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Lauren Miller

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STORY TOOLS E-mail storyCommentsiPod friendlyPrinter friendlyMore Bowling Walt Steinsiek: Tice, Wodtke lead way at ErcildouneWalt Steinsiek: Miller rolls 823 series at Saint Lucie Lanes Walt Steinsiek: Rehnberg rolls 300 at Stuart Lanes Share and Enjoy [?] Dave Blomstrand Jr.

rolled games of 279, 234 and 265 for the top series of 778 in the Scholarship League last week at Saint Lucie Lanes.Steve Shepherd rolled 12 strikes in a row for a perfect 300 high game of the week in the Friday Fun league.Janet Mould had games of 215, 215 and 247 for the women's top series in the Kings and Queens, and Laura Weber rolled the high game of 261 in the Friday Fun.Jason Harrison rolled the boys top series of 724, while Peter DeRosa tossed the high game of 276, and Brittney Theiss topped the girls' scores with a 670 series and 235 game in the Scholarship League.Superplay USARobert Martel rolled the top series of 733 in the Summer Shootout league and Jon Engert Jr.

tossed the high game of the week with a 289 in the Mars vs.

Venus.Barbara Gallagher topped the women's scores with a 560 series and 213 game in the Thursday Mixed.Chris Reid had the boys top series of 518, while Nychele White led the girls with a 553 series and 201 game in the Junior Trios.Warren Vorreyer rolled the boys top game of 268 in the YouthAdult Scholarship league.NotebookThe Junior Team USA dominated Masters match play Saturday, sweeping the boys and girls gold and silver medals while also taking a boys bronze at the 2009 Pan American Bowling Confederation Youth Championships in Bogota, Colombia.Kristie Petravich of West Palm Beach, defeated Christine Bator of Warren, Mich., 2-0, to take the girls title, while Jake Peters of Decatur, Ill., beat Daniel Spink of St.

Louis 2-1 to win the boys gold medal.In all, the squad won eight gold medals, eight silver, and three bronze for a total of 19 medals.Note scores are in this order: Men's high game and series, women's high game and series, boys' high game and series (where applicable).Saint Lucie LanesSenior Sail Away: Ferdinand Schanz 192; Richard Nowacki 508.

Marie Nowacki 190; Johanna Schanz 479.Old Timers: Sal Mastrianno 204; Sal Mastrianno 513.

Dottie Williams 195; Dottie Williams 429.On The Ball: Michael Muscanara 170; Michael Muscanara 456.

Melissa Goodrich 213; Melissa Goodrich 562.Friday Fun: Steve Shepherd 300; Steve Shepherd 711.

Laura Weber 261; Laura Weber 657.Kings and Queens: Dave Staton 289; Darin Patterson 757.

Janet Mould 247; Janet Mould 677Savanna Club: Hank Miller 248; Hank Miller 676.

Cathy Hornby 223; Cathy Hornby 544.Monday Mixups: Greg Bender 255;Greg Bender 734.

Sylvia Tucker 204; Sylvia Tucker 532.Tuesday Duos: Doug Moore 276; Doug Moore 749.

Phyllis Marino 220; Danielle Hurd 567.Too Hot To Golf: Dave Blomstrand Sr.

268; Andy Desalvo 686.

Carol Weitkamp 213; Barbara Francis 540.Saint Lucie Strikers: Billy Souligne 209; Billy Souligne 502.

Talona Rerner 147; Stephanie Gomulka 355.United Way: David Black 209; David Black 571.

Cheryl Gerren 205; Cheryl Gerren 532.Spanish Lakes: Anthony Quartuccio 199; Jack Zaug 493.

Celine Rochefort 188; Celine Rochefort 490.Riverfront Tigers: Jim Adams 234; Jim Adams 587.

Judy Padrta 194; Sharon Laperle 494.Scholarship League: Dave Blomstrand Jr.

279, Wayne Edwards 279; Dave Blomstrand Jr.


Laura Weber 246; Michelle Doohan 674.

Peter DeRosa 276, Jason Harrison 276.

Jason Harrison 724.

Brittney Theiss 235; Brittney Theiss 670.Adult Child Day Trip: Charles Balash 233; Bob Miller 626.

Carol Ausborn 234; Carol Ausborn 645.

Peter DeRosa 278; Peter DeRosa 677.

Kimberly Rahuba 167; Kimberly Rahuba 493.Yacht Club: Jim Crosslin 196; John Knudsen 496.

Trudy Knudsen 178; Trudy Knudsen 451.Senior Men's Handicap Doubles (week 13): Johnny Campbell 279; Johnny Campbell 486.Senior Men's Handicap Doubles (week 14): Ken Hess 259; Andy Desalvo 502.Handicap Trios: Curtis Randolph 290; Arthur Sands Jr.


Michelle Doohan 215; Michelle Doohan 547.Sparemakers: Michelle Doohan 240; Michelle Doohan 626.Girl Scouts: TJ Sciorrino 114; TJ Sciorrino 198.

Kristin Sak 110; Kristin Sak 217.Saint Lucie Juniors: Billy Vasiliadis 275; Billy Vasiliadis 680.

Kimberly Rahuba 182; Kimberly Rahuba 527.Superplay USABowl Bash: Al Reese 166; Melvin Flournoy 486.Tammy Crandel 165; Midge Heins 466.Youth-Adult Scholarship: Joe Stelly 235; Joe Stelly 631.

Susan Arnold 163; Carole Imondi 457.Warren Vorreyer 268; Daniel Burton 425.

Charlotte Grose 177.Kings Isle I and II: Dan Seymour 214; Giulio Setteducatti 559.

Ann Lwowski 211; Ann Lwowski 515.City Of Port St.

Lucie: Jason Walker 221; Corey Bucek 555.

Hannah Melton 168; Hannah Melton 430.Mars vs.

Venus: Jon Engert Jr.

289; Jon Engert Jr.


Crystal Neikirk 206; Linda Greenstein 540.Fairways Wednesday: Joe Zachar 253; Joe Zachar 623; Ann Carinci 171; Nancy Dixon 496.Thursday Mixed: James Hochhauser 247; Joe Caudle 590.

Barbara Gallagher 213; Gail Crews 560.Friday Night Mixed: Paul Castello III 266; Paul Castello III 715.

Shonie Gallegos 209; Shonie Gallegos 576.Bowling, Pizza and Beer: John Cartee 169; John Cartee 482.

Lauren Miller 179; Lauren Miller 490.Indian River: Jim Miller 217; Bob Russo 583.

Marie Byron 183; Norma Brousseau 472.Lake Charles: Robert Miller 256; Robert Miller 666.

Carol Salisbury 158; Sandy Neri 389.Summer Shootout: Chuck Gardner 279; Robert Martel 733.

Gillian Doherty 144; Gillian Doherty 409.Summer Cruise league: Steven Henke 265; Steven Henke 677.Superplay's Crew: Brandon Rollins 168; Jon Walborn 281.Madagascar: Levi Sunders 122; Levi Sunders 218.

Delano Carter 84; Delano Carter 145.Superplay Home Schoolers: Michael Stangarone 135; Michael Stangarone 352.

Brooklyn Goodrich 135; Brooklyn Goodrich 366.Summer Junior Trios: Josh Olaivar 205; Chris Reid 518.

Nychele White 201; Nychele White 553.Walt Steinsiek's bowling column runs on Wednesday.

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