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List Of 100 Of The Best Sites Like Digg

List Of 100 Of The Best Sites Like Digg

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List of 100 of the Best Sites Like Digg.

You can click on the Name and be redirected to each site.

  1. Mynewssplash: My Favorite - dig-style, easy to use, free and quick, auto approved, gets a high position on google.
  2. AmPmInsure: Insurance information/help community.
  3. Autospies: for automobile news.
  4. Betamarker: for beta software.
  5. Blog Memes: digg-style with publishing and thumbshots (with a update thumbshot button) exists also in many languages. [Engine: Akarru]
  6. BlinkBits Community with social bookmarking.
  7. Bloodee: Horror Related.
  8. bookrevyoo: for books.
  9. Boxxnet: for bookmarks, news, books, videos...collections.
  10. bytemycode: for code snippets.
  11. Canadaka: Website for promote Canadian patriotism, nationalism, sovereignty and democracy with a section to submit, comment and rate using a 1-10 dropdown menu. Is said to have existed over 2 years.
  12. Care2 News Network: digg-style about the environment, human rights, animal welfare using tags, groups and image support. ... an extension to the community website.
  13. Catster: Submit, comment and rate cats.
  14. CC Hits: for creative common music. A Ning application with comments, voting, music player and more.
  15. Content Pop: Group of communities: technology, health, shopping...
  16. CrowdStorm: For shopping with images and voting as recommendations.
  17. Daytipper: For tips.
  18. Deal Comet: Deals and coupons, for the US, Canada and the UK.
  19. For Shopping and coupons showing item photos. [RSS]
  20. DigStock: Financial news.
  21. Dissect Medicine: for medical news. [RSS]
  22. Diggers: by, a wiki based digg with thumbshots and Ajax. Let's you synchonize with, digg or reddit.
  23. diggtrends: Digg's mirror and a complement to
  24. dzone: for developers resource. With small zooming thumbshots when hovering.
  25. Dogster: Submit, comment and rate dogs.
  26. eurogoal NEWS: Football news using tags.
  27. FLURL: For videos with up/down voting. (some NSW.)
  28. folkd: Social network and bookmarks with digg like voting and a news section.
  29. FWDiton: for funny emails.
  30. gibbity: digg-style, rate and review games.
  31. humdigg: news for/by the Indian community.
  32. Hypediss: For stories, up/down voting and tags.
  33. I use This: For Mac OS X Applications.
  34. For music with web players.
  35. imgppl: Photos voting.
  36. Inchicks: For girls.
  37. IndiaGram: focused on India. They have created voting system to a Scuttle engine
  38. iTalkNews: Submit, write, rate, comment, add related news and get paid. [RSS]
  39. Jossle: For political media stories. Where votes total can go in to minus, view source ranking. (said to be built on Pligg)
  40. Jump it!: For Games, PSP, Hack... related.
  41. KicksHype: All about sneakers.
  42. Law Favorites : Focused on the Law. Drupal powered.
  43. Linkfilter: Existed before digg, at least since 1.2.2000! digg-style with rating, has a Firefox toolbar and sidebar. [RSS]
  44. livelocker: for videos, music, and photos.
  45. For videos.
  46. meme-stream: digg-style for funny and useful links. [RSS]
  47. memigo: Text-based digg-style for articles with no categories. Find alike Users. Option for iframe browsing, user filter...[RSS]
  48. MetaFilter Projects: digg-style for self-linking projects. [RSS]
  49. MOG:(Millions of games) digg-style for games with an 'e-mail this' and a 'play this' button. [RSS]
  50. motorpulse: For cars built on Ruby on Rails. [RSS]
  51. muti: reddit like for content of interest to Southern Africans or those interested in Southern Africa. [RSS]
  52. Now shows digg-style social news using categories and tags...[RSS]
  53. and digg-style for News with categories.
  54. NewsCloud: (previously CommonTimes) for news with tags, groups and images support.
  55. Newsgrad: News.
  56. Newsvine: digg-style community for news with tags and the possibility to create your own columns (write).[RSS]
  57. newsgarbage: digg-style for technology news with up/down voting. [RSS]
  58. NooZ: For MySpace members and MySpace add-on widgets.
  59. oKs!: digg-style for anything with up/down votes.
  60. OOZM: Search engine with digg like voting.
  61. Pickstation: for music podcasts with feedplayer support.
  62. picli: for any creative content
  63. Pikapet: Doggies, Kitties and other pets.
  64. Pixelmo: Video game related.
  65. Plime: An aggregator wiki with up/down voting
  66. PodcastAlley: for funny podcasts. Interface is a bit different but has all the features.
  67. Protolize: Submit, review and rate web-tools.
  68. Pop Current: Categories by type or file format, Music, Talk, Video, Books...
  69. qoolsqool: for educational resource for educators, students, and self-learners around the world. [RSS]
  70. Quadriot: for funny, strange stories.
  71. Questionville: for voting the answers, not the questions. Has live search and sub-categories, does not support links.
  72. Reddit: digg-style with up/down voting and Karma points, exists in 23 laguages. sub-reddits have their own domain URL and can all be viewed on all.reddit is a sub-reddits.
  73. RealEstateVoices: Real estate related.
  74. Riffs: for anything. a bit different, rating is the main 'BIG' feature with up/down voting, also supports images.
  75. digg-style for special news and rewards. Does not have RSS
  76. Shoutwire: digg-style rating for news stories. Uses iframe browsing. Their LinkRolls show vote buttons.
  77. Snarf torrent indexer. (previously used pligg.)
  78. Sliider: for submitting and voting photos directly (no links): for triathlon news.
  79. Sperocite: for news
  80. SpinSpy: digg-style for any link.
  81. SportsBlink: for sports. (thanks to comment) [RSS]
  82. TalkSoccer: Soccer.
  83. The Best Stuff In The World: a bit like riffs with social bookmarking.
  84. Techtagg: BETA, with adsense support.
  85. Tendango: digg-style with community collections/listing and tagging.
  86. Travelscoop: New Zealand Travel News and Travel Information.
  87. trendi: Fashion news using tags.
  88. Tribalwar: for gaming news.
  89. Ajax-based social video & news aggregation with star voting, tags and Karma points. Also supports file upload! [RSS]
  90. UrbanDictionary: Even the urbandictionary has implemented up/down voting! Has no commenting.
  91. For Links and videos.
  92. Value Investing News: Investment related with up/down voting. (Drupal)
  93. VCNewsCentral: Aggregator with voting. Startup news from the blogosphere.
  94. Video Bomb: digg-style for videos.
  95. Wizag: For feeds, previously called Diggol. [review]
  96. Web Feeds digg-style rating for links and videos.
  97. Wikio: Private Beta. For news, also in French.
  98. Wobblog: for blogs with Haloscan support. Open source.
  99. Wordsy: For Books.
  100. YouPickTheNews: for news with a 'in-page floating div' system for rating, without comments but with email notification.
  101. Zapzap: Podcast aggregator in English and Japanese [review]
  102. Zoomit Canada: Discuss your favorite stories with fellow Canadians.

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