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Mango Solutions Telemarketing Company

Mango Solutions Telemarketing Company

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WELCOME TO MANGO SOLUTIONS :: Company Profile :: In the News

We pride ourselves on providing the best qualified sales leads worldwide. We have clients whom have utilized our services in Australia, Europe and America for the past 4 years. Starting off as a small company with only a few staff we now have hundreds of telemarketers, several data entry personne, and several managers.

As we currently have many long term employees we also have a backup of capable staff waiting to move forward to management positions as soon as they become available so we are always ready to take on new campaigns or business at the drop of a hat, no matter how big or small.

We also help marketing managers worldwide with our range of books and tools to help them successfully set up their own strong marketing teams you can check these out in the
Mango Solutions Shop.

Being quite a flexible and multi skilled company, our products and services can usually work for most industries. Telemarketing is a huge part of our business but it certainly doesn't stop there. Aside from our telemarketing services and the fact that we can offer you the Hottest sales leads around, we also combine our knowledge and expertise to offer you;

* telemarketing books and resources
* graphic design solutions
* Data entry solutions
* Lead Sources - including the names and numbers of business owners or managers
* Mailing Lists
* Clean database - options to allow you to start your own data system from scratch
* Script writing - for those who would like to do their own campaign but want a customized script written up for them to use.
We offer these services but we don't stop there! If you have an idea or a special request that you think we could help you with then contact us with your proposal because here at Mango Solutions we love a challenge!

Everything we offer a solution to is our passion; we work hard to deliver first and foremost to please our clients but also because we love the industry! CALL US NOW ON (07) 55 534 178

Company Profile
Mango Solutions specialize in telemarketing and generating sales leads in our call centers, starting off our first call centre in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in 2006 as a small telemarketing company with one telemarketing campaign, Mango Solutions built it's way up from the bottom with a lot of hard work and passion, although based in Surfers Paradise we have built respect and made a mark in the telemarketing industry on the Gold Coast and internationally, we have expanded massively over the last four years solely due to our success in the telemarketing industry in Australia alone we have 60 plus telemarketing staff working in our call centre. Since 2008 we have been generating sales leads all over the UK and Ireland, and have also done work in other areas throughout Europe, generating leads for sales teams and conducting other telemarketing campaigns on behalf of clients. We moved forward to set up a telemarketing office in Ireland in early 2008 and it has been continuously busy with clients who need high quality sales leads, and other campaigns run on their behalf.

Our main focus as a company is conducting telemarketing campaigns in a constructive and professional manner. Having a strong management team who had previously worked for several telemarketing companies our managers have ironed out all the potential creases that they noticed in other companies to make sure that all of our clients will have a hassle free and prosperous experience with Mango Solutions. All managers are well educated within the telemarketing industry and continue to upgrade their skills day in day out to ensure up to date and successful telemarketing practices.

Mango Solutions tend to strive to be original in our approach to telemarketing and all of our other services, we believe in pride, loyalty, and one on one service, and we believe that this is why we are the leaders in the telemarketing and call centre industry. Our unique process for lead generation, telemarketing and telesales has led to many opportunities for our growth, we have moved into a lot of advanced areas such as Search Engine Optimization, Network marketing and we have even released a range of books to sell our successful telemarketing tips to other people within the industry.

Mango Solutions prides itself on the fact that majority of our staff have been with our company for 12months or more and all have started off in telemarketing campaigns and some have worked their way up to management positions, telesales positions, data entry or answering services. We operate our company with a sense of friendship that most large corporations offer, and although we pretty much are quite a large telemarketing call centre, we always keep one on one contact with our staff and clients to ensure that the correct work is being done in all areas.

Mango Solutions In The News!
Hi and welcome to Mango Solutions In The News! Here you will find all kinds of telemarketing articles, and links to telemarketing resources. The articles below are related to the telemarketing industry and are for both those who are involved in the telemarketing industry and the running of a call centre and those who are interested in telemarketing or are employed as a telemarketing agent and looking for related information.

We trust you will find our telemarketing articles informative and useful.

Press Release: Telemarketing blog release for Free telemarketing tips and advice;

Press Release:
Mango Solutions Telemarketing Company & The Staunch Launch Party!

