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Psychedelic Trance And Progressive, World, Ambient And Chillout, Total 591 Cds

Psychedelic Trance And Progressive, World, Ambient And Chillout, Total 591 Cds

Posted by ola6
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Psychedelic Trance and Progressive, World, Ambient and Chillout, total 591 CDs

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2010-05-19, 133 NEW RELEASES, total 150 CDs

1. Being asked for a very succinct self-description recently, Nikola Kozic spontaneously answered... Spin Twist Records: Zyce Transgressive 1 CD

2. Audioalchemists: Compilation Remote Future 1 CD Let's move forward to the remote future, to the rest of time.

3. Electrypnose, the electric hypnosis... Goa Records: Electrypnose Magnetic Memoirs Vol 2 1 CD

4. Utopia Records: Faders Feelings 1 CD Utopia Records are proud to present, Faders long awaited debut album 'Feelings'.

5. Beats and Pieces very proudly presents the second Outersect album 'God Love the Fool'. Beats and Pieces: Outersect God Love the Fool 1 CD

6. Blitz Studios: Fungus Funk Electric Grooves 1 CD From the world famous Russian-Australian giant Blitz Studios...

7. Coming up this spring on Ajana Records... Ajana Records: Psyfactor Futurised 1 CD

8. Point Zero: Compilation Funky Town 1 CD Compiled by Lucca

9. Compiled by Sven Snug Blue Tunes Recordings: Compilation Rock It 1 CD

10. Iono Music: Compilation Voltage Control 1 CD Compiled by Solano

11. Compiled by Dj Chris aka Yuo. Wakyo Records: Compilation Eastern Frontier 1 CD

12. Triky Entertainment: Triky Electric 1 CD Psytrance made in Australia. Triky is back with his 3rd full length album

13. Florian Seriot aka Toires has created an original music sound punctuated by daring expeditions. Mahana Bay Label: Toires Yasmina 2 CD

14. Two Serbian projects, famous ninjas KanibaL HolokausT and Jesus Raves join as one force... Ultiva Records: Kanibal Raves Na Masti Iz Srbije 1 CD

15. Organic Records: Compilation Haiti Appeal Project 3 CD Haiti Appeal Project has been put together by a global community...

16. Lets Blow this negative world away then! Mad Skippers: Funky Gong Blow 1 CD

17. Wild Seven Recordz: Compilation The Heretics 1 CD Wild Seven Recordz is proud to present its third release, 'The Heretics' compiled by Aragami.

18. 'Organ Splitter', is an album inspired by evil sci-fi creatures. Apuruami Records: Compilation Organ Splitter 1 CD

19. Spun Records: Compilation End Game 1 CD Compiled by French trance innovator Kinesis.

20. Expect unique, fresh and truly out of this world productions from this hot posse! Digital Drugs Coalition: Meteor Burn Stratosphere 1 CD

21. Geomagnetic TV: Compilation Psychic Chakra III - Dreaming Of The Phoenix CD This dynamic meditation is packed with so many chakra swirling keys...

22. Cosmonet is a new and very promising artist from Brazil. Bionics Records: Cosmonet NO.1 1 CD

23. Six Degrees Records: Gaudi No Prisoners 1 CD The brand new Dub and Breaks record featuring Michael Franti and Dr. Israel

24. Once again PsyShark Records are hitting with a new CD of PsyShark Vibes amazing series. Psyshark Records: Compilation PsyShark Vibes 3 1 CD

25. Beats and Pieces: Compilation Chilly Peppers Vol 1 1 CD Beats and Pieces are very happy to present the first compilation in the Chilly Peppers series.

26. No Comment Records proudly presents the debut album of Multi Evil. No Comment Records: Multi Evil The Multiplication Of Evil 1 CD

27. Pixan Recordings: Full Face In Every Place 1 CD Enjoy this highly aware peace of trance.

28. Bionics Records: Dual Core Unknown Possibilities 1 CD 2 years after debut album 'Eruption', Adi and Eran are back now with this fun and pumpy album.

