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Lab Equipment:

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Lab equipment: Global Nanotech Equipment provides high quality new Material and Lab Equipment, used, 2nd hand, rebuilt and refurbished Metrology Equipment(CD-SEM. FESEM, SEM, FIB),Electronic Test Equipment and other semiconductor equipment ,quartz, ceramic,silicon carbide,silicon parts.(; [email protected])Global Nanotech Equipment is a leading supplier for high quality new Material and Lab Equipment in the world. You may find almost every desktop machine needed in material research at affordable cost. If you need setting up a materials research laboratory, Please visit our websites or contact Global Nanotech Equipment by e-mail for more information in detail .Our experts will find a solution for you that is within your budget. Combining more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in material research, we design and build all types of lab equipment for researchers, including Tube Furnaces (1-5 Zone),Muffle Furnaces (400-1800C), Hi-Pressure Furnace, RTP Furnaces, Lab Ovens / Hot Plates,Dental Sintering Furnaces, Melting Furnaces, Induction heaters&CZ grower,Cutting / Dicing Saws, Polishing Machines,Desktop Machine-shop, Film Coaters, Glove Box,Lab Press & Rollers, Laboratory Mill / Mixer,Battery / Capacitor Analyzers, Desk-Top X-Ray Instruments, Digital Microscopes, DI Water / Ultrasonics, Digital Lab Balances, UV Equipment & Adhesives, Lab Ware / Accessory, Round Wafer Carriers, Sticky & Film Boxes, IC Tray & Plastic Boxes,Vacuum Pen&Tweezers.. [Press Ctrl+F to search for a specific text]Cutting / Dicing Saws Diamond Blade Saws EQ-MT-5 EQ-MT-4 EQ-MT-200 EQ-QG-50 EQ-SYJ-150 EQ-SYJ-160 EQ-SYJ-200 EQ-EC-400 Diamond Wire Saws EQ-SXJ-2 EQ-STX-402 EQ-STX-603 EQ-STX-1202 Polishing Machines Double Sides Polishing Machine EQ-Unipol-160D 3" - 6" Polishing machines EQ-Unipol-300 8" -10" Polishing machines EQ-Unipol-800 EQ-Unipol-801 EQ-Unipol-802 EQ-Unipol-820 EQ-Unipol-830 EQ-PF-2-1 EQ-PJ-D3 12" -15" Polishing Machines EQ-Unipol-1202 EQ-Unipol-1210 EQ-Unipol-1501 EQ-Unipol-1502 EQ-PF-4-1V Desktop Machine-shop EQ-Unipol-800 EQ-MT-5 EQ-MT-4 EQ-MR-500-Roll EQ-MT-115 EQ-SL4400-Lathe EQ-SL5400-Milling EQ-MT-20K EQ-MR-400 EQ-MR100-Roll Muffle Furnaces (400-1800C) 400-1200C Max. Muffle Furnaces heated by Electric Resistance Wire EQ-KSL-FB1318M EQ-CMF-1100X-110V EQ-CMF-1100X-220V EQ-KSL-1100X EQ-KSL-1100X-PC EQ-KSL-1100XM EQ-KSL-1100XL EQ-CF-1200X-110V EQ-CF-1200X-240V EQ-VBF-1200D8 EQ-DHG-9000J EQ-VBF-1200X EQ-CVF-1300T 1300-1500C max. Muffle Furnaces Heated by SiC Heating Elements EQ-CMF-1500T EQ-KSL-1400XS EQ-KSL-1400X-A2 EQ-KSL-1400X-A2B EQ-KSL-1400X EQ-KSL-1400X-A4 1700C Max. Muffle Furnaces Heated by MoSiO2 Heating Elements EQ-CMF-1700T EQ-KSL-1700X-PC EQ-KSL-1700X EQ-KSL-1700X-A1B EQ-KSL-1700X-A2 EQ-KSL-1700X-A3 EQ-KSL-1700X-A4 1800C - 2200C Max. Muffle / Chamber Furnaces EQ-CMF-1800T EQ-KSL-1800X EQ-KSL-1800X-A2 EQ-HVF-2200G-80 EQ-HVF-2100W-60 EQ-SPS-5-10 Tube Furnaces (1-5 Zone) 250 -1200C Tube Furnaces ( 1" - 10" Diameter Processing Tube ) Solid Tube Furnaces (1" - 10" processing tube with flange ) EQ-GSL-1100X-110 EQ-GSL-1100X1-110V EQ-GSL-1100X1-220V EQ-GSL-1100X2-220V EQ-GSL-1100X2-110V EQ-VBF-1200D8 EQ-VBF-1200X EQ-GSL-1100X6 EQ-GSL-1100X8 