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Over 300 New Waves Plug-ins Bundle Easy Install $99 Obo

Over 300 New Waves Plug-ins Bundle Easy Install $99 Obo

Posted by Stevenj
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For sale is my Waves Mercury 7 also known as "Waves 7" for Intel Macs bundle application with easy install. This is the premier bundle which includes over 300 top notch plug-ins that professional studio's and music producers use.

Other details:

compatible with any Daw. Protools LE, Protools HD Logic, Fruity loops, Ableton ." VST TDM RTAS" ,

There is no iLok key necessary for this waves bundle and these are for Mac users only.

If you're interested please feel free to contact me

Via email or phone

Thanks Steve

[email protected]

Mobile. 404.832.0279

Here's a list of plug ins that are included

Amp 2Cab Mono

Amp M>S

Amp Mono

Amp Stereo

API 550A Mono

API 550A Stereo

API 550B Mono

API 550B Stereo

API 560 Mono

API 560 Stereo

API 2500 Stereo

Audio Track Mono

Audio Track Stereo

Axx Press Mono

Axx Press Stereo

Bass Pitcher Mono

Bass Pitcher Stereo

Buzz Mono

Buzz Stereo

C1-Comp Mono

C1-Comp Stereo

C1-Comp-Gate Mono

C1-Comp-Gate Stereo

C1-CompSideChain Mono

C1-CompSideChain Stereo

C1-DLA Mono

C1-DLA Stereo

C1-Gate Mono

C1-Gate Stereo

C-360 5 to 5

C-360 5.1 to 5.1

C4 Mono

C4 Stereo

Center Stereo

Chorus M>S

Chorus Mono

Chorus Stereo

CLA-2A Mono

CLA-2A Stereo

CLA-3A Mono

CLA-3A Stereo

CLA-76 Blacky Mono

CLA-76 Blacky Stereo

CLA-76 Bluey Mono

CLA-76 Bluey Stereo

CLA Bass M>S

CLA Bass Stereo

CLA Drums M>S

CLA Drums Stereo

CLA Effects M>S

CLA Effects Stereo

CLA Guitars M>S

CLA Guitars Stereo

CLA Unplugged M>S

CLA Unplugged Stereo

CLA Vocals M>S

CLA Vocals Stereo

Compressor Mono

Compressor Stereo

DeBreath Mono

Delay M>S

Delay Mono

Delay Stereo

Distortion Mono

Distortion Stereo

DLA Mono

DLA Plus Mono

DLA Plus Mono

DLA Plus Stereo

DLA Stereo




Doppler M>S

Doppler Stereo

Dorrough Mono

Dorrough Stereo

Dorrough Surround 5.0

Dorrough Surround 5.1

Doubler 2 M>S

Doubler 2 Mono

Doubler 2 Stereo

Doubler 4 M>S

Doubler 4 Mono

Doubler 4 Stereo

Doubler M>S

Doubler Mono

Doubler Stereo

Eddie Kramer Bass Channel Mono

Eddie Kramer Bass Channel Stereo

Eddie Kramer Drum Channel Mono

Eddie Kramer Drum Channel Stereo

Eddie Kramer Effects Channel M>S

Eddie Kramer Effects Channel Stereo

Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel M>S

Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel Stereo

Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel M>S

Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel Stereo

Enigma M>S

Enigma Stereo

EQ Mono

EQ Stereo

Flanger M>S

Flanger Mono

Flanger Stereo

Fuzz Mono

Fuzz Stereo

Gate Mono

Gate Stereo

Gate/Comp Mono

Gate/Comp Stereo

GTR Amp Mono

GTR Amp Dual Cab Mono

GTR Amp Mono to Stereo

GTR Amp Stereo

H-Comp Mono

H-Comp Stereo

H-Delay Mono

H-Delay M>S

H-Delay Stereo

IDR360 5.1ch

IDR360 5ch

IR-1 Efficient Stereo

IR-1 Full Stereo

IR-1 M>S

IR-1 Mono

IR-360 Efficient Discrete 5.1 to 5.1

IR-360 Efficient Discrete 5ch to 5ch

IR-360 Efficient Stereo to 5 Channel Discrete Surround processor

IR-360 Efficient Stereo to 5

Channel Sound Field

IR-360 Full Stereo to 5 Channel

Sound Field

IR-360 Mono to 5 Channel Discrete Surround processor

IR-360 Mono to 5 Channel Sound Field

IR-360 Sound Field 5.1 to 5.1

IR-360 Sound Field 5ch to 5ch

IR-L Efficient Stereo

IR-L Full Stereo


IR-L Mono

Kramer HLS Channel Stereo

Kramer HLS Channel Mono

Kramer PIE Compressor Stereo

Kramer PIE Compressor Mono

L1 Ultramaximizer Stereo

L1 Ultramaximizer Mono

L2 Ultramaximizer Stereo

L3 Multimaximizer Stereo

L3 Ultramaximizer Stereo

L3-16 Multimaximizer Stereo

L3-LL Multimaximizer Stereo

L3-LL Multimaximizer Mono

L3-LL Ultramaximizer Stereo

L3-LL Ultramaximizer Mono

L-360 5 To 5

L-360 5.1 To 5.1

LayD M>S

LayD Mono

LayD Stereo

LFE360 5.1 to 5.1

LFE360 Mono

LinEQ Broadband Mono

LinEQ Broadband Stereo

LinEQ Lowband Mono

LinEQ Lowband Stereo

LinMB Mono

LinMB Stereo

LoAir Mono