29. Altar Records presents its fourth compilation under the theme of the element 'Earth'. Altar Records: Compilation Earth 1 CD

30. Adapted Records: Compilation Are You Jivin Yet? 1 CD Adapted Records is back in 2010!

31. Introducing the 4th album from Sensient, the owner/manager of Zenon Records. Zenon Records: Sensient The Space Between 1 CD

32. Spun Records: Last Men Standing From Zero To Hero 1 CD Last Man Standing, the long awaited second album.

33. Compiled by the Dudes themselves. Solar Tech Records: Compilation The Amplidudes 1 CD

34. Iono Music: Float Liquid 1 CD Another edition of Iono's Private Room Sessions.

35. Compiled by Wizack Twizack. Digital Drugs Coalition: Compilation Pathogenesis 1 CD

36. Geomagnetic TV: Compilation Psychic Chakra II - Family Of The Phoenix 1 CD Uplifiting Melodic Neo Goa and Full-on Psychedelic Trance.

37. Millennium welcomes you to the new next Dimension of Downbeat and Listening Music. Yellow Sunshine Explosion: Compilation Shanti Bar 2 CD

38. Yellow Sunshine Explosion: Compilation Goa Vol 34 2 CD The legendary Goa Series does not stop!

39. Wonkay Records proudly presents their debut CD release Poodle Scum. Wonkay Records: Compilation Poodle Scum 1 CD

40. Terror Lab Industries: Compilation Extreme Noise Terror Vol. 1 1 CD Compiled by DJ Transgenic.

41. Fractal Records proudly presents Gaia-Tek the third episode. Fractal Records: Compilation Gaia-Tek 3 1 CD

42. FreeAnce: Shake Zephyr 1 CD Shakes's debut album 'Zephyr' is finally here!

43. This album is crystallized and at the same time has a slight diversity in style. Avatar Records: Compilation Retrodelic Vibes 5 1 CD

44. Com.pact Records: Visual Paradox The Power Of Sound 1 CD Following the successful release of their two studio albums...

45. 'Distant Futures is the debut album from the highly regarded and very talented Leon Kane. Nano Records: Avalon Distant Futures 1 CD

46. Yabai Records: Compilation Iwasankai 1 CD Compiled by DJ Yuji and Atom

47. One of the years most anticipated releases is finally here. Liquid Records: Slackbaba Perverting Mankind 1 CD

48. Utopia Records: Intersys Music in 3D 1 CD Utopia Records and InterSys Music proudly presents 'Music in 3D'

49. Beats and Pieces is happy to bring you a new album from in Dub... Beats and Pieces: Tor.Ma in Dub Jump High (From the roots to the sky) 1 CD

50. Remute: Remute Orgy 1 CD The master himself calls it just simply True Rave.

51. Compiled and Mastered by Cifroteca Skygravity Records: Compilation Urban Forest 1 CD

52. HOM-mega Productions: Insomnia Death Row 1 CD For the last 3 years, Tom Shoval and Orel Shapira (aka Insomnia)...

53. Compiled by K-Isuma Virus Tekk Records: Compilation Fullon Dreams 1 CD

54. Mighty Quinn Records: Compilation Somatic Frenzy 1 CD Mighty Quinn Records presents its fifth anniversary release.

55. G-Spot! Its sexy, its minimal, its hypotonic, its irresistible! Yellow Sunshine Explosion: Compilation G-Spot Vol 1 2 CD

56. Bionics Records: Onyx Energy Beats 1 CD Onyx strikes back with a new Album.

57. Etic is the well established project of international acclaimed Dj and producer, Etay Harari. Digital Nature: Etic Statistics 1 CD

58. Fineplay Records: Space Cat The Remixes 1 CD Finaly, the long awaited Space Cat Remixes, now available at

59. Bionix! The new weapon of Mind Control Records! Mind Control Records: Bionix Technoid 1 CD

60. Spin Twist Records: Neelix When i'm grown up 1 CD Progressive Trance from some of the most active producers of this genre.