Press Release:
How Telemarketing and call centers can help your business increase profit
Due to the extensive experience of our managers and staff, we are capable of doing any type of campaigns imaginable. Our General Manager alone has previously worked on campaigns such as;

- Optus Landline Residential & Business Sales
- Fonezone customer renewals & Mobile phone upgrades
- The Holiday Club
- AAPT Residential Landline & Internet Sales
- Canadian Lottery renewals
- Appointment Setting
- Gold Coast Bulletin Surveys
- Raising money for all types of Charities

- Sales lead generation for several international companies

For the past 4 years we have developed a perfect recipe to generate the highest
quality sales leads. This has been the main focus of our work and will continue to be a
passion of ours as we generate more business and sales for all industries. We have
extensive data lists at our fingertips and also have the ability to confirm financial
situations or any other information you may require.

We also have extensive mail lists, or telemarketing lists available on request.

Does your business need more business???

Call us now for a quote on any of our services on (07)55 534 178

WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? Outbound Telemarketing | Outbound Customer Relations | Market Research | Inbound Services | Data Cleansing
Realistically, it would depend on what industry you are currently in, our main goal is to dramatically increase sales and revenue in any company we do business with.

We pride ourselves in quality, but also make sure that we reach every client's needs with numbers and requirements. We guarantee a tailored marketing campaign for your company and product. We will present you with options in which we recommend, based on your business and your needs. We know that telemarketing can be a hard task for some, that's why we can confidently offer you our services, knowing that our professional team will get the job done smoothly, taking the pressure off you so you can focus on what you do best.

Outbound Telemarketing

Outbound telemarketing offers you a chance to mass market in a matter of days or weeks rather than months or years, it is a super fast approach to traditional marketing and can be used as a sole source of business or as an additional marketing tool. Telemarketing can be a challenge for some, however here at Mango Solutions we have mastered many techniques over the past four years to ensure that any telemarketing campaign we take on will be an absolute success!
Some of the outbound telemarketing services we are conducting at present are;

  • Sales lead generation for investment firms
  • Sales lead generation for stockbrokers
  • Telesales for search engine optimization
  • Network Marketing Opportunity Leads

Some of the industries we would love to tackle in our outbound call centre are;

  • Small business product marketing
  • Mobile phone sales
  • Customer renewals
  • Real estate sales leads
The above are some industries we have extensive experience in, however we are open to running outbound telemarketing campaigns for any industry that wants to see a dramatic increase in profits and sales no matter how big or small the company may be. We focus on creating a balance of quality and quantity and will always ensure that the client's needs are covered in their telemarketing campaign. We have over 60 telemarketing professionals on hand at any given time in our Australian office and we also have an office in Ireland with over 60 telemarketing professionals on hand also. We are well equipped to handle large or small campaigns and have staff whom specialize in different areas in marketing to ensure absolute quality is always exceeded for each and every client.

Mango Solutions takes pride in our one on one service and our ability to work with all industries, so call us today to inquire about an outbound telemarketing campaign and even if it isn't listed here on our website, if its anything to do with telemarketing, telesales, sales or marketing we will be happy to assist you!
Outbound Customer Relations Service

Mango Solutions
customer relations service is a great way to keep your current clientele happy and coming back for more!

We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach with all clients whether they be clients of ours or their clients, we make sure that we are doing everything we can to take care of any unpleasant experiences, as well as take emphasis on the positive experiences. We look to upgrade, satisfy and encourage your current clients on your products and to ultimately have them coming back for more of your products of services therefore increasing your sales revenue and building a strong clientele to see you and your business through long term all of our customer service representatives are qualified telemarketers and have done telemarketing for a long period of time before being placed in the customer relations division, therefore you know that they are great with people but also have the ability to easily, sell, market or upgrade your current clients.

Our outbound customer relations service also includes a free database where all of your clients will be entered into and all of their current records continuously updated based on our contact with them, this will include all purchases, sales, upgrades, preferences ect. This is based on the conversations had with the client by our telemarketers or customer service consultants, and is developed with the clients satisfaction in mind, when the client is satisfied continuously you will find that they will always remain loyal and be happy and receptive to new products or services which you may wish to market, sell or upgrade them to.

Any campaign we take on including customer relations services will always be individually molded to suit your business, your needs and wants as well as the needs and wants of your clientele. It can be utilized individually or alongside telemarketing and/or telesales campaigns. We have a long list of versatile staff who take pride in a job well done.

Mango Solutions believe that when a client is happy they will continue to utilize your products and services, our advantage is not simply to put this in place but to monitor it and ensure that your clientele will always return!

For more information on this please email us now at [email protected] or call us

Market Research

Do you need to evaluate the market in your industry?

Find out what people want?

Compile facts and figures on spending habits?

We have the perfect service for you! Whatever you are after our telemarketing teams can get to work to find out all the "honest” answers to your questions.

