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ECW Championship Scramble: Tommy Dreamer vs.

Christian vs.

Finlay vs.

Mark Henry vs.

Jack Swagger Tony Chimel is in the ring announcing as Matt Striker and Josh Matthews take over commentary.

Out first is Christian followed by Jack Swagger.

These two will start the match off.

They lock up and go at it.

Swagger tries to dump Christian on his back but he slides out of it.

Christian with a boot in the corner and chops.

Swagger gets an early 2 count on goes to work on Christian.

He ends up taking him to the top turnbuckle and they go at it.

They do some counters and Swagger hits a big neckbreaker.

Swagger wrenches the neck now.

Christian fights back as the clock starts counting down.

Out next is Finlay.

Finlay rushes the ring and cleans house.

He puts Swagger on his shoulders and drops him with his signature move.

Finlay stomps on Swagger and drops a big leg on Christian for a 2 count.

Swagger ends up throwing Christian and Dreamer in the corner which looks like a botched spot.

Swagger takes Dreamer to the floor and works him over.

Swagger brings Finlay back in and they go at it.

Finlay goes for the Celtic Cross.

Christian comes in and breaks everything up, getting a 2 count on Finlay.

Finlay got the pin before and is the current ECW Champion.

Dreamer goes for a superplex on Christian from the top.

Dreamer goes back down to the mat and Swagger clotheslines him.

Swagger goes to the top where Christian is as the clock counts down again.

Mark Henry comes in and takes out Dreamer.

Henry takes Swagger and Christian down and lifts Christian above his head.

Henry presses Christian over the top rope and down onto the floor.

Henry scoops Dreamer and slams him hard with the World's Strongest Slam.

Henry pins Dreamer and is the current ECW Champion.

Finlay comes in after Henry.

Henry fights him and Swagger off, then Christian.

Henry with a headbutt on Christian.

Finlay and Swagger beat down Henry.

Christian comes over and trades shots with Finlay.

All three of them kick on Henry now.Finlay, Henry and Swagger end up on the floor.

Dreamer and Christian take turns leaping from the apron onto them.

Henry goes back i the ring but Swagger takes him down by the knee.

Swagger with a splash off the top rope and he pins Henry to become the current ECW Champion.

Swagger takes out Dreamer.

The clock has 2 minutes left as he kicks Christian to the floor.

Henry drops Swagger from behind and he's leaned on the ropes.

Henry runs and splashes all his weight onto Swagger's back with a guillotine slide.

Finlay meets Henry on the floor and throws him into the steps.

Christian hits the Killswitch on Swagger but Dreamer stops the pin.

Dreamer DDT's Christian to become the current ECW Champion.

Finlay tries a pin but can't get it.

Swagger tries a pin on Finlay.

Finlay drops Dreamer but gets a 2 count.

45 seconds left and they're all trying to get pins.

Finlay DDT's Swagger for a 2 count.

Henry with a 2 count on Swagger, or a 1 count as Dreamer stopped it.

Dreamer with a 2 count on Henry.

10 seconds left.

They all get quick pins in as the clock runs out and Tommy Dreamer manages to get the last one in on Christian to retain the ECW Championship.Winner: Tommy Dreamer
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