61. Expect a rough diamond of atmospheric electronica. Ultimae Records: Hybrid Leisureland Scroll Slide 1 CD

62. Ovnimoon Records: Compilation Montemapu Festival 2 CD Compiled by Ovnimoon

63. Fancy some soothing new music catering for your melancholic, dreamy moods? Yellow Sunshine Explosion: Compilation Shanti Lounge 2 CD

64. Blue Flame Records: Bahramji and Mashti Sufiyan 1 CD Sufiyan is Bahram's second album together with producer and DJ Mashti.

65. 'Sufi Safir' is Bahrams second album released on Blue Flame Records. Blue Flame Records: Bahramji feat Mashti Sufi Safir 1 CD

66. Iono Music: Progenitor Electro Bite 1 CD Finally the long awaited debut album by Progenitor is finnished.

67. Compiled by Creator. Blue Tunes Recordings: Compilation Sunday 1 CD

68. Hado Records: Zirrex Lost In Time 3 CD 10-Years anniversary release, mind-bending psychedelic goa-trance album by Zirrex. 3 CD

69. Finaly, this oriental ambient classic also available at Blue Flame Records: Bahramji and M.De Moor Call Of The Mystic 1 CD

70. Yellow Sunshine Explosion: Compilation Goa Vol 32 2 CD The leaders of the scene with over 140 minutes 1st class goa style.

71. Compiled by Pena and Nano - Mechanic. Flow Records: Compilation Uncharted vol 2 1 CD

72. Sacred Media: Compilation Missing pieces of the puzzle 1 CD Just as when each piece of the puzzle is in place...

73. This monster compilation series, called Psychedelic Lover, mixed by Dj REW. Farm Records: Compilation Psychedelic Lover 08 1 CD

74. Hadshot Haheizar: Guy Mantzur Thin Skin 2 CD 'Thin Skin' represents the next step for Guy in his development as an artist.

75. Beats and Pieces is proud to present a new album from Krusseldorf... Beats and Pieces: Krusseldorf Bohemian Groove 1 CD

76. Dinsha Prana Records: Compilation Sonika 1 CD Dinsha Prana Records is back again proudly presenting V.A.- 'Sonika', selected by Teknical Ikon.

77. Origo Sound releases the new CD 'Gigaherz' by the finnish band Nemesis. Origo Sound: Nemesis Gigaherz 1 CD

78. Baroque Records: Sergio Fernandez Angel or Demon 1 CD Sergio Fernandez Is one of Spain's hottest exports right now.

79. Slam on 'Abstract Visions' and feel the force of psy-progressive trance at its best. Iono Music: Compilation Abstract Visions 1 CD

80. Zero Gravity Records: Compilation Galactic Suite 1 CD Compiled by Zero Gravity Records.

81. Art 2 Heart is a side project of the legendary Israeli dj Guy Sebbag and musician Arik Rudich. Avney Hachoshen Records: Art 2 Heart Evidance 1 CD

82. Telekiness Records: Telekiness Apocalypse 1 CD Telekiness Records presents the long awaited joint project by Telekiness and Sixsense.

83. YSE proudly present Goa Trance Vol 12, compiled by DJ Tulla! Yellow Sunshine Explosion: Compilation Goa Trance Vol 12 2 CD

84. Skoocha is one of the may aliases of French/Spanish Musician and Producer Benoit Munoz. Parabola Music: Skoocha The Infinite Monkey Theorem 1 CD

85. Phototropic Records: Compilation Goatronika 1 CD And the trip isn't finished yet, the journey continues...

86. Indigo is not just a color, it's a way of life Nutek Records: Indigo Indigo 1 CD

87. Nutek Records: Beatkrush Dissolver 1 CD Nutek records is proud to Present - Beatkrush!

88. Digitalfrequenz Records: 2012Conection Time 4 Revolution 1 CD The brand new label Digitalfrequenz Records is proud to present the debut album of 2012Conection.

