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Let The Drummer Kick

Let The Drummer Kick

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So You Think You Can Dance: Top Eight Dance! Written by Sadie �� Thursday, 23 July 2009 04:10 So You Think You Can DanceTop Eight Dance!Welcome to tonight's episode of Fox' So You Think You Can Dance! We're down to our Top 8 dancers, and they will each dance FIVE times tonight. Two dances with a partner, a solo, and a group dance. Joining the judges tonight on So You Think You Can Dance is Ellen Degeneres, no doubt to provide some comic relief. So Travis is choreographing the group dance, and there's some confusion over what year it is set in—2300? 2100? 2010? Anyway, the dancers have glow in the dark things on their futuristic costumes, and glasses and it's hard to tell which dancer is who. But the dancing is cool, I like the flow. It's very hip-hoppy for Travis. It also looks fun, which I'm sure is nice for the dancers who are working their butts off at this stage, to do something that they can enjoy, and they don't have to worry about votes because nobody knows who they are.Nigel loves Travis, loved the costumes, the dancing, etc. Ellen goes off on a tangent about light bulbs and costumes and I am wondering how much leeway they are giving her tonight. Mary can't find anyone to pick on, and she loves Travis, too.

Mia: Travis, Travis, Travis. Mia asks Ellen if she'll join her in wearing one of the costumes tomorrow night. Don't forget that tomorrow is going to be a big night. It's the 100th episode, and the celebration includes performances by Wade Robson himself and Katie Holmes.

They're also doing re-creations of some of the favorite dances from 5 seasons.Evan draws Janette's name from the hat and their first dance is a Sonia jazz routine. Okay. Ymm. My reaction? "It's weird!" My roommate's response: "They're good at it though." She also pointed out that for a small guy he's throwing the women around like crazy. Nigel thinks he's finally getting from Evan what he's hoped to get. Ellen thought it was hard-hitting and complex, or maybe that was the wine she had earlier. Mary thought it was a lot of fun to see Evan outside of his wheelhouse, but could've had a little more guts, but he's getting there. Mary calls Nigel "English Muffin" again and tells Janette she can't take a wrong step. Cat likes the tiny twosome, and asks Mia what she thinks. She thinks Evan has taken a step in the right direction, stepping out of his normal feel for the first time. She tells Janette that she is her favorite of the season.

Wow. Our first solos is Kayla. She's dancing to Imogean Heap, and she's like a lava lamp, this girl. Her body just flows and moves and she's beautiful. Her grampa is standing up in the audience and he's so cute. Next is Brandon, and he pulls Jeanine's name.

They start with the waltz, with Hunter Johnson. They dance to "May it Be" by Hayley Westenra. Jeanine is definitely getting good partners now that Phillips is gone… Brandon is beautiful. I want to dance with him… the two of them look so easy and soft and really very lovely. Brandon does an excellent job of showing off Jeanine.

I really liked that, and I don't usually really get into waltzes. Nigel says it was extremely tough, and very demanding, and the music was so slow it almost put him to sleep. Slow music requires extreme control, and he didn't see it, and he was a little disappointed. Ellen disagrees, and thinks (after a random tangent) they were fantastic.

She is clearly not here to truly judge.

Mary acknowledges it was very slow, which is very difficult, but thinks they "did it respectable." Mia expected the length and the space to be magical and it didn't happen. Hmph.

I really liked it.Jason's solo. He has a shirt on, of which I disapprove. It's aiight. It doesn't show me the passion that he had last week, and it's not gonna stand up to an Ade solo. Ade chooses Melissa—huh.

That seems unfair. Definite advantage over everyone else.

And they're doing cha-cha. Which is a difficult dance for non-Latin ballroomers. You can immediately see their comfort level. They are in perfect sync. IT does seem they are moving a little slowly… but whatev.

