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Sanyo Vpc-fh1 Hd 1080p Flash Memory Camcorder W/ 16x Advance Zoom

Sanyo Vpc-fh1 Hd 1080p Flash Memory Camcorder W/ 16x Advance Zoom

Posted by Dellucci
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Sanyo VPC-FH1 HD 1080p Flash Memory Camcorder w/ 16x advance zoom (Black) Reviews
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Take stunning Full 1080p High Definition video at 60fps and amazing 8 megapixel digital photos! The compact Sanyo Dual Camera Xacti FH1 delivers high performance results with multiple features normally found on much higher priced video and photo cameras. The FH1 packs tons of features which are sure to please the most discerning user; including 600fps slow motion mode, face chasing technology which automatically read and corrects focus and lighting for up to 12 different subjects, and 16x optical zoom for video. Its compact design makes the FH1 extremely portable and easy to use. Videos, still photos and the various settings and menus can be easily accessed with the users thumb. The FH1s convenient design makes sharing videos and photos via social networking web sites, portable video devices like IPods, TVs and computers, a breeze.

Technical Details - Capture Full 1080p HD video (60fps) and up to 8-megapixel still photos
- 16x advanced zoom for video; 10x optical zoom for photos
- Face Chaser technology (can detect up to 12 faces for photos and videos)
- Built-in still photo flash; High-Speed Sequential Shooting (12fps)
- Capture video and stills to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)
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"Excellent HD Camcorder" 2009-11-23
By midnight821 (Kentucky)
The Sanyo VPC-FH1 HD Camcorder is a top notch piece of equipment. The size is wonderful for travel and for this price point, it would be hard to beat this unit. It lacks a couple of features, but the quality and performance more than make up for a few downsides.

I love the size of this camcorder. It is very easy to pop in a bag or carry around with you in your hand. Even though it has a small impact in terms of size, the LCD does not suffer. I was impressed by the size of the screen. Overall, the camcorder seems to be very steady and well-built. Another great feature is the startup time. The VPC-FH1 is ready in a snap after powering it up.

Quality, in both video and still shots, is pretty awesome. At 1080p and 60fps, the video is great and does not disappoint. Throw in the ability to do 8MP photos and you have a great package. The digital photos don't compare to a DSLR, but it can beat out most mid-range point and shoot cameras. It also packs in 10x optical zoom, which is sufficient for most users and for the size of this camcorder. It seems to perform pretty well in low light conditions, as well. The controls and menus are easy to follow and use, and the battery life is on par with similar camcorder models I have used in the past.

My one complaint would be image stabilization, but I can't complain too much. It does a decent job, but after using Canon cameras and camcorders I'm spoiled. You might also miss the ability to connect an external microphone, but I don't consider that to be a decision maker in this instance. In this price point and model range, it would be hard to find a camcorder that performs better.

"Do you really want HD with this lens?" 2009-11-08
By fatmav
I have used this camcorder for over three months and in two trips to Asia. I find the camcorder to be very usable in terms of its ergonomics and its menu system and the huge LCD display is bright enough even in direct sunlight. However, I must honestly say that I am not impressed at this camcorder when used in its HD mode, which I believe to be the most appealing factor for those who will pick this camcorder for its affordable price. Yes, it can record a ton of data per second and give you a lot of details, but if anything I find that the HD-ness only amplifies its less-than-stellar lens performance. In particular, I find a lot of chromatic aberrations around edges when compared to an SD Canon that I purchased at more than double the price only 1.5 years back, and the lens easily loses contrast due to internal flare at bright conditions. My advice is to use this camera only at SD, which tames the optical flaws by not capturing them in high resolution. The files will be smaller too and your battery will run out before you fill a 16GB card.

This brings me to a small nuisance: this camera does not seem to have an internal battery to keep its settings. Every time I unplug the battery the clock gets reset. It minorly ruined my travel experience but it is not a deal-breaker. Another small problem is that the electronic image stabilization works well only if you keep it to the low zoom levels. I can really appreciate the difference between electronic and optical image stabilization once I get pass 4x. I must stress that this is not a big limitation in practice, but if capturing at high zoom is important then it is easy to justify the extra expense in an optical image stabilization system.

P.S. I never bothered to capture stills with this given the lens performance.

"Great camera for the money" 2009-11-02
By J. Foster (Greenville, SC)
I bought this camera for its compatibility with Mac computers which seems to be rare among consumer grade video cameras. I tried several other brands and models without success. This one is recognized by my Mac and iMovie. iMovie produces files that can be used in Final Cut Pro. The video quality is not exceptional but it is adequate for the price and functionality. Its ability to take photos while shooting video is really handy and the photo quality is adequate as well. Its smallness makes it difficult to keep steady and requires you to steady it with your body, a tripod or a large sturdy object. This is common among other cameras of this size. There are probably not too many cameras that are easily held steady that you can also put in your pocket. With a 16 or 32 Gb SD card 11 hours of standard definition video can be stored. With flash memory it gets into action quickly and and the battery last for over three hours of continuous running time.

