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Welcome to The Show! On Wednesday, Page 2 columnist Paul Lukas will stop by to chat.

Lukas obsesses over sleeve lengths, sock stripes, and other uniform minutiae in his Uni Watch column, which has been appearing on Page 2 since 2004.

More of his uniform observations are available at his Web site,

Send in your questions now and join Lukas for all the answers on Wednesday at 1 p.m.

ET! Lukas Archive: Columns | Chats�Paul Lukas: Hi, Folks ...

Paul here.

We'll get started at 1pm sharp.

Please hold your questions until then.

Thanks! Gossamer (Waukegan, IL): When did the Packers change their sleeves from two stripes to one? I know it was some time in the late 90s.

�Paul Lukas: OK, we'll get started a little early....

The Pack reduced their sleeve stripes (because the sleeves were getting so short) in 1997.

Noah, Chicago: I noticed that Reed Johnson was wearing the stirrups last night at the Pirates/Cubs game along with Nyjer Morgan....could it be catching on? �Paul Lukas: Johnson's been wearing stirrups for years, since his days in the American League.

NY, NY: Paul, Like what they're doing over at

Ever think of taking your obsession further and going into business? Ever been asked by a team to consult? �Paul Lukas: I lvoe the No Mas guys and have collaborated with them on a few things.

No team or league has ever asked me to consult on anything (and if they did, I'd have to stop being a journalist, which I love doing, so I don't see that happening).

PJ, Phoenix, AZ: What do you think about the new AFL throwbacks for this year's NFL celebration of 50 years of the AFL??? Pretty nice jerseys especially the Patriots with Pat the Patriot on the white helmet and the red jerseys???? �Paul Lukas: Love 'em.

Kevin (Lake Zurich, IL): Paul, I've heard rumors about the Miami Dolphins overhauling their uniforms and color scheme.

I know this is not happening for the upcoming NFL season, but is there any truth to this? �Paul Lukas: Not to my knowledge.

That doesn't mean it isn't happening, but I don't know anything about it.

Mike (Washington D.C.): It's strange that, when most leagues/teams are ridiculously strict regarding standardized uniforms, baseball players can choose whether or not to wear socks.

I prefer the calf-high socks look; long pants that touch the ground just doesn't look like something an athlete should wear.

�Paul Lukas: The freestyle nature of baseball's lower-leg area is truly bizarre.

There's no other aspect of any part of any other sport's uniform that's so lacking in an established protocol.

Ryan (Austin, TX): Why do teams try so hard to prevent a leak of a new logo but still put out draft caps early enough to raise peculation of new logo for teams that don't have a cap? For example, this year the 76ers.

�Paul Lukas: Because they want to sell as much merch as possible but are also control freaks.

DaveMac (Milwaukee, WI): The Milwaukee Brewers throwback "ball and glove" logo is one of the most popular among bloggers on your Uni Watch blog.

Strangely, I don't remember ever hearing your opinion on this logo, hat and uniform.

What do you think? Also, any suggestions for the Brewers look in general? �Paul Lukas: I like it.

I don't LOVE it (feels a teeny bit minor league-ish), but I like it.

Al (Jersey): Paul, what are your thoughts about the Mets handing out #16? I know it is not retired, but i still have a problem with it being worn by someone other than Doc.

�Paul Lukas: I'm fine with it.

Al (jersey): Paul, when are we going to see a pro team go away from red or blue as a primary color? There needs to be someone out there who would dare to wear green and gold.

�Paul Lukas: We'll see the end of it when the colors of the American flag change.

Kevin Hurley, Freehold, NJ: Will Major League Baseball outlaw baseball pants hanging over the heels of spikes? I think playeres look like the characters out of "Oz".

�Paul Lukas: They've already outlawed it.

And some players have been fined for it (Pedro Martinez two summers ago, e.g.).

But for the most part, the rule isn't enforced.

washington, dc: what do you consider to be the top 3 untouchable uniforms in each of the sports? ones that they should never consider altering/adding to? �Paul Lukas: MLB: Yankees, Cards, Dodgers NFL: Packers, Browns, Cowboys NHL: Habs, Rangers, Red Wings NBA: Celtics, Cavs (best new design in any sport in last 20 yrs), and, uh, I'll get back to you Dave (Reading, PA): Is it possible that each team might hire a fashion designer in the front office in the coming years to come up with new ideas for uniforms? It is ridiculous that every year a uniform changes and it seems like it is worse then the uniform was the year wouldnt be a bad idea.