LoAir Stereo

LoAir 5.0-to-5.1

LoAir 5.1-to-5.1

M-360 Manager 5 to 5

M-360 Manager 5 to 5.1

M-360 Manager 5.1 to 5.1

M-360 Mixdown 5 to 5

M-360 Mixdown 5.1 to 5.1

Maserati ACG M>S

Maserati ACG Stereo

Maserati B72 Mono

Maserati B72 M>S

Maserati B72 Stereo Maserati DRM Mono

Maserati DRM Stereo

Maserati GTi M>S

Maserati GTi Stereo

Maserati HMX M>S

Maserati HMX Stereo Maserati VX1 M>S

Maserati VX1 StereoMaxxBass Mono

MaxxBass Stereo

MetaFlanger M>S

MetaFlanger Mono

MetaFlanger Stereo

MondoMod M>S

MondoMod Mono

MondoMod Stereo

Morphoder M>S

Morphoder Mono

Morphoder Stereo

MV2 Mono

MV2 Stereo

MV360 5.0 to 5.0

MV360 5.1 to 5.1

Octaver Mono

Octaver Stereo

Reverb Mono

Reverb M>S

Reverb StereoVolume Pedal Mono

Volume Pedal Stereo

OverDrive Mono

OverDrive Stereo

Panner M>S

Panner Stereo

PAZ - Analyzer Stereo

PAZ - Frequency Mono

PAZ - Frequency Stereo

PAZ - Meters Mono

PAZ - Meters Stereo

PAZ - Position Stereo

Phaser M>S

Phaser Mono

Phaser Stereo

Pitcher Mono

Pitcher Stereo

PS22 Split M>S

PS22 Split Stereo

PS22 Spread M>S

PS22 Spread Stereo

PS22 Spread(10) M>S

PS22 Spread(10) Stereo

PS22 X-Split M>S

PS22 X-Split Stereo

PuigChild 660 Mono

PuigChild 670 Stereo

PuigTec EQP-1A Mono

PuigTec EQP-1A Stereo

PuigTec MEQ-5 Mono

PuigTec MEQ-5 Stereo

Q1 - Paragraphic EQ Mono

Q1 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo

Q2 - Paragraphic EQ Mono

Q2 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo

Q3 - Paragraphic EQ Mono

Q3 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo

Q4 - Paragraphic EQ Mono

Q4 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo

Q6 - Paragraphic EQ Mono

Q6 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo

Q8 - Paragraphic EQ Mono

Q8 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo

Q10 - Paragraphic EQ Mono

Q10 - Paragraphic EQ Stereo

Q-Capture Mono

Q-Clone Mono

Q-Clone Stereo

R-360 5 to 5

R-360 Compact 5.1 to 5.1

R-360 Compact Mono to 5

R-360 Compact Mono to 5.1

R-360 Compact Stereo to 5

R-360 Compact Stereo to 5.1

R-360 Mono to 5

R-360 Mono to 5.1

R-360 Stereo to 5

R-360 Stereo to 5.1

RenAxx Mono

RenAxx Stereo

RenBass Mono

RenBass Stereo

RenChannel M>S

RenChannel Mono

RenChannel Stereo

RenComp Mono

RenComp Stereo

RenDeEsser Mono

RenDeEsser Stereo

RenEQ-2 Mono

RenEQ-2 Stereo

RenEQ-4 Mono

RenEQ-4 Stereo

RenEQ-6 Mono

RenEQ-4 Mono

RenEQ-6 Stereo

RenReverb Compact M>S

RenReverb Compact Stereo

RenReverb M>S

RenReverb Stereo

RenVox Mono

RenVox Stereo

RenReverb M>S

RenReverb Mono

RenReverb Stereo

S1-Imager Stereo

S-360 Imager Stereo to 5.1

S-360 Panner Mono to 5

S-360 Panner Mono to 5.1

S-360 Panner Stereo to 5

S-360 Panner Stereo to 5.1

SoundShifter Graphic Mono

SoundShifter Graphic Stereo

SoundShifter Parametric Mono

SoundShifter Parametric Stereo

SoundShifter Pitch Mono

SoundShifter Pitch Stereo

Spring M>S

Spring Mono

Spring Stereo

Stomp2 M>S

Stomp2 Mono

Stomp2 Stereo

Stomp4 M>S

Stomp4 Mono

Stomp4 Stereo

Stomp6 M>S

Stomp6 Mono

Stomp6 Stereo

SuperTap 2-Taps Mod M>S

SuperTap 2-Taps Mod Mono

SuperTap 2-Taps Mod Stereo

SuperTap 6-Taps Mod M>S

SuperTap 6-Taps Mod Mono

SuperTap 6-Taps Mod Stereo

SuperTap 6-Taps Mono

SuperTap 6-Taps Stereo

Tone Mono

Tone Stereo

TransX Multi Mono

TransX Multi Stereo

TransX Wide Mono

TransX Wide Stereo

TrueVerb M>S

TrueVerb Mono

TrueVerb Stereo

Tuner Mono

UltraPitch 3-Voice M>S

UltraPitch 3-Voice Mono

UltraPitch 3-Voice Stereo

UltraPitch 6-Voice M>S

UltraPitch 6-Voice Mono

UltraPitch 6-Voice Stereo

UltraPitch Shift M>S

UltraPitch Shift Mono

UltraPitch Shift Stereo

UltraPitch-DLA Mono

UltraPitch-DLA Stereo

UM225 Stereo to 5.0

UM226 Stereo to 5.1

Vibrolo Mono

Vibrolo Stereo

Vocal Rider Mono

Vocal Rider stereo

Volume Pedal Mono

Volume Pedal Stereo

WahWah Mono

WahWah Stereo

Waves Tune Mono

WNS Mono

WNS stereo

X-Click Mono

X-Click Stereo

X-Crackle Mono

X-Crackle Stereo

X-Hum Mono

X-Hum Stereo

X-Noise Mono

X-Noise Stereo

Z-Noise Mono

Z-Noise Stereo

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