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Real Help....for Troubled Teens

Real Help....for Troubled Teens

Posted by Alweierman
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South Florida- For most parents the nightmare of having a son who is having difficulty in school takes a turn for the worse when he gets suspended from school. For Sarah and her husband Phil, the phone call from the school saying that their son Joey was being suspended could not have come at a worse time. Phil had already missed a lot of work dealing with the problems his son was having and now Sarah also was in danger of losing her job. Everything they had tried up until now didn't work. The counselors, the behavioral plans, the contracts, all seemed to have very little effect on Joey. They needed help and they needed it fast. Their only options were to leave Joey at home during the day and just hope he stayed out of trouble or leave him at Phil's dads house. The problem with the latter was that Phil's dad was elderly and Joey could easily sneek out if he wanted to.

As Phil and Sarah discussed their options the thought of their son and the terrible future he was designing for himself, brought Sarah to tears several times.

Phil decided he would do a search on the internet for a school that could help Joey with his problems. The search produced many schools, but Phil didn't know where to call first. Then he found Southeastern Military Academy in Florida. He went to their site and immediately was intrigued with what they offered.

Phil and Sarah called Southeastern Military Academy to get more information. They were both pleasantly surprised as they talked with Admissions office. The young lady who took their call was forthright in discussing what the school could and could not do. After the call Phil and Sarah decided that this was best for their son.

For parents facing turmoil in their family due to a troubled teen, Southeastern Military Academy is an answer to prayer.

Southeastern Military Academy is a Military Boarding and Day School for teens that utilizes military style components for the establishment of a "Doctrine of Discipline" in the lives of the struggling teens who come to the school. The Academy provides a viable alternative to school dropouts for struggling teens needing behavioral re-direction in a military style environment.

The objective of SEMA is to provide a tough, highly structured, high impact academic and extracurricular boys boarding school program that will remold and turn around the lives of rebellious and troubled teenagers. The program objectives are facilitated through the use of a "Code of Conduct" that contains the seven core values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Self Sacrifice, Honor, Integrity, & Personal Courage.

Southeastern Military Academy has a unique behavior modification system that promotes and achieves needed changes in the lives of struggling youth. They promote traditional values such as honesty, openness, respect, teamwork, and accountability in order to instill a positive, responsible, cooperative attitude that will prepare them to successfully live in their family, community and society.

As one of the top boys boarding schools, they offer an environment where teens can safely work on fixing their negative behaviors. Because they have extensive experience working with troubled teens, they know that every child can change given the right environment with the right people.

Leadership Training

Southeastern Military Academy offers many important skills not offered by public or private schools, one such skill is leadership training. Boys with leadership skills tend to be more successful as adults. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of leadership training.

Leadership training is one of the advantages that military school has over most traditional schools. Good military schools for any age group focus on training young men to become leaders in the military or whatever field they choose to go into, and the ability to lead is an important skill for success in life.

Leadership training is about helping young people develop the skills to be leaders in their lives and their careers. They learn to practice self control and to motivate others. There are several types of skills and traits developed in leadership training:

Self discipline

Self confidence

Self awareness

Morals and ethics

Sense of responsibility to self and to others

Being willing and motivated to learn

Setting goals and having a strong desire and drive to achieve them

Appreciating the strengths of others

Openness to new experiences and people


If You know of a young man that Southeastern Military Academy can help call them at


Or on the web at or
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