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Presidential Address

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Photo credit: I listened intently to President Obama's address to the nation tonight, and I agree with many of the points he made.

I agree that we need to identify waste in the healthcare system, and that struggling families need protection from healthcare abuses and rising costs.

I also agree with the President's statement that we need to reduce healthcare inflation over the long-term.

As I said before, our healthcare system is broken and needs to be fixed.

However, after tonight's Presidential address, I'm still not convinced that our federal government can provide that fix.I was hoping for some real concrete answers about who will pay for the trillion dollar plan, and the President simply did not provide real, hard answers.

Citizens have every right to be skeptical about its astronomical costs, especially in light of TARP and the economic stimulus package.

President Obama said, "The stars are aligned and we need to take advantage of that." I do not think that is a solid reason to rush this bill through Congress.

I understand the need to set deadlines, but I also think there is a pressing need to exhaust all options and possibilities before committing trillions of dollars to a federally mandated healthcare system.In a nutshell, I am all in favor of healthcare reform, but I still don't understand President Obama's exact plan.

He seemed to verbalize a lot of generalities, with not enough meat and potatoes.President Obama is scheduled to address the American public tonight at 8:00 PM in a prime time appeal to push his health care reform plan, and I can't help but wonder if other parents are as concerned about his massive overhaul as I.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that our health care system is broken, and definitely in need of a fix.

I am just not convinced that President Obama's massive governmental overhaul is the long-term answer this country needs.As parents, we are always concerned that our children will receive the quality health care they would need in an emergency.

I think back to my friends who recently had to go the torturous experience of losing a child to an inoperable brain stem tumor, called diffused intrinsic pontine glioma.

During their agonizing two-year battle, the parents exhausted every possible doctor and treatment available.

Ultimately they lost their battle, and their daughter was called to heaven to be an angel.

With the health care debate raging, I wonder if my friends would have the options they had under President Obama's sweeping health care reform plan.Do parents really want the government dictating our health care needs? I am in favor of removing current mandates, tightening guidelines and and fixing costs.

Why can't we try private sector options before initiating a sweeping federal plan? As a parent, I have many concerns over the president's reform plan, including its massive price tag, the inability to access quality physicians in a timely manner, long lines and longer waits for needed treatments, higher taxes to foot the bill, and the elimination of certain insurance options.

With this many concerns, why is the president so dead-set about pushing his plan through at lightning speed? It doesn't make sense to me, and to many other parents as well.With the country still in a massive recession, and one out of every ten workers currently employed, I am very concerned with the president's incessant desire to get his health care plan pushed through Congress.

Yes, he has terrific oratory skills, and will do his best to sway the American public tonight, but will parents buy into his reform plan? Again, what is the big rush? Please slow down, President Obama.

There is too much at stake here for all options not to be considered at great length.The last time our president rushed something through Congress, the Economic Stimulus Plan was passed.

Billions of dollars were spent, and only a small percentage of Americans have benefitted from the recovery plan.

We still remain in one of our worst recessions ever, unemployment remains at an all-time high, and millions of citizens are still struggling to pay their bills and stave off foreclosure.

Will spending an additional trillion dollars on health care reform put this country in a better position? As a concerned parent, I'm afraid that I simply don't buy into the president's arguments.I urge parents to tune in tonight to hear what the president has to say, but don't be fooled by his charisma and ideology.

Should your child become ill tomorrow, do you really want the federal government dictating which physicians you can choose and when treatment can start? Obama says that his plan is not socialized medicine, and that if you can afford your current insurance, you can keep it.

OK, that sounds good, but there are simply too many unknowns and complexities to rush this bill.

All options should be considered first, like removing current health care mandates and reviewing private sector options.Parents, how do you feel about President Obama's health care reform plan? Are you for or against it? Feel free to leave your comments below.For a more detailed and unbiased look at the country's health care crisis, click here.

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