These two are awesome. They are an excellent pairing and I will love them forevah. Roommate: "Wow! I wanna do that!" I'm not sure if she means dancing or Ade. Nigel liked it, wants Melissa to watch her ballet-dancer turn out, and tells her she's naturally sexy. Ellen wants to know if they're carpenters, because they nailed it! She loved it. Mary felt like it was in slow motion (wow, I'm good), but it allows a focus on technique. Ade's bum was too high and he needs to drop his hip weight down into the heel, blah blah blah ballroom-talk. Mia thinks that was Ade's worst performance of the season, because it was thrown all over the place and he wasn't getting down and dirty. She thinks Melissa did an excellent job on what is very difficult for a ballerina to do. Janette's solo. Barefoot tonight, and dancing to Celine Dion.

Interesting. Not nearly as sizzling as last week's, but pulling away from the salsa a little, and I appreciate the effort. She looks like a munchkin next to Cat.Jason draws Kayla from the hat, and they will do Broadway with Tyce. It's a very jazzy piece and is about Kayla trying to distract Jason from his dedication to the music. Kayla's legs, I have to say, are just beyond ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with it that I can see… but I'm not in love with it. Just sorta eh. As I often am with Tyce's pieces. Nigel tells Jason his feet were terrific. And Kayla is a really great dancer and can do anything. Ellen would like them to come over and hang some pictures because they're good nailers. Mary thought it was fabulous number. Jason was suave and Kayla is riding first class, and Mary has an actual train whistle. Ellen is terrified. Mia thinks it's scary that she's the only sane one on the panel. She loved the piece.

Jason: she wants him to work on his upper body, he hunches over somewhat. Mia thinks Kayla should sing and act and she will take Broadway by storm. If you look up "girl" "perfection" and "star" in the dictionary, there's a picture of Kayla. She's the epitome of "girl." Huh. Ade! He leaps about a million feet in the air. He flings his body around and flips it over. He did it all in jeans. I would so very much like to go out for drinks with Cat. I want to be her friend.

Call me, Cat!Evan and Janette's second dance is the rumba, and he's got a much better chance with her than he did with Randi.

Did they rumba or samba or what? This is second chance to impress, and it's to "Heartless" by Kris Allen. It's ok. It's not bad. I have trouble with Evan as a sexy Latin lover, but it's not horrible. Nigel didn't see the passion in Evan's face he was looking for, and thinks because Evan's eyes are heavily lidded, he needs to work on opening his eyes. Ellen thinks he has a great, unique face and she loves him and he's very special. Mary thought he did a really good job. She goes on for a while about how well he did, talking ballroom talk. Janette has the patent on spicy Latin flavor. Mia agrees with Ellen, that not everyone has to be a sex pot and perfect, because we are all perfect the way God has made us, and Evan brings to the stage something that not everyone can bring. She wasn't sure she wanted him to be sexy, but he did it and he did it well, and with a Zoolander face! Janette is awesome, blah blah blah. Melissa's solo. Looks like she's taking last week's crique to heart, and bringing a little extra to her ballet tonight.

At least to me.

Cat agrees that it's "something different." Brandon and Jeanine get a new choreographer: Laurieann Gibson. Jeanine thinks she will sweat a lot and maybe cry. And that she does, and Laurieann yells. They dance to "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks. I want to like it, it's the kind of dance I usually enjoy, but something's missing. They're not looking at each other at all… and I want it to be more about the two of them. They also seem a touch out of sync on occasion. They dance it well, as far as I can tell in my non-dancer brain.

But it didn't feel like Jason and Jeanine's dance last week, or anything Brandon did with Janette. Nigel says that's what he's asking for, performances like that. He pretty much says everyone else sucked but them.


Maybe I should watch it again, cause I wasn't feelin it. Ellen is happy that Nigel is that happy. They make it appealing to join the armed forces, Ellen says. She loved it.

