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Loan Modification - Law Offices Of Victor Hobbs

Loan Modification - Law Offices Of Victor Hobbs

Posted by hobbslegalsolution
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“If you’ve been taken advantage of by a mortgage broker or lender during the loan modification process, or if your mortgage payments are still to high contact The Law Offices of Victor E. Hobbs at 877-562-6404.”

The Law Offices of Victor E. Hobbs
Taken advantage of
Loan Modification
You have rights, know them

Summary of Description:
Most people conducting loan modifications are not legally allowed to do so. About 98% of the businesses (non-attorneys) conducting loan modifications are doing so illegally. See Out of an estimated 152,606 licensed to do loans in the state of California the link above shows the list of only 52 companies allowed to conduct loan modifications. Even these 52 are possibly out of compliance because they can NOT market or take on NOD clients. Here is a licensing statistic direct from the Department of Real Estate As you can see we are being generous by giving a 98% quote (52 brokers approved to conduct loan mod.s divided by 152,606 licensed brokers = less than ½ of 1%. Let’s also keep in mind that there are a lot of companies advertising for loan modifications that are not licensed by the DRE or even licensed at all). They can only market and take on clients that are not in the NOD status. Vic has been in practice for 30 years (since 1978, see and has a great deal of litigation experience. To check the experience of an attorney all you have to do is input their name into the following link The Law Offices of Victor E. Hobbs is an experienced law firm dealing in contract renegotiations (or loan modifications) with the client’s lender. We are also fed up with companies taking advantage of clients in their time of need. So we also litigate, or sue companies for taking advantage of these unsuspecting people in need. These clients do not know where to go, who to trust, or automatically assume that just because someone is advertising for loan modifications that they are legally allowed to conduct loan modification business. That simply is not true. Mortgage Brokers are a VERY “creative” bunch so creative that the DRE had to put out a bulletin which I have highlighted for you to read through. See

The Law Offices only takes on clients that reasonably qualify for a loan modification, and not everyone qualifies. Additionally, for those who do not reasonably qualify for a loan modification, anyone taking their money solely for the purposes of loan modification may just be taking advantage of the client. In cases where the client doesn’t reasonably qualify, but maybe was put into a stated income loan, put into a negative amortization loan, put into an adjustable rate loan, were charged too much for a refinance, was sold on refinancing every 1 year or less, was sold on pulling cash out their home, if the client had prepayment penalties on their loan, or other actions, or if a client feels for some reason they were taken advantage of during the loan origination process or during the loan servicing process they probably were. The Law Offices of Victor E. Hobbs will evaluate a client’s circumstances and may decide to take on client willing to sue their lender and/or broker for taking advantage of the client.

So what we do:
1. Assist in the loan modification process:
a. If a client is delinquent, we negotiate with the lender to put the client back on track and start with a clean slate,
b. If a client is in foreclosure, we negotiate with the lender to bail the client out of foreclosure,
c. If a client has an adjustable rate loan, we negotiate with the lender to fix the interest rate for the client at a reasonable rate for the long term,
d. If the property is upside down, where the client owes more than the property is worth, we negotiate with the lender to reduce the balance owed on the loan,
e. If a client is just not happy with their interest rate for some reason, we negotiate with the lender to reduce the client’s interest rate to a low enough rate that the client can afford,
f. If a client cannot refinance for any reason, we negotiate with the lender all of the above in place of a costly refinance.
2. Sue Brokers or other companies for advertising themselves as loan modification companies, and taking advantage of those clients
3. Sue Lenders for not working with clients to put them a better position for the long term after taking advantage of them one way or another.
4. Assist the Client in the Bankruptcy process, if there are no other alternatives
5. Assist client in protecting their assets from future litigation.

All of the above is evaluated for FREE in the initial consultation.

The best are the companies that give result guarantees. As an attorney no guarantees of the results can be given. See the rules below.
Pursuant to rule 1-400(E) the Board of Governors of the State Bar has adopted the following standards, effective May 27, 1989, unless noted otherwise, as forms of "communication" defined in rule 1-400(A) which are presumed to be in violation of rule 1-400:
(1) A "communication" which contains guarantees, warranties, or predictions regarding the result of the representation.
(2) A "communication" which contains testimonials about or endorsements of a member unless such communication also contains an express disclaimer such as "this testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter."
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