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My Fake Fiance

My Fake Fiance

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By Kelly West: 2009-07-18 17:37:58 What do you do when you�re struggling to get by and you realize your boss is about to fire you? Well, if you�re Lindsay Lohan�s character in the ABC Family original movie Labor Pains, you lie and say you�re pregnant and those whacky hormones of yours are to blame for your poor job performance.

Labor Pains follows Thea (Lohan), a young woman whose trying to support herself and her little sister by working at a dead-end job at a publishing company.

She�s got a loser of a boyfriend and can�t make her rent payments on time.

When her jerk of a boss (Parnell) starts hinting that he�s about to fire her, she quickly makes up a lie that she�s pregnant because �you can�t fire a pregnant person.� Now, personally, I�m pretty sure that�s not the case, though I don't have the credentials or proof to back that up and frankly, does it really matter? The premise of the film is a little iffy on the technical scale but let�s put that aside and say for arguments sake that something like this could happen or else, suspend our disbelief enough to accept it as the set up for a quirky little movie.

What naturally follows is Thea lying through her teeth to everyone she knows, aside from her best friend and coworker Lisa (Hines) about how pregnant she is.

Never having been pregnant, Thea quickly learns that there are a lot of things she needs to know about the condition in order to feign it properly and that�s part of the humor of the movie.

Added on to that is a subplot involving Thea working with her manager Nick (Kirby) to help a pregnant woman get her book published.

Believing Thea�s also expecting, Nick quickly brings her on board to help with the book and Thea�s lies begin to spin out of control.

What we have here is a silly little movie about a lie that gets out of control.

My issue with the film is that despite it starring two of my favorite funny ladies (Janeane Garofalo, Cheryl Hines), the story itself barely holds up.

You know it�s only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down and maybe that�s the point of the movie.

I mean, it�s not as though we�re expecting Lohan�s character to magically have a baby, thus verifying all of the made-up spin she�s created to save her job and get her life on track.

So it�s predictable but that�s a forgivable offense, given the premise.

The problem for me was, after screening the movie in its entirety, I can�t honestly say that the payoff was worth the cringe-worthy investment of watching the lead character spend almost the entire movie trying to keep the pregnancy charade up.

I didn't feel there was enough time devoted to giving us a reason to really sympathize with the character enough to support her as she embarks on this wacky little learning experience.

Maybe I�m being too hard on this movie, but I guess it just left me feeling a bit cold.

I was hoping to be as charmed by this film as I was by ABC Family�s My Fake Fiance.

That film, about a guy and a girl who lie to everyone by claiming they�re engaged as a way to earn some loot and fix their money problems was just as predictable but at least it was charming.

I couldn�t say I felt the same way about this one.

Labor Pains Starring: Lindsay Lohan, Cheryl Hines, Chris Parnell, Luke Kirby, Kevin Covais, and Janeane Garofalo .

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