Now, Mango Solutions are not like most telemarketing or market research companies who compile mass data and don't focus on the main points, we make sure that all information is captured in the prospects exact words, that their main points are put across to the client and that any information requested to be collected during market research is not only accurate but relevant!

We conduct this service as we do all of our other telemarketing services, based on the clients needs! If you would like any market research conducted on your behalf please contact us at [email protected] or call us now on 07 55 534 178

Inbound Services

We operate all kinds of inbound services as listed below;

  • Answering service
  • Bookings
  • Personal telephone secretary
  • Customer complaints
  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Sales

The above listed services are the main inbound services we offer, however Mango Solutions take any inquiry and make it happen for you so if you have a special request please let us know. Mango Solutions make the most of all inbound services for you, if you wish to upgrade or sell inbound callers we can, if you wish to market products to them we can, if you have any special procedures we can follow them for you.

A lot of business' who are busy don't have the time or manpower to take care of all of their clientele as well as focus on what they do best, that's where we come in we take away all of the hassle and send you a simple report as often as you like. We strive to profit your business and all of our telemarketing staff, telesales staff, and customer service staff are trained to your liking but also have the added bonus of telemarketing, telesales or customer service experience under their belt and are more than likely to fill several roles in the one position.

If you require any of the above services or would like a customized inbound service please contact us at; [email protected] or call us now on 07 55 534 178!

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is an important process for all business' great and small, allow our call centre to take care of your current data by updating information as well as eliminating time wasters, or irrelevant data. This process will allow you to evaluate your current marketing plans and ensure that you are contacting prospects who are actually interested in your products or services.

This process will also allow you to evaluate how many genuine prospects and/or clients you currently have as well as provide an insight as to whether additional data is required to meet your targets and profit margins.

This process is always conducted in relation to the clients needs and will always be operated only by professional telemarketing staff who are all briefed and trained thoroughly on the clients needs.


Note that all of our data is business to business data, this data is for people whom are looking for leads to use for their own telemarketing campaigns. If you are after residential or business leads for your sales team or something more complex we can run a campaign accordingly. We can issue you with leads within 24 hours straight to your email inbox and if you require them sooner we can usually work with you to get you the leads asap..

Cost per lead is 25c total
- 120,000 Business Owners
- Names, Numbers, Address & Financial Info

(ii) NEW ZEALAND DATA ~ Cost per lead is 25c total
- 120,000 Business Owners
- Names, Numbers, Address & Financial Info

- Names of the Key Decision Makers
- Company Profile
- Phone Numbers, Fax & Emails


If you can't find what you're looking for, make sure you give us a call!

Telemarketing Books & Resources...

These here are our trade secrets which have generated over $10 million worth of business for our clients over the last few years. We are pretty much giving these away at $30 per booklet, all we ask in return is that you refer us to at least three marketing professionals whom will be able to put our books to good use.

This booklet is a basic guide for any managers in charge of telemarketing, it covers all aspects of training and is generalized so that you can make it relevant to your product, it allows you to open up your mind and the minds of your staff to make for a more productive telemarketing team! This booklet can also be used as a basis for training up new staff.

Inspiring work related quotes to help your team to look beyond their daily tasks and open their minds to what is achievable. These can be handed out individually or copied and put up on the walls in your marketing room.

This booklet has a series of intense training tools and activities which can be used over and over again in your telemarketing room. They are guaranteed to create the results you want and need to run a successful telemarketing team.

This booklet focuses on all the main issues related to telemarketing calls in general. It shows you how to set out successful fallbacks for your own campaign, whilst giving examples and general outlays for fallbacks. This booklet also covers overcoming objections, and ways around receptionists and much more. This book is a must if your staff are working hard but not getting the results.

A booklet full of templates for professional documents to use daily in telemarketing. Includes; contact sheets, lead sheets, tally sheets, written warnings, final written warnings, cost per lead ledger, sales ledger and much more!

This booklet covers how to generate high quality sales leads. It goes through tasks, games and structures which you can put into place to ensure that all of you leads are high quality. It will greaty help you to raise your lead to sale ratio and have more sales coming in from the same amount of leads.

We all know how repetitive and boring telemarketing can get and as a manager it becomes so very hard to keep coming up with new ideas, this booklet will have the ideas flowing through your mind like nothing else. It will also show you how to do motivational speeches, create your own motivational games and motivate individuals on what they need personally. With this booklet in hand you and your team will be pumped for the goals ahead!

Suite 1, 21 Orchid Avenue,
Surfers Paradise,
Gold Coast, QLD, 4217

Phone: (07).55.534.178

[email protected]

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