89. N.A.S.A. is Mikkel Rasmussen from Denmark, one of the biggest headliners in the trance scene. Iono Music: N.A.S.A. Unique 1 CD

90. Starbox: GMS The Remixes Vol 2 1 CD Starbox is ready and we are proud to announce their first and awaited release...

91. Shlomi Dahan, the talented name behind Digital Tribe strikes back... Parabola Music: Digital Tribe This is it 1 CD

92. World Service Records: Compilation Fullmoon Party Koh Phangan 2009 2 CD Mixed, compiled and performed 2009 live by Dj Templeton Fullmoon Party Thailand.

93. Come witness what has just blossomed atthe FreAnce Garden! FreeAnce: Synesthesia Blossom 1 CD

94. Movement Recordings: Compilation Technical Progress 1 CD Movement Recordings drop the new unmixed CD Compilation entitled 'Technical Progress'...

95. Since his first release on Ultimae's Fahrenheit Project compilation in 2001... Ultimae Records: Cell Hanging Masses 1 CD

96. Iboga Records: Behind Blue Eyes Kisses From The Clouds 2 CD Iboga Records presents a new double CD album from Behind Blue Eyes and Krusseldorf.

97. Compiled by Dj Tube Push Records: Compilation Breaking Point 2 CD

98. Sonic Motion Records: Atyss State of Resonance 1 CD Open your mind and close your eyes to transcend the musical spell that Atyss has cast.

99. Boa Group Records: Compilation The Union 1 CD Compiled by Dj Bog and Dj Solly

100. Yes, Tip Records is back! TIP.WORLD: Compilation White 1 CD

101. Iboga Records: Phony Orphants Computer Music 1 CD Iboga Records presents the long awaited third full lenght album release with Phony Orphants.

102. Contemporary Progressive Trance includes pretty different ideas. Spin Twist Records: Vaishiyas Satisflaxion 1 CD

103. Twisted Records: Shpongle Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland 1 CD Dongle and Mongle are the only two other words rhyming with Shpongle...

104. Compiled by Corona and Chabunk. Solar Tech Records: Compilation Sunset Safari 1 CD

105. Blue Tunes Recordings: Koan When The Silence Is Speaking 1 CD Matching the cold, dark and rather silent indoor season in the northern hemisphere...

106. Compiled by Kronic. 24/7 Records: Compilation Tropical Chronicles 1 CD

107. Uxmal Records: Compilation Mexican Progression 002 1 CD Compiled by Haka and Xpander...

108. Chillcode Music proudly presents the 4th studio album of british artist Kuba. Chillcode Records: Kuba Bringing it all back home 1 CD

109. Iono Music: Ritmo Archive 9 1 CD Ritmo has picked a bunch of exquisite remixes to fill up a full length CD.

110. Dance N Dust Records: Compilation Beat Wins 1 CD Compiled by Dj Asherun

111. Known as one of the most highly requested Live Acts and DJs in the Trance scene... Parabola Music: S-Range Remixed Memories 1 CD

112. Spiral Trax Records: Compilation Platform 02 1 CD Compiled by Anti and Bakke

113. Compiled by Audiomatic Spin Twist Records: Compilation Audiophile Vol 2 1 CD

114. Mandala Records: Total Eclipse Tales of the Shaman 1 CD Legendary electronica project Total Eclipse returns with its 5th new Album.

115. Compiled by John 00 Flemming Iboga Records: Compilation Set:11 2 CD

116. Fineplay Records: Compilation Global Exposition Vol 2 1 CD Compiled by Mairo-Such.

117. Iboga Records: Antix Cavalier 2 CD 'Cavalier' the much anticipated new Antix album.

118. Compiled by Michael Banel and DJ Slater. Iboga and Tribal Vision Records: Compilation Crosslink 2 2 CD

119. Parabola Music: Audiotec Artrance CD Audiotec's 3rd Studio Album.

120. Kino Oko comes with his third album on Tribal Vision Records. Tribal Vision Records: Kino Oko Colours Hate Themselves

121. ADS Productions: Compilation Trance Porter CD Compiled by Double Fuckers a.k.a. Tomoya and Tomo

122. Shiva Squad Records presents there debut compilation VA - 'Shiva Power'... Shiva Squad Records: Compilation Shiva Power CD

123. Biomechanix Records: Compilation Mechanical Evolution CD One off the best compilations of the year, full of power and energy.