Who comes up with these ideas currently? �Paul Lukas: THe ideas are generated by the marketing depts.

and properties divisions of the teams and leagues.

Many of them already have staff designers.

Zumar (San Diego): Which team most needs a uniform improvement (besides the Mets)? �Paul Lukas: The Mets don't need an overhaul, just minor tinkering.

As for other teams, I'll be doing a column on that topic shortly.

Rob(Orlando): Do you like any of the European soccer jerseys? �Paul Lukas: In theory, yes; in practice, I don't watch enough soccer to follow the uni designs.

Gossamer (Waukegan, IL): Do the Bucks have the ugliest logo/unis in the NBA? �Paul Lukas: It's up there.

Kevin Z., Virginia: Are the Marlins definitely going to change their name to the Miami Marlins with the new stadium in a few years and will this mean a uniform overhaul, or is it too early to tell? �Paul Lukas: They are definitely changing their name, yes.

I assume this will mean a redesign, but that hasn't been announced yet.

Adam (Burtonsville MD): Hey Paul, I rarely hear any uniform news or opinions about my Kansas City Chiefs.

Of course, the throwbacks show a little bit why---even when they were the Texans, they were basically the same.

Any thoughts/comments on their unis? �Paul Lukas: The Chiefs are a great-looking team that doesn't make many changes, so they don't get much uni coverage.

They're solidly in the "It ain't broke, don't fix it" camp.

Matt (New Rochelle, NY): Will the Dolphins wear their beautiful orange jerseys in which they are undefeated in this year? �Paul Lukas: I believe that is the plan, yes.

Montr�al, Qc Canada: Hey Paul, Do you know an online store who sells stir up socks ? �Paul Lukas: But they have a minimum order of 12 pairs.

Try searching for "baseball stirrups" on eBay and Amazon -- they sometimes have them.

Eric (NY NY: Hey, The grapevine said there was potentially going to be a new grey Mets hat to match the road unis.

Any validity? �Paul Lukas: Not to my knowledge.

Kane (Lincoln, NE): What are your thoughts on "homage as essence" jersey designs.

That Nats, Phils, Indians, Twins, etc.

have all made us of this design principle.

Is it a missed opportunity for progress, a nice tip of the cap, or otherwise? �Paul Lukas: I like them.

Jeff, Syracuse: What do you think of the uniforms the Syracuse Men's Lacrosse team wore this season? �Paul Lukas: Very, um, creative.

Tom (Green Bay, WI): Is it ever cool to bring back "throwback jerseys from the 90s?) �Paul Lukas: I'm sure it will be at some point.

Give it another 20 years.

Josh (Knoxville, TN): Any love for the Spurs? I know they had that silly Fiesta stripe on the court when they played in the Alamodome, but the logo itself has been pretty consistent across the years.

And the team name really suits the city.

�Paul Lukas: Agreed.

Very solid-looking team, and one of the few with the old-style scoop-neck tank top.

Mike (Tampa, FL): Favorite all time uni...any sport...any time period �Paul Lukas: Mid-1960s Packers, with mid-1960s baseball Cardinals close behind.

Mike (Denver): Will the Broncos be wearing the vertical stripe socks as part of their AFL throwbacks? �Paul Lukas: Yes...

Or at least that's the plan.

I have a feeling the players may stage a rebellion once they see the socks.

Matt, mke: Won't the Bucaneers be wearing a throwback of the orange unis this season? �Paul Lukas: No.

Lance (Minneapolis,MN): What do you think of football teams wearing the same color pants as the jerseys? Evil or just misunderstood? �Paul Lukas: Not evil, but usually stupid.

It CAN look good, but it usually doesn't, because the uni sets usually are usually designed with contrasting top/bottom parts in mind.

So when you start mixing/matching, it doesn't work.

Jim (Chesapeake, VA): As a native New Yorker I was very disappointed when the Mets started adding to their uniform collection.

As a lifelong Yankees fan, I hope the Yankees unis never change.

