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It was like watching a bad horror film."Don't go in the barn! For the love of God, do not go into the barn!"Of course the densely naïve protagonist goes into the barn, despite our vociferous pleas, and is eventually mutilated by a chainsaw-wielding lunatic or a demonic entity or an envious stalker or a Manbearpig.

Frustration, more than fear or revulsion, courses through our veins.How could he not see that coming???Well, that's was exactly how I felt when Gio Gonzalez got called up to Oakland last week.His psyche must still be damaged from the great flogging he experienced at the hands of major league hitters last season! He is finally beginning to thirve at the Triple A level! He needs close to a full season of dominance in order to regain trust in his skills! He wears his emotions on his sleeve and another poor experience in the majors could irrevocably set him back!Of course, poor Gio walked right into the blitzkrieg of the mighty slugging San Francisco Giants.

He couldn't make it out of the fourth inning, giving up four earned runs on ten hits in the process.How could they not see that coming???It was too soon.

Like when Mike McDermott took on KGB at the beginning of "Rounders." In both cases, though, the glow of a promising career proved too tempting.

Gio dominated the PCL just like Mikey McD dominated vulnerable rubes at local country club.

Besides, there are only so many chances to make a run for the show.

So the A's decision to bring him up is somewhat justifiable.

After all, what more could Gonzalez have done in Sacramento? One earned run in his last five starts, an 18 to 2 strike out to walk ration in his last two starts, and 20 straight shutout innings are blatant indications of superiority.

Numbers like that in MLB 2k9 call for a heightened difficulty setting.And, make no mistake, there were some bright spots in Jovial Gio's outing.

In his 3.2 innings he K'd six and walked two, providing further evidence of his improved control.

But the game also illustrated his ironically consistent inconsistency: strikeouts impressively seared batters and hits came in bunches.

It is an inconsistency that should have been further eradicated by an extended stay in Sacramento.The A's, I'm sure, feared an unnecessarily extended stay in the minors would hurt Gio's confidence.

They did not want to miss the opportunity to develop their stud prospect.

It's like the time my buddy Dane met this one girl at a club last December.

The pair hit it off pretty well, exchanging numbers at the end of the night and vowing to maintain future contact.

Well, Dane exchanged a few texts with the girl over the next few days and weeks but was too lackadaisical in his attempts for advancement.

As a result, winter break hit and he had yet to secure a date.

And nothing kills the budding romance with a girl you met one time for three hours like six weeks out of town.

He waited too long to call her up and, as a result, missed his opportunity.The A's, in contrast, did not wait too long to call Gio Gonzalez up.Instead, they prematurely shot their wad.Last year's blitz in the Bigs left Jovial Gio more shook than Papa Doc at the end of "Eight Mile," and his inconsistent numbers in April and May serve as evidence.

How Gio bounces back from last week's performance will largely depend on whether he is able to shake the mental stigma of repeated professional frustrations.

Any chance the A's can sign Crash Davis?This call up is a proverbial point of no return for the A's- they can't demote Gio back to Sacramento without jeopardizing his confidence even further.

Now that he's in The Show, he needs full support from the organization- his heightened success after moving to the top of the Cats rotation following Vin Mazzaro's call-up indicates a correlation between Gio's self-perception and performance.

Jovial Gio has the talent to be a top three starter in a big league rotation.

Unfortunately, his presence in the majors has been equivalent to a keg at a party without a tap.Now that is a horror story.
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