"Excellent Camcorder but could be improved" 2009-10-29
By Jinsoo Kim
I bought this camcorder about 5 months ago. I saw the review about VPC2000 instead but couldn't get here. All were from HongKong without US warranty. So, I decided to buy this since most of features are same.

After trying a few HD pictures, I was amazed how good it is. Now I am in different filed but I was working for Video compression 10 years ago. I was developing MPEG2, H.263 and H.264 H/W codec. I was in the team developing DV format codec chips. I was also part of the lab developing Mpeg2 codec ASIC as well. We all discussed how to support such a high bandwidth requirement using SDRAM memory. Projected clock frequency was above 100MHz without any cooling devices. There was no way we could pack into this small size camcorder.

Though it's small, it's the first camcorder supporting full HD resolution with 60 progressive frame. Bottom line is you can get stunning video output at the end of the day. You can choose many different format such as full HD with 30frame or 720p and so on. Depending on your need, such as long recording with lower bitrate or higher resolution but shorter recording time.

The most important factor to convince me to buy this camcorder is low light performance. I looked at the camcorder review site and this camcorder showed one of the best performance under low light situation. I take lots of video for my kids indoor. Most of the time, lighting is not sufficient. There's no guarantee I need to take picture only during day time. I want to capture the short moments, my infant's first flipping, first sitting, first walking sort of thing. This camcorder is nice since it turns on instantly and also performs well in any situation.

This camcorder is very handy and small. Very easy to use and menu is well defined. There are 4 arrow buttons which you can assign any function as a short cut, which means you can adjust exposure, ISO and so on without navigating lengthy menu. Sleep function is also nice that you can put this into sleep whenever you close the screen. It automatically resumes when you open up the display. You never need to turn it off. Battery is as small as just cell phone battery but it still provides 2 hour of recording. Though bigger capacity battery is not supported, you can always recharge using micro USB cable.

Now the downside.

Comparing my old Sony DV camcorder, it lacks optical image stabilization. FH1 supports Electronic Image Stabilization but there's no way to think it actually works from image. There are many anti-shake software as a post processing tool but those tool usually reduces resolution since image borders are used to compensate camera shake. So if you assume to use such software, you need to put more into the screen to compensate reduced border later.

Wacky white balance. Most of the time, white balance works well but it doesn't change gradually when you span your camcorder. It seems to have big step size between different modes. If I want from outside to indoor, camcorder adjusts white balance upon different lighting situation and I see big change. Sometimes, under certain condition, camcorder can't decide which mode to take for sure. Then it switches back and forth and it frequently change in the colors. For other camcorders, white balance changes gradually so, you don't see dramatic changes for final result. So, it seems to be better to set manual mode. At least it's possible to apply white balance using 3rd party software.

Optical performance. Under strong light condition, I see strong chromatic aberration around the corner. It's so strong that, I couldn't fix the problem using Photoshop or Lightroom. Initially, I bought this camcorder to use for both video as well as photo but I decided not to use since it doesn't work very well outdoor during daytime.

File numbering. It keeps incrementing photo and video file numbers but, if I remove existing files from SD, the number goes back to 0. That gives me some headache to maintain video of different times. It would be also nice to provide some sort of software to download and performs some post processing.

Lack of external microphone. The built in microphone works greatly. One day I went to playground to play kite. My wife took the video from very far around 70~80 ft. It still captured my son's laughing. I was amazed. However, It would be nice if there's hookup for external microphone.

I still think this camcorder is great deal for such price. Not only price, it also performs very well compared to Canon or Sony. I just hope Sanyo improves a little bit in next firmware update. (Sanyo occasionally releases firmware update to fix minor problems.)

"Perfect Football Mom Camera" 2009-10-23
By Avalanche Design, LLC (Oxford, OH United States)
I looked a LONG time, and went through a few other cameras before settling on this one - it fits my needs for taking video of High School Football games PERFECTLY. Zoom is great, as is stability. I love that I can take a still shot at the same time a video is being recorded. The file format is fully compatible with my computer and software - Mac and iMovie. The image quality is AMAZING. I have video taped 8 games in varying degrees of light, processed them with iMovie and iDVD, and viewed them on a large screen HD TV - the image quality, while it is not professional grade - is amazing for a camera less than $500, and certainly fits our needs. Thanks Sanyo for a great product!

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