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Rapid Thermal Processing In Solar Cell

Rapid Thermal Processing In Solar Cell

Posted by Peter Chen
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We sold many AccuThermo AW-410,AccuThermo AW 610 ,AccuThermo AW 810 in Solar Industry for developing new next generation solar cell process,such as First Solar, BP Solar, Applied Materials, Sigen , GE Energy, IBM,Stanford University,UC Berkeley,California University, Senergen Devices, Sierrasolarpower , NB Technologies GmbH(Germany), Cranfield University(UK), IFE Kjeller(Norway),IMEC(Belgium),

Recently, RTP-like processing has found applications in another rapidly growing field — solar cell fabrication. RTP-like processing, in which an increase in the temperature of the semiconductor sample is produced by the absorption of the optical flux, is now used for a host of solar cell fabrication steps, ncluding phosphorus diffusion for N/P junction formation and impurity gettering, hydrogen diffusion for impurity and defect passivation, and formation of screen-printed contacts using Ag-ink for the front and Al-ink for back contacts, respectively.

Some solar cell companies have successfully applied our advanced Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) technology to its process for creating highly efficient and durable CIGS solar cells. This eliminates a key process bottleneck found in many state-of-the-art process implementations and enables the use of low-cost substrates in ways that were not considered possible before.

In Rapid Thermal Processing, a layer is heated for a very brief period only in a highly controlled way. For instance, RTP techniques can flash-heat a layer for just several picoseconds and put energy just into the top several nanometers of a layer in a highly controlled way -- while leaving the rest of the layer unaffected.

RTP has a secondary benefit of reducing the energy payback time of their solar cells to less than two months (for the full panel). By comparison, a typical silicon solar panel has an energy payback time of around three years, and a typical vacuum-deposited thin-film cell has one of 1-2 years. The energy payback time is the time that a solar panel has to be used in order to generate the amount of energy that it required to be produced.

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    Allwin21 is the exclusive licenced manufacturer for AG Heatpulse 610. Allwin21 is manufacturing the AccuThermo AW-410,AccuThermo AW-610,AccuThermo AW 810,originally the AG Heatpulse 610.The AccuThermo AW-410,AccuThermo AW-610,AccuThermo AW 810 have innovative software and more advanced temperature control technologies.

RTP Typical Application Area v

  • v Chip Maufacture
  • Compound Industry?GaAs, GaN, GaP, GaInP,InP and SiC
  • v Optronics?Planar optical waveguides,LASERs,LEDs and VCSELs
  • v Biomedical
  • v MEMS
  • v Nanotechnology
  • Solar Cell
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