus-nine.� The last couple days he was at zero.� Now he's at minus two.� And it could well be that the people of country are getting suspicious, fed up, and worn out.� We just don't know it because the State-Run Media doesn't report it.� And remember, I said back in January, the State-Run Media was able to convince people -- in the midst of a great economic boom -- that we were in a recession.� They were able to do that.� Now they are going to try to convince people who are unemployed that the economy is good.

Ha! It's all to prop up Obama because, to them, he's too big to fail.

Story #3:�Robert B.

Reich-h-h: What Can I Do to Help Obama?RUSH: Robert B.

Reichhhhhhhhh-shuh has a piece today in, "What Can I Do to Help Obama? -- The public has to force him to do the right thing.� Someone recently approached me," writes Mr.

Reichhhh, "at the cheese counter of a local supermarket, asking, 'What can I do?' At first I thought the person was seeking advice about a choice of cheese.

But I soon realized the question was larger than that.

It was: What can I do about the way things are going in Washington? People who voted for Barack Obama tend to fall into one of two camps: Trusters, who believe he's a good man with the right values and he's doing everything he can; and cynics, who have become disillusioned with his bailouts of Wall Street, flimsy proposals for taming the Street, willingness to give away 85 percent of cap-and-trade pollution permits, seeming reversals on eavesdropping and torture, and squishiness on a public option for healthcare.


We must make Obama do the right things.

E-mail, write, and phone the White House."� So Robert B.

Reichhhh-shuh is upset, and a lot of Democrats are upset, that Obama ain't coming through.� They want their own letter-writing campaign.

There's something going on out there.Story #4:�Drudge Report Bold Lead: Obama's "Evil Eye"RUSH: If you haven't been to the Drudge Report today, you need to go.� The Drudge Report has a bold lead.� Pictures of Obama with the evil eye as he looks -- these are White House pictures, taken by White House photographers.

-- at world leaders with whom he has utter disdain, the evil eye.� Now, it's safe to say, ladies and gentlemen, that nobody associates Obama -- his cult-like followers, nobody associates him -- with evil.� They might associate Rahm Emanuel with evil but they don't associate that Obama.� Obama's kind, generational, soft-spoken, brilliant, scholarly, professorial and all this.

But these pictures -- and Drudge put this together by himself and I, ladies and gentlemen, have it on good authority.

I'm not joking here.

I have it on good authority that there is in Hawaii, where he was raised...

The evil eye is actually a thing.

It's called "stink eye" by Hawaiian natives.� It's called stink eye.

You give someone the stink eye, and it is a big deal.� It's something that native Hawaiians do.

It's a cultural thing.� I'm told that if a white person, a non-Hawaiian goes over there and gives a native Hawaiian the stink eye -- an Obama type glance -- that it can provoke fisticuffs.


what? Well, good point, Snerdley.

Obama is not native Hawaiian, but he did grow up there.� Yeah.� Slap myself.

Now, that's a mistake that just born of like three hours sleep.� Thanks for the catch, for correcting me.


He's not native born Hawaiian.� At any rate, these pictures, Drudge nails it.

You can see who he looks at with disgust and disdain, but it's called "stink eye" in Hawaii -- I have it on good authority.� Story #5: 66%: New Haven Firefighters Discriminated AgainstRUSH: CNN/Opinion Research corporation: 66%, two-thirds think that the firefighters in New Haven were discriminated against.� Now, the tendency in a climate like this is, "Wow, whoa, that's cool, Rush, 66%."� This ought to be 100 percent.� Well, 90%.� It ought to be 87%.� No, 90%.� We'll exclude 10% of the liberal black population, 3% of the conservative black population, so a total of 90% should have found that the firefighters were discriminated against.� It's like the 5-4 decision at the court.� Four Supreme Court justices looked at the evidence in this case and did not see racial preference discrimination?� They didn't see it?� Or, rather, they saw it and thought it was justified?� They don't think like we do.� So I see 66% of the American people think the firefighters were discriminated against and, you know, okay, maybe half-baked clap, but it ought to be 90%, folks.
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