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Painter Is Giving Away Premium Lifetime Warranted Exterior Paint Jobs, Gutterbrush Ans Stain Jobs

Painter Is Giving Away Premium Lifetime Warranted Exterior Paint Jobs, Gutterbrush Ans Stain Jobs

Posted by Shelby73
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Painter is Giving Away Premium Lifetime Warranted Exterior Paint jobs and gutter protection system from GutterBrush, for just Pennies on the dollar for one month only. AND on Stain applications for Decks, Siding And Logs Homes we will Pressure Clean for FREE. All this contracted at off season pricing.

Yes, it is actually true. You can maintain and update your home by having your discolored siding or stucco professionally coated and lifetime warranted, decks pressure cleaned and protected with a limited warranty, and gutters cleaned and safe guarded at a savings anywhere from $100 to $1500.

Let me Explain:

As you know, here in Colorado the construction industry usually booms during the spring and summer months. Contractors are ready to welcome the warm seasons and forecast projections for the busy year ahead. It's that time when I am preparing my crews for the longer days and warmer weather. We are ready for spring but find that due to the economic circumstances this year's business is sluggish as everyone waits for tax returns and the winter snow to melt. So,

My Problem is Your Opportunity

Rather than working so hard to make a profit this month, I need to keep my crews busy for another month until the exterior paint season begins. This will allow me to keep my guys busy and maintain my preferred pricing I have established with my many product suppliers/vendors.

I studied our past projects and selected the top three services found to be most gratifying to our customers for the coming months. Now I'll pass these services on to you at a ridiculous savings just to keep our skilled professionals busy and preserve our product supplier relationships.

Ridiculous Offer #1

We have had such a response from customers looking for lifetime warranted, professionally applied siding or stucco paint solution that we decided to make this our Ridiculous Offer #1.

If your house is anything like many of the hundreds we have painted, you may have faded siding or stucco. Our skilled professionals can restore these issues on your home with results that last, thanks to our lifetime warranted paints. That old dingy faded siding or stucco can look "better than new” again using our advanced superior products. As well as making your siding or stucco look uniform and durable, painting it provides a safeguard against moisture. We specialize in restoring homes just like yours by properly cleaning, prepping and professionally applying products that are lifetime warranted, meaning this could be the last paint job you will need to put on the exterior of your home. Another bonus I would like to include is FREE pressure cleaning prior to painting your siding or stucco. We also, can complete any carpentry repairs that need to be done before we paint.

If you are noticing faded siding, peeling paint or discolored stucco take advantage of this special one month offer to refresh the curb appeal of your home. Not only will you increase the value of your home, but you will feel a sense of pride pulling up each day to the most beautiful home on the block and anticipating the weekend outdoor bar-b-que's to proudly entertain family and guests.

Ridiculous offer #2

Are your gutters full of leaves, pine needles or debris? If so, this could cause the down spouts to not drain properly and even back up the gutters and cause them to overflow, allowing water to erode the landscape or puddle in unsafe areas. Clogged gutters contribute to rotting facia boards, surface erosion around the home, wet basements and cracked foundations.

Gutters full of ice or water are supporting tremendous amounts of weight which over time can cause them weaken and fall off of your home. Gutters that have constant standing water due to a clog and lack of proper drainage will eventually corrode from the inside and create holes from which water will leak. When water does not follow its designed path of diversion it can not only be a nuisance, it is a hazard. Our part of the country where we dip down to freezing at night, water can become areas of icy danger. Then, fall comes around and our gutters become leaf baskets collecting the debris that obstructs the flow of water from the roof tops of our homes.

So many customers can't believe how the installation of GutterBrush can protect their homes rain and snow run off gutter system. The GutterBrush bristles fill the gutter, blocking leaves and debris from entering. The entire gutter remains open, allowing water to flow freely through the brush and drain. The black color of the bristles absorbs heat from the winter sun and promotes snow melt, allowing run off from the roof to have a path to flow down.

You may ask yourself, "all the other gutter protection systems I priced were $20-$30 / ft.” GutterBrush is simple, durable, effective and affordable.

Once again, our trained professional staff has years of experience working on tall ladders and high roof tops. We have been able to build a relationship with GutterBrush that allows me to make a screaming offer to you. We will clean you gutters and downspouts, making sure every downspout elbow is clear of debris and flowing properly and install GutterBrush for just pennies more than just the brush itself is sold for retail! As with the first offer, our 16 years of doing business gives us leverage in the relationships with product suppliers negotiating massive savings we can pass along to our customers.