124. Noga Records is delighted to announce its new installment for 2010. Noga Records: Ananda Shake The World Is Yours CD

125. Nano Records: Chromatone Wasabi CD Just like the head rush you receive from eating the powerful Japanese accompaniment...

126. Haldolium Classics Remake 2010 Blue Tunes Recordings: Haldolium Repainted classics in new colours CD

127. Sonica Recordings: Compilation Sonica Vol II CD This new compilation produced by Gino, is a tribute to Sonica Festival...

128. 'Thee Olde Ones' is Frost Raven's 3rd full length release... Goa Records: Frost Raven Thee Olde Ones CD

129. Geomagnetic TV: Compilation Mentalism CD Compiled by Monks of Madness

130. Ovnimoon records is proud to present the 2nd full length album from Miroslav aka ManMachine... Ovnimoon Records: Man Machine Reintegrate CD

131. Nutek Records: Audio Hijack Microwave Transmissions CD Right from the epicenter of Nutek Records...

132. Finally Motion Drive is ready to delight the crowd with his 1st album... Iono Music: Motion Drive In The Dirt CD

133. Phoenix Groove Records: Compilation Musica Humana Vol 1 CD Phoenix Groove present their very first installation with 'Musica Humana Vol1'.


2010-05-19, TOP 100, total 115 CDs

1. Zyce: Transgressive Spin Twist 1CD
2. Compilation: Crosslink 2 IbogaandTribal Vision 2CD
3. Antix: Cavalier Iboga 2CD
4. Haldolium: Repainted classics in new colours Blue Tunes 1CD
5. Motion Drive: In The Dirt Iono 1CD
6. Compilation: Sonica Vol II Sonica Recordings 1CD
7. Compilation: Remote Future Audioalchemists 1CD
8. Compilation: Voltage Control Iono 1CD
9. Peter Gun: Strobe Tribal Vision 1CD
10. Compilation: Psychic Chakra III - Dreaming Of The Phoenix Geomagnetic 1CD
11. Last Men Standing: From Zero To Hero Spun 1CD
12. Kino Oko: Colours Hate Themselves Tribal Vision 1CD
13. Compilation: Musica Humana Vol 1 Phoenix Groove 1CD
14. Neelix: When i'm grown up Spin Twist 1CD
15. Compilation: Psychic Chakra II - Family Of The Phoenix Geomagnetic 1CD
16. Man Machine: Reintegrate Ovnimoon Records 1CD
17. Electrypnose: Magnetic Memoirs Vol 2 Goa Records 1CD
18. Compilation: Pathogenesis Digital Drugs 1CD
19. Compilation: Rock It Blue Tunes 1CD
20. Meteor Burn: Stratosphere Digital Drugs 1CD
21. Carbon B. Lifeforms: Interloper Ultimae 1CD
22. Audiotec: Artrance Parabola Music 1CD
23. Ananda Shake: The World Is Yours Noga Records 1CD
24. Loud: Free From Conceptual Thoughts Drive Records 2CD
25. Float: Liquid Iono 1CD
26. Compilation: Brainzcrew Parvati Records 1CD
27. Faders: Feelings Utopia Records 1CD
28. Chromatone: Wasabi Nano Rec. 1CD
29. Compilation: Sunday Blue Tunes 1CD
30. Audio Hijack: Microwave Transmissions Nutek Records 1CD
31. Avalon: Distant Futures Nano Rec. 1CD
32. Compilation: The Amplidudes Solar Tech 1CD
33. Bluetech: Love Songs To The Source Interchill 1CD
34. Compilation: Mentalism Geomagnetic 1CD
35. Sensient: The Space Between Zenon Records 1CD
36. Scann-Tec: Facial Memories Celestial Dragon 1CD
37. Frost Raven: Thee Olde Ones Goa Records 1CD
38. Compilation: End Game Spun 1CD