Do you see any chance of them entering the alternate uni arena? �Paul Lukas: No way.

The Yankees are very invested in what they are, and what they are is classic.

They'll stick with that.

Gossamer (Waukegan, IL): What team from the past ten years do you think went from having a great logo and unis and then ruined it with a redesign? �Paul Lukas: The Jaguars, with their new uni set, have gone from having one of the league's best (and most underrated) uniforms to one of the worst.

Mike (West Lafayette IN): Are you an actual sports fan or do you just watch for the uniforms? �Paul Lukas: Hahahahahaha....

Absolutely a sports fan.

Going to the Mets/Nats game tonight! Jeff, New York: Is there a story behind the helmet Joe Mauer wears while he's catching? I like the way it looks, but it doesn't match any another headgear the Twins wear.

�Paul Lukas: Two years ago Mauer and the other Twins catcher, Mike Redmond, decided to wear throwback catching helmets with a 1970s design.

(For a while I think the Twins' base coaches wore this same design.) This was no longer part of the team's current logo set, but there are no hard rules on the design of catcher's helmets, so nobody told them they couldn't do it.

Michael (Cincinnati, OH): What is in your opinion the worst Uni in the history of MLB? �Paul Lukas: The original Devil Rays uni.

No contest.

Josh (Brooklyn, NY): Of the tragic second wave of Turn Ahead The Clock unis, were there any that kinda, sorta caught your eye? (We won't mention the Mercury Mets, of course.) �Paul Lukas: Hey, we're fast approaching the 10th anniversary of that promotion.

I'll be marking the occasion with an in-depth look at all the uniforms.

Oerall, it was silly, but there were some nice details, like the Phillies sleeve patch with the 77-star American flag (or however many stars it was, I forget)....

John (NJ): I personally hate when teams wear a dark jersey with light pants in baseball.

What are your thoughts? �Paul Lukas: Not my favorite look.

But are you saying that you don't want solid-colored jerseys, or that you want them to be paired with matching dark pants? That COULD be interesitng (although it's more likely to be awful).

John (NJ): Wasn't there an in-depth look at the promotion just a year ago? �Paul Lukas: If you're referring to the futuristic promotion, I looked at the one-game promotion that the Mariners did in 1998.

That led to the much larger MLB-wide promotion in 1999, which is what I'll be looking at this time around.

Sports360 (Columbia, SC): Hey Paul.

Thanks for being on our show a few months back.

We want to have you on again sometime before the start of football season.

While I like the newer Lion For Detroit, The font style is ridiculous.

Agree? �Paul Lukas: Can't believe they went with that font.

Would love to see the options they chose NOT to use.

Grant (Washington, DC): I noticed recently that the numeral typography on the front of the Nationals' road jerseys does not match the numeral typography on the back (no beveled edge, for instance).

Have you seen anything like that before? Thoughts? �Paul Lukas: The Nats' uni set is now a total mish-mash.

In fact, it's always been a mish-mash, because the script W on the cap never fit in with any other graphics on the uniform.

Now at least the W goes with the road chest insignia, but everythign else is a huge jumble.

They need to blow it up and start over.

Jeff (NJ): Do you think one day we'll have a color vs.

color Super Bowl? �Paul Lukas: That WOULD be cool....

But I think we're a long way from the NFL giving up on the color-vs.-white protocol.

Phil (Long Island): Will the first no-hitter in mets history occur in pinstripes or snow whites? �Paul Lukas: Road grays.

Jay (NJ): What's your favorite uni-related story from yesteryear? �Paul Lukas: Ken Singleton supposedly had a skin allergy to wool.

When he was traded to the Expos in 1972, they were among the last teams still wearing wool flannels (most of the other teams had switched to polyester), so they had to make a special polyester uni just for him.

Matt, Philly: Hi Paul - do you like the sleeve patch the Phillies are wearing at home this year acknowledging that "Hey, we are the World Champs, and we want to remind you all year"? As a Phillies phan I am obviously biased, but even I think it's a bit much (and just an opportunity to sell another version of a jersey you already have).

�Paul Lukas: Doesn't bother me so much.

Not the first time it's been done.

Heck, back in the early 1900s, the Giants and Indians wore jerseys with giant WORLD CHAMPIONS chest insignia after winning the Series.