Okay, I'm watching it again. Ok, my roommate and I both think that separately they're doing really well, but together, there's no spark. The dancing itself is great, but I'm not feeling the chemistry between them. Anyway, back to the judges. Mary thinks it was strong, powerful, dynamic… woo! Here comes the train. Do you hear it Ellen? Ellen hears it. Mia says Laurieann doesn't dance a step unless it comes from her soul, and they went inside it and became one with the dance or something. Brandon is a powerhouse and Jeanine kept up, and Wow. Evan's solo. It's back to his cute Broadway self, except he drops his hat. He is remarkably good at what he does, people. That's the Evan I used to love. I wish he'd bring that spirit to all his dancing.Jeanine's solo. I like it. It's to "Let the Drummer Kick" and she throws in a lot of funky beats and kicks, and it's different from her normalness. Bringing it, she is. Melissa and Ade have an "emotional" contemporary piece from Tyce. It's about a woman facing breast cancer. Tyce! Sneaking into Mia territory! Let's see it, then. It's to "This Woman's Work" by Maxwell, which is a GREAT song. Melissa has a scarf on her head, and a little nightgown-looking dress. She has a great look of pain on her face, and sometimes anger. Ade is strong and it's a really beautiful piece. I'm impressed, Tyce, I normally don't like you. Melissa is in tears at the end. Nigel says it shows him why he loves dance, and he breaks too. Tyce is tearing up in the crowd too. Nigel says he'll be surprised if this piece is nominated for an Emmy next year, and it was one of the show's most memorable. He is truly truly moved, and he can't think of a better couple to have danced it, Ade's strength gave Melissa the courage to do the jumps that she did, and her maturity gave her the responsibility to carry off the routine, and together they were sensational. Tyce is losing it. Ellen has been wanting to see a taping of the show for a long time, and feels privileged that she got to witness that performance. Tyce is crying harder. Mary is crying, and says she was taken back to a scary place. She was touched deeply because they danced it beautifully.

She comments again on the trust between the two and how that made the dance so effortless and fearless and beautiful.

Mia is crying too. Really hard. She can't speak. She says she wishes she had Ade's strength for her Daddy. Oh my. Melissa was an angel. What a very beautiful number. With that and the Addiction routine from two weeks ago, this season is racking up moving pieces for me.The final solo is Brandon. He dances to "Ain't Nothin' Wrong with That," and he is shirtless, crawling across the stage, and I tell you, there's nothing wrong with that. He does this little hip move at the end that is yummy. Kayla and Jason get hip-hop with Shane Sparks to finish the show, and it's about a zombie. Shane says it they rock it right, it'll be a hot night. I sure would have liked to see these two do contemporary… but anyway. They're doing well, it's a very cool dance, it's not blowing my socks off, though. And sucks for them to follow Tyce's piece. Nigel liked it was Michael Jackson-inspired. Nigel has been a little disappointed with the hip-hop this year. He thinks the end of the show is a vast improvement over the beginning, and they were fantastic. Ellen thinks they'll have their own talk show someday if they keep dancing like that.

She loved it. Mary thinks her little puppy dog Jason got "bit by the rabies." She loved every second of it. Mia says it's her favorite piece Shane has ever done on the show, and a great performance by both of them. And that's that...

tomorrow is So You Think You Can Dance' big 100th episode, and again we'll say goodbye to one guy and one girl based on your votes. So dial it up, and we'll see you tomorrow! Set as favorite Bookmark Email this Hits: 187Comments (2) Subscribe to this comment's feed ...written by Cass, July 23, 2009 I enjoyed the 2nd dances by Jeanine & Brandon, and Kayla & Jason (their first dance too).

I actually didn't get anything out of Melissa & Ade's 2nd piece (unlike those judges and probably everyone else).

I disagree about Melissa's solo - same old stuff that she always does.

Her pointe work is weak.

I don't have any clear favorites this season - for the women, it's a 3-way tie between Jeanine, Janette and Kayla.

Kayla has really come on strong without Kupono.

For the men, I'm not quite sure who I like - Jason, Evan and Brandon each have their moments of brilliance.

I think Brandon probably does have the best contemporary technique out of them all.

Ade - boring.

+0 ...written by jesster, July 23, 2009 umm..unless you're counting their opening act, the dancers performed FOUR times.

Two partner dances, a solo, and a group number adds up to four, not five.

I also don't understand all the Ade love either.

Though he can move, I don't find him all that interesting and the musicality just isn't there.

I do feel the love the Jeanine and Janette.

It might be a girls win this year unless Brandon decides to be the spoiler..

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