39. Outersect: God Love the Fool Beats and Pieces 1CD
40. Compilation: Kumharas Vol 7 Space Tepee 1CD
41. Compilation: Haiti Appeal Project Organic 3CD
42. Toires: Yasmina Mahana Bay 2CD
43. Shpongle: Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland Twisted Rec. 1CD
44. Neelix: You're Under Control Spin Twist 1CD
45. F.F.T: Unity Of Science Dacru Records 1CD
46. Compilation: Abstract Visions Iono 1CD
47. Compilation: Goa X Vol 4 YSE Recordings 1CD
48. Visual Paradox: The Power Of Sound Com.pact 1CD
49. Fungus Funk: Electric Grooves Blitz Studios 1CD
50. Compilation: Trance Porter ADS Productions 1CD
51. Compilation: GOA 2010 VOL 2 YSE Recordings 2CD
52. Infected Mushroom: Killing Time - The Remixes HOM-mega 1CD
53. Compilation: Dubstep Meditations Full Melt Records 1CD
54. Ocelot: You Live In A Zoo Zaikadelic Rec. 1CD
55. Artha: Influencing Dreams Cronomi Records 1CD
56. Compilation: Earth Altar Records 1CD
57. Compilation: Elysium Synchronos 1CD
58. Gaudi: No Prisoners Six Degrees 1CD
59. Compilation: Eastern Frontier Wakyo 1CD
60. Dejavoo: Dejavoo - The Remixes Transient 1CD
61. Psyfactor: Futurised Ajana 1CD
62. Koan: When The Silence Is Speaking Blue Tunes 1CD
63. Compilation: Fullmoon Party Koh Phangan 2009 World Service 2CD
64. Progenitor: Electro Bite Iono 1CD
65. Compilation: Funky Town Point Zero 1CD
66. Ace Ventura: Re:Boot Iboga 2CD
67. Shpongle: Tales of the inexpressible Twisted Rec. 1CD
68. Vaishiyas: Satisflaxion Spin Twist 1CD
69. Etic: Statistics Digital Nature 1CD
70. Compilation: The Mandala Mirror Celestial Dragon 1CD
71. Krama: After The Rain Spin Twist 1CD
72. Compilation: Montemapu Festival Ovnimoon Records 2CD
73. Liquid Soul: Love In Stereo Iboga 1CD
74. Sysyphe: Running Up That Hill Hadra 1CD
75. Compilation: Set:11 Iboga 2CD
76. Compilation: Gaia-Tek 3 Fractal Records 1CD
77. Compilation: Dream Creation Vol 1 CD Dream Creation 1CD
78. Cosmonet: NO.1 Bionics Records 1CD
79. Compilation: Chilly Peppers Vol 1 Beats and Pieces 1CD
80. Intersys: Music in 3D Utopia Records 1CD
81. Compilation: PsyShark Vibes 3 Psyshark Records 1CD
82. Bionix: Technoid Mind Control 1CD
83. Phony Orphants: Computer Music Iboga 1CD
84. Compilation: Made Of Dawn Blue Hour Sounds 1CD
85. Compilation: Cosmic Connections - Chapter One BMSS Records 2CD
86. Hallucinogen: In Dub Live Twisted Rec. 1CD
87. Multi Evil: The Multiplication Of Evil No Comment Records 1CD
88. Compilation: Uncharted vol 2 Flow 1CD
89. Compilation: Vital Signs Celestial Dragon 1CD
90. Bahramji feat Mashti: Sufi Safir Blue Flame 1CD
91. Compilation: Mechanical Evolution Biomechanix 1CD
92. Compilation: Iwasankai Yabai 1CD
93. Compilation: Shanti Bar YSE Recordings 2CD
94. Compilation: G-Spot Vol 1 YSE Recordings 2CD
95. Ott: Skylon Twisted Rec. 1CD
96. Biogenesis: Escape The Illusion Nutek Records 1CD
97. Slackbaba: Perverting Mankind Liquid 1CD
98. Kaya Project: Desert Phase Interchill 1CD
99. Behind Blue Eyes: Kisses From The Clouds Iboga 2CD
100. Compilation: Dark Nebula and The Psionic Renegades Digital Psionics 1CD


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