Chris (Chicago): What do you think of Penn State's football helmets/uniforms? Do you think they will ever change? Will they change once JoePa is eventually gone? �Paul Lukas: The question of what will happen after Paterno's departure is an excellent one.

I suspect they'll leave the uni design alone for at least a coupla years, because a major overhaul would be seen as an obvious repudiation of him.

But after 5, 7 years...


Without Paterno, the plain uni might be a hindrance to recruiting....

Tricky question.

John (NJ): Do you think we will ever see a team use a color scheme that includes pink? �Paul Lukas: Not in North America.

Too loaded.

Phil (Cleveland, Ohio): What's your favorite fictional uniform, say from a movie or TV show? �Paul Lukas: The sci-fi movie Starship Troopers had some futuristic footaball uniforms that were really cool.

Ariel, New York: What are your thoughts on the "jersey survey" the mets conducted? Where are they going with this? �Paul Lukas: Good question.

Not sure.

The thing to remember about this type of survey is that the fans who answer internet surveys tend to skew young.

So there's a huge part of the team's fan base that probably never saw the survey or else coudlnt' be bothered to fill it out (not to mention the older fans who don't even use the internet very much -- remember, those fans count too).

So the survey data, whatever it is, isn't a very representative picture of the fan base as a whole.

Steven (North Dakota): Hey I was at the Red Sox- Twins game on Monday and noticed that Jason Varitek was not wearing his normal catching gear.

They almost looked camo but it was hard to see, I know they were looked tan though.

Your thoughts? �Paul Lukas: I believe it was camo, for Memorial Day.

In the past, Varitek has worn a sort of Capt.

America chest protector design on major holidays.

�Paul Lukas: Wait, check that, I think Varitek actually wore the Capt.

America design in the All-Star Game, not on holidays...

Pete, New York: Paul, have you covered the Yankees' hats for this year on your site? Isn't there some sort of rule regarding the MLB logo on the back of the hat that they're breaking? Or do the rest of the teams in the league just keep the League logo there out of deference? �Paul Lukas: The Yankee Stadium logo that they've put on the back of the cap INCLUDES the mlb logo as part of its design, so they're fine there.

John (NJ): If a pro team were ever to be located in Las Vegas, what do you see the jerseys and color scheme looking like? �Paul Lukas: Gold and glitter, baby! John (NJ): Do you think the NY Jets need a uniform rehaul? Or at least wear the black alternates sold in stores as an alternate in games? �Paul Lukas: Not gonna happen now, because they're part of the big AFL 50th-anniversary thing, so they'll be wearing Titans throwbacks for, I think, three or four games this year.

Dave (Cincinnati): Settle a bet between me and a pal -- did the Big Red Machine era Reds have the largest last-name lettering in MLB history? �Paul Lukas: Definitely up there, yeah.

In the late 1970s, the Pirates used similarly large lettering for players with small surnames, like Lee Lacy and Ed Ott.

Joey(LI): Your thoughts on the Islanders Gorton's Fisherman uniforms ? �Paul Lukas: I grew up on Long Island, and I can tell you that there are plenty of baymen who look like that....

and none of them play hockey (or eat fish sticks, I'm pretty sure)....

Awful uniform, but you already knew that.

Chad (H-town): Do you have a closet full of jerseys you wear? �Paul Lukas: I have a very small collection of vintage flannel jerseys -- mostly high school and company teams.

Lots of old bowlign shirts, too.

For the most part, though, I don't wear jerseys.

Wearing jeans and a t-shirt right now, which is pretty standard for me.

Rob (Los Angeles, CA): Dodgers, Yankees, Cardinals - three timeless designs.

Which team's management comes up with a disgusting alternate uni first? �Paul Lukas: Dodgers have already had solid-blue and Cards have already had solid-red, both of which were awful....

I do like the Cards' alternate cap with the bird, though.

Mike (NJ): Think MLB will ever go back to pull over jersey tops.

Clemson and Stanford still use them and they are considered traditional �Paul Lukas: I'm frankly amazed that this hasn't happened.

Visually, I prefer buttons, but I fully concede that pullovers make more sense.

