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Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley

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xfdfx THE-O'REILLY-FACTOR-05ADVERTISEMENTO'REILLY: Back of the Book segment tonight, a -- Barack and a Hard Place.After the presidential press conference yesterday, Iran continues to dominate the FOX opinion site.

With us now FOX News analysts Dr.

Monica Crowley and Dr.

Alan Colmes.Are you a doctor yet?ALAN COLMES, FOX NEWS ANALYST: Only in my mind.O'REILLY: You're a quack, but you're not a doctor?MONICA CROWLEY, FOX NEWS ANALYST: He's working on it.COLMES: O'Reilly, is this...O'REILLY: I'm sorry.

I meant to say that to Barney Frank.

I somehow didn't get it out.COLMES: It's on delay.

I get it.O'REILLY: Before we get to Barack and a Hard Place, Governor Sanford, any thoughts?COLMES: Well, look, here's a guy who voted -- it's a tragedy.

It's really bad.

I guess he did finally go for stimulus, huh?Anyway, he -- here's a guy who voted for impeaching Bill Clinton.

He voted for Article 4, which said basically Bill's dereliction of responsibility and lying to people.

So I mean, again the list of hypocritical things he has done.

When these guys run on family values...O'REILLY: You've got to be a saint to run on family values.


Peter couldn't run on family values.COLMES: Yes.

But that's really the problem.CROWLEY: Right.

You know, actually, I do agree with Alan on this.

Because Democrats for the most part don't run on a traditional values platform.

It's like the summer of love over there in the Democratic Party.

So when these things happen to them, most of the Democratic politicians who have sex scandals survive.

Eliot Spitzer was the exception.Republicans who position themselves as traditional Christian family values guys, they better be able to walk the walk if they're going to talk the talk or they're going to go down.COLMES: The American Family Week in South Carolina.CROWLEY: It doesn't look like this guy is going to survive this, I don't think.O'REILLY: Barack and a Hard Place.

Now, you like the whole Iran, way he handled it?COLMES: I think beginning with the speech in Cairo.

I think what he did was -- and it's subtle -- but I believe he inspired and in many ways energized people and gave them hope.O'REILLY: So he's at fault for the riots in Iran?COLMES: No, no, no.

I love how you positioned that.O'REILLY: He's at fault?COLMES: No.

What's happening there, of course, is good.

It's a movement toward...O'REILLY: Absolutely.COLMES: ...

eventual perhaps openness.O'REILLY: So why shouldn't President Obama take credit for it? As you say...COLMES: I'm giving him some credit for it.

I don't know whether he wants to grab that credit or not.

But I think, again, the tone he has toward the Middle East.O'REILLY: Lit that fuse, lit the fuse.

Some say the Iraq freedom was the fuse.COLMES: I don't know that that was a fuse.

I think it had more to do with the tone that he set.

Look, if Iraq were the fuse, this would have happened a long time ago, not on the heels of the Cairo speech.And it's also the electronic revolution.

Twitter, the fact that social networking sites are enabling news to get out in a way that it can't, because they don't allow newspaper people in.CROWLEY: Well, now the regime -- I've heard today that the regime has now total control over all of the I.P.

proxies and Twitter and Facebook.

So we're not going to get much more.O'REILLY: The cliche is the genie is out of the bottle now.

Everybody knows what happened.CROWLEY: Right.

But today, currently, from what I'm hearing inside Iran today was the worst massacre at all, and we haven't heard anything about this.O'REILLY: There was a massacre today in Iran?CROWLEY: Yes.O'REILLY: Yes, really?CROWLEY: Word on the street and coming directly to me in Iran is that there were many more people killed, slaughtered in Tehran today.O'REILLY: Really?CROWLEY: And if you want to give credit, I think we ought to give credit where credit is due.

That is President Bush with his freedom agenda.

President Bush liberated people in Iraq, liberated people in Afghanistan, on both sides of the...COLMES: Why is the war still going on if they're liberated?CROWLEY: Plus, you have democratic elections in Lebanon.

And throughout the Middle East, you've got a percolating...O'REILLY: So this is the conservative view, that Bush is responsible, and then the liberal view that it's Barack Obama.CROWLEY: That's right.

Of course.O'REILLY: Let's get back to Obama on Iran.

Would you have done anything differently?CROWLEY: Yes.

I think President Obama actually missed a huge opportunity here.

This was a woman's revolution.

Forty percent of all the protesters in the streets and being killed are women.

Also, you had the wife of the opposition candidate, Mr.


She electrified women.

She went out in public and held hands with her husband.O'REILLY: So she should have done what -- yay for the ladies?CROWLEY: I'm saying that Obama -- and also we had this video right here of Neda, who was shot in the streets.

She's become a symbol.President Obama, if he doesn't want to go full out with a direct statement of support for the Iranian people, he could have supported women, and here's how, Bill.

He could have taken a lot of very powerful women in America -- Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin, Elizabeth Dole, make it bipartisan -- and have them come out with a statement of solidarity for the women who are really struggling under oppression in Iran.O'REILLY: You don't disagree with that?COLMES: I think that's a very good point, actually.CROWLEY: Thank you.O'REILLY: I'm going to end it on that.

I'm going to end it on that.

They're agreeing.

The Barack and a Hard Place people.OK.

Too easy on Barney Frank or was I all right with him?COLMES: You know, I thought it was beautiful what you two have together.

I can't waste a good...O'REILLY: Now I know I was too easy on him.COLMES: Let me tell you something.

The third time is the charm.O'REILLY: All right.

Pinheads Patriots up next, tonight starring me in a comic strip.

There I am.

And Calvin Klein -- that's not Calvin, but he's responsible.

P P, straight ahead.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)Content and Programming Copyright 2009 Fox News Network, LLC.


Transcription Copyright 2009 CQ Transcriptions, LLC, which takes sole responsibility for the accuracy of the transcription.


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