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Last night on RAW, WWE executed a fifteen performer trade, instituted by Donald Trump, during the brief one week era where he "owned" the RAW brand.Here is my analysis of what each of the picks mean for the performers.The results of that trade are as follows:Traded to the RAW brand:Evan Bourne (from ECW) â€" I expected Bourne to be moved to the RAW brand back in the company wide Draft back in April so this move isn't that big of a shock.

Bourne will be exposed to a larger audience on the RAW brand, as long as he can survive with the industry (and size) giants like Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton and The Big Show.

At any rate he should be able to have great matches with guys like The Miz, Chavo Guerrero, Kofi Kingston, The Brian Kendrick and the inevitable "David versus Goliath" showdown with The Big Show.Jack Swagger (from ECW) â€" Swagger is a legitimate main event superstar waiting to happen and a move to the "A-show" will only help his status.

He's already been the ECW Champion and dominated the third brand.

A step up to RAW is the best thing for him.Mark Henry (from ECW) â€" Judging by last night's RAW it looks as if the former ECW Champion is heading for big things on the RAW brand as he beat WWE Champion Randy Orton during a gauntlet match.

Plus judging by his wide smile and lack of manager Tony Atlas, it looks as if Henry is heading towards his first good guy run since 2002.Alicia Fox (from SmackDown) â€" In just around a year Fox has gone from SmackDown to ECW back to SmackDown and now to RAW.

Fox has never been in one spot long enough to really make an impact and so it will be interesting to see what her role will be on the RAW brand.Gail Kim (from SmackDown) â€" Gail re-signed with WWE in late 2008 to much fanfare from the Internet crowd, but once she showed up SmackDown in early 2009 she never really gained a foothold.

A move to RAW could be good for her to get her career back on track as she can challenge for Maryse and her Divas Championship.Traded to the ECW brand:Shelton Benjamin (from SmackDown) â€" Benjamin is the most talented athlete that the company has that has never been able to truly find his niche or gain the foothold he so richly deserves.

He has bounced from brand to brand to brand since his debut in early 2003 and has never been able to break into upper card status.

I would say this would be his shot at finally becoming a top card guy, but I've been saying that since probably 2006 and it still hasn't happened, so I'm not holding my breath this time around either.Goldust (from RAW) â€" I don't really understand this pick as he was working great as an undercard comedy guy on the RAW brand, and there isn't room for a lot of comedy things like that on the one-hour ECW show.

At the very least he will be a veteran presence of the rookie-heavy ECW roster.William Regal (from RAW) â€" Regal is a veteran that has been never been able to break through into the top of the WWE cards.

This move to ECW could be the best thing for Regal and his chance at finally gaining some semblance of a World Championship.Brie and Nikki Bella (from RAW) â€" This is another quizzical move as there is no women's championship on the ECW brand, so look for them to be valets for some of the male roster, cheesecake interludes in between matches or pawns in various storylines.Traded to the SmackDown brand:Matt Hardy (from RAW) â€" Hardy recently just went out with an abdominal injury that could keep him out for weeks or months, so when he finally is able to return to action some new scenery on SmackDown could be just what Hardy needs to remain fresh and relevant.Finlay (from ECW) â€" Finlay was the veteran presence on ECW previously, which now looks to be occupied by Regal.

The Irish veteran is a great utility player and fits in anywhere on the card, on any brand and can play virtually any role, hero or villain.David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natalya Neidhart of The Hart Dynasty (from ECW) â€" All three members of the Hart Dynasty make a climb up the pecking ladder with this move to SmackDown.

As long as all three remain together for the time being while they still grow and improve they will find success on any of the brands.State of the Brands:RAW: RAW came out smelling like roses with this trade as young prospects like Bourne and Swagger have nowhere to go but up by being on RAW.

The veteran Mark Henry has worked on all three brands and by the looks of his work on Monday he should provide some mid-card stability to the brand.

Gail Kim also provides some depth and star power to the show's women's division.SmackDown: They remain in a fairly solid position as they didn't get rid of any of their big stars.

They basically traded Benjamin for Finlay star power wise, picked up Matt Hardy who will be useful after his injury and gained a wealth of talented young talent in The Hart Dynasty.

In fact SmackDown came out looking pretty good in the whole deal.ECW: The third brand got absolutely raked over the coals in the trade.

They lost all their hot young prospects in Bourne, Swagger and the Harts and veterans like Mark Henry and Finlay.

In return they only gained a couple of journeymen veterans in Regal and Goldust.

As a concession Shelton Benjamin will be a great addition to the roster, but I fail to see how the Bella Twins will be able to replace the wealth of young talent removed from the show.

ECW got the shaft here.
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