Ridiculous offer #3

FREE wood "bleaching” and pressure cleaning on exterior wood siding, decks and logs prior to us applying the stain coat(s).

Exterior wood deck, siding and logs need a more frequent maintenance plan. The beauty of newly finished exterior wood surfaces gives your home a natural glow.

Wood on the exterior of the home by nature requires more maintenance, but a way to get more longer life from the stain job is to use high quality products applied professionally. The lower quality products will look good when applied but shortly there after dry out and look "weathered” with in a couple of years requiring another application.

If exterior wood is not maintained, uv and water will cause it to discolor or darken up, even turning the wood black. Neglected exterior wood requires extensive labor and cleaning to revive the natural unblemished beauty.

Let us take that worn out deck of yours and turn it into an outdoor living room. We can refinish your exterior logs and make them look like a featured exterior in "Log Cabin Magazine.” With quality products and craftsman application you could get double the life out of your next stain project. We can also complete wood and deck repairs prior to staining.

As I stated above I researched our past projects and selected the most customer gratifying services we can possibly offer.

We can only make this limited time offer this time of year. Every summer the construction industry in Colorado booms. This "slower” season allows us to offer you significant savings.

Here is how it works:

Call me (Shelby) today at (719) 494-9137 or [email protected]. I will come to your home and discuss any of the exterior maintenance services you would like to take advantage of. Don't forget this is only a one month offer. When the month is over this offer ends. We can even check out any other carpentry issues and fix those too, all at the same time.

I will show you how we will be able to brighten your faded and peeling exterior siding and stucco, allowing you to choose an entirely different exterior color scheme if you wish. Provide protection to your gutter and downspout drainage, keeping the power of water under control. Finally clean, restore and protect the natural beauty of wood siding, decks and logs that you have on your home.

These three offers include the application of only top quality products, this is for the benefit of our customer and the image of our business. We would use only materials on your home that we use on our own homes, we appreciate doing a job right if you're going to do it. "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” Remember this is only a one month offer, so call today.

There is absolutely no obligation. Even after I completely explain how we can transform your home, there is absolutely no obligation. The consultation and estimate is FREE.

The concept is simple:

By letting you win big with these ridiculous offers, I will be so much further ahead by the summer boom. By making this "irresistible” offer I will accomplish three things:

1. I will cover my rent, utilities, insurance and taxes this month.

2. I can pay my professional staff to work instead of paying them to sit at home.

3. By taking advantage of this offer, you will be exposed to our professional staff in action. I know once you experience our friendly clean cut staff you will be a customer for life.

My Guarantee to You:

I'm so confident you will love these products, the way they look, how they transform your home, and how long they last that if you don't, I'll refund 100% of your money.

I'll show you how this works.

There is now way you can lose. You will absolutely love your newly rejuvenated siding and stucco finish. You will absolutely love your clean gutters and new protection system by GutterBrush. You and your family will absolutely love the revived natural glow of your exterior wood surfaces. If not, I'll refund 100% of your money.

I thank you for taking the time to read this rather long letter. I hope you will profit from these valuable once a year offers.

Shelby Dennard
Dennard Bloss, Inc - go here for more info and referrals. Check out Shelby's articles at
Serving Teller and El Paso counties for 16+ years now!

Call Shelby today at (719) 494-9137 for your appointment. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Dear Dennard Bloss,

I want to thank you for transforming the exterior stucco of my 40 year old home.

You were the first contractor to express the need to clean the stucco before applying your lifetime paint, everyone else didn't consider it to be as important.

It is the particular attention to quality that makes you guys "my painter.”

Can't wait to have you fella's paint the interior of my home this coming winter.

Barry Brewer
Divide, CO

GutterBrush is a valuable, effective tool to help reduce your honey do list. Its simple design will protect your gutters and reduce related home maintenance factors. By allowing the roof drainage system to function properly, costly issues with damaged siding and foundations can be avoided.

Bill Jarvis - Housemaster Home Inspections

Dear Shelby,

Both Tina and I couldn't believe that when you said you could make our home look like new, it would actually look better than new.

We want to commend your crew on the way they pressure cleaned our weathered wood, meticulously protected any surface that was not to receive stain and the craftsmanship with which they "back brushed” every single board really allowing the material to penetrate and seal.

It has been two years now and my logs look like they were done yesterday! You will definitely be re-staining my logs, if they ever need done again.

Kevin S.
Home Builder/Homeowner
Fairplay, CO

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