Every year there are a few plays where a ball takes a bad hop and goes in between the buttons and ends up inside the infielder's jersey.

WOuldn't happen with a pullover! Brian (New York): Will the G-Men lose those ugly red unis? �Paul Lukas: They didn't wear them last year, and I believe they've been retired for this year as well.

Don (philly): The seahawks (I believe) had a neon green hat at the NFL draft this year, is this going to be a redesign of the color scheme or just a bad draft mishap? �Paul Lukas: Well, neon green is one of their colors (pants stripe, the eyeball of the logo hawk, etc.), so why shouldn't they have a cap in that color? ...

Of course, I wish that color wasn't part of their identity to begin with, but that's another story.

Jack (LA): Hey Paul, I was wondering if you noticed the tendency for team mates to adopt each other's styles.

For example: Willy Mo Pena growing the perfectly manicured Big Papi beard when he was with the Sox, Ariza and Odom wearing Kobe Zoom IVs, and Erik Aybar adopting Vlad's jheri curl/dreadlocks hair do.

�Paul Lukas: I hadn't noticed this, but I'll pay closer attention.

Thanks for the tip! mathieu (san francisco): Since we will be subjected to AFL Throwbacks, which features perhaps the ugliest uniform ever in the Broncos - including teh vert striped socks, do you think we'll ever see ABA throwbacks? Peronally i'd love to see the Nuggets trot out an old Rockets uniform and play the Spurs?Chapparels using a red white and blue ball.

�Paul Lukas: The NBA frequently trots out ABA throwbacks.

They've done Miami Heat, Dr.

J-era Nets, etc., etc.

Jeff (NJ): Remember when the Giants had stretched out nameplates last season? What was up with that? �Paul Lukas: They were experimenting with a different cut and tailoring template, and I believe a different fabric too.

The NFL is moving toward a model with very few seams and as litting sew-on graphics as possible.

Soon it's going to be a one-piece bodysuit with printed graphics...

Kidding, but only a little bit.

Chris (LA,CA): Thoughts on the NBA en espanol this year? �Paul Lukas: Not my favorite promotion, but I'm wasn't the intended audience.

I'd be more interested in knowing what Hispanic fans thought of it.

And next year I'll do some reporting to find out.

Rusty(Columbus OH): We is it in college football that players have to wear gray gloves, but in high school and the pros they can wear colored ones.

I thought it had to do with holding calls, but this would imply high school refs are more skilled the college refs? �Paul Lukas: Just one of those weird NCAA/NFL rules distinctions (like high socks in the NFL and bare legs in the NCAA).

Jebidah (Springfield): In your opinion which athlete has sported the best facial hair of all time? �Paul Lukas: Rollie Fingers, of course! Joe (Boston): Do you envision Nike's system of dress making its way to the NBA anytime soon? �Paul Lukas: Well, not as long as adidas is doing the NBA uniforms...But will adidas try a SoD-ish tailoring profile for the NBA? Good question.

I'd lean toward yes, but not for a few years.

Bobby, NY: What did you think of the Yankees wearing red hats on Monday? �Paul Lukas: Hope it raised a lot of money for charity.

Because that's the only possible excuse.

JP (NY): What are your thoughts on the Cool base jersey, i know the mets use them how about the Yanks? �Paul Lukas: Most teams are now using it.

Too mesh-y for my tastes, but you can't tell the difference unless you're fairly close.

They need to do something about the armpit panels on the pinstriped jerseys, though.

David Rind (Sparta, NJ): Can you tell me why the MLB decided all teams should wear red hats for memorial day? Don't they realize how ridiculous it looks? �Paul Lukas: You'd think they would realize that, yes.

Last year they used blue caps (which also looked bad for certain teams, like the A's), and I guess they wanted everyone to buy a new cap this year -- collect 'em all! White caps next year? I wouldn't be surprised.

Jeff (NJ): What's your earliest uni-related memory? �Paul Lukas: Putting on my first Little League uniform when I was 8 yrs old.

�Paul Lukas: OK, guys, that's a solid hour -- gotta run! Thanks for all the good questions, my apologies for the short answers (I try to be brief so I can answer as many questions as possible), and we'll do this again soon.

Cheers, Paul Tools Email Story Most Sent Daily Email Print
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