Split Single Zone Tube Furnaces (1" - 5" Dia. precessing tube with flange) EQ-OTF-1200X-S25-110V EQ-OTF-1200X-S50-110V EQ-OTF-1200X-25 EQ-OTF-1200X-60 EQ-OTF1200X60-UV EQ-OTF900X60-UV EQ-OTF900X80-UV-1 EQ-OTF-1200X-80 EQ-OTF-1200X-Z1C1 EQ-OTF-1200X-PC EQ-OTF-1200X-4 EQ-OVF-1200X-3 EQ-OTF-1200L-80 EQ-OTF-1200L-100 EQ-OTF1200L-125 Multi-Zone Split Tube Furnaces (2 - 3 zone tube furnaces ) EQ-OTF-1200X2-II EQ-OTF-1200X3-II EQ-OTF-1200X4-II EQ-GSL-1100X8-II EQ-OTF-1200L-IIIS EQ-OTF-1200L3-III EQ-OTF-1200L4-III EQ-OTF-1200L5-III EQ-GSL-1200X6-III EQ-GSL-1200X8-III EQ-GSL1200X11-III RTP Furnace ( single zone upto 1100C ) EQ-RTP-1000D4 EQ-RTP-1000D4HV EQ-RTP-1000D4LV EQ-RTP1000-LV3C EQ-RTP1000-HV3C Tube furnaces with Gas mixing and vacuum system EQ-OTF1200X80-Z1C3LV EQ-OTF-1200X80-Z2C3LV EQ-OTF-1200X80-Z3C3LV EQ-RTP1000-LV3C EQ-RTP1000-HV3C EQ-OTF1200X5-III-SF EQ-GSL-1100X8 EQ-OTF-1200X80-HVC2 EQ-OTF-1200X100-HVC2-1 EQ-OTF-1200X80-HVC3 EQ-OTF-1200X4-III-HVC4 EQ-OTF-1200X4-III-9HV EQ-GSL-1600X100-HVC2 EQ-GSL-1700X-80-HVC9 EQ-PECVD2-4LV Vertical Tube Furnaces EQ-VQF-1100C-110V EQ-VQF-1100X2-220V EQ-VQF-1100X2-110V EQ-VBF-1200D8 EQ-VBF-1200D8P EQ-OVF-1200X-3 1300 -1500C Single Zone Compact Tube Furnace (1- 2" Dia. Processing Tube heated by SiC ) EQ-GSL-1500X-40 EQ-GSL-1500X-50 EQ-GSL-1400X-40 1600-2400C Max. Single Zone Tube Furnaces, (1" - 4" Dia. Processing tube Heated by MoSi2 elements) EQ-GSL-1600S-60 EQ-GSL-1600X-40 EQ-GSL-1600X-50 EQ-GSL-1600X-80 EQ-GSL-1600X-100 1700C Single Zone Tube Furnaces EQ-GSL-1700S-60 EQ-GSL-1700X-60 EQ-GSL-1700X-80 EQ-GSL-1700X80-PC EQ-GSL-1700X-100 1800C - 2400C Single Zone Tube Furnaces EQ-GSL-1800S-60 EQ-GSL-1800X-60 EQ-GSL-1800X-80 EQ-GSL-2000X-25 EQ-HPT-1900X-25 EQ-HVF-2200G-80 EQ-HVF-2100W-60 High Temperature Vertical Furnace (1600 - 1700C) EQ-VTF-1600X EQ-VTF-1700L-100 EQ-VTF-1700X-80 Multi-Zone Tube Furnace ( 2-3 Zones, 1400 - 17000C ) EQ-SWGL-1600X80 EQ-SWGL-1700X60 EQ-SWGL-1700X80 EQ-TZL-1700X60 EQ-TZL-1700X80 Multi-Zones Tube Furnaces, ( 2 - 5 Zones from Max 1200C to 1800C ) Two Zone Tube Furnaces EQ-OTF-1200X2-II EQ-OTF-1200X3-II EQ-OTF-1200X4-II EQ-GSL-1100X8-II EQ-SWGL-1600X80 EQ-SWGL-1700X60 EQ-SWGL-1700X80 Three Zones Tube Furnaces EQ-OTF-1200L-IIIS EQ-OTF-1200L3-III EQ-OTF-1200L4-III EQ-OTF-1200L5-III EQ-GSL-1200X6-III EQ-GSL-1200X8-III EQ-GSL1200X11-III EQ-TZL-1700X60 EQ-TZL-1700X80 Five Zones Tube Furnaces EQ-OTF-1200X-V Tube Furnaces with Vacuum & Gas Delivery Systems for CVD & PECVD Tube Furnace with High Vacuum System EQ-MT-HVS EQ-PV-HVS EQ-GSL-1600X80-HV EQ-VGS-3F EQ-OTF1200X80-Z1C3LV EQ-OTF-1200X80-Z2C3LV EQ-OTF-1200X80-Z3C3LV EQ-OTF1200X5-III-SF EQ-GSL-1600X-100-Z1C3LV Tube Furnace with High Vacuum & Gas Mix System by MFC EQ-VGS-2Z EQ-VGS-3Z EQ-OTF-1200X80-HVC2 EQ-OTF-1200X100-HVC2-1 EQ-OTF-1200X80-HVC3 EQ-OTF-1200X4-III-HVC4 EQ-OTF-1200X4-III-9HV EQ-GSL-1600X100-HVC2 Q-GSL-1700X-80-HVC9 Plasma Enhanced CVD Tube Furnaces (PECVD) and Related Devices EQ-PECVD2-4LV RTP Furnace ( 1-4" processing tube upto 1100C) EQ-RTP-1000D4 EQ-RTP-1000D4HV EQ-RTP-1000D4LV EQ-RTP1000-LV3C EQ-RTP1000-HV3C High Pressure Tube Furnaces, ( 400 - 2000 C, upto 3000 PSI) EQ-HPF-800 EQ-HPF-1000X60 EQ-HPF-1100X55 EQ-HPT-1900X-25 Rotary Tube Furnaces ( 4" - 11" processing tube upto 1100C) EQ-RF1200X90 EQ-RF1200Z2 EQ-RF900X12 Hi-Pressure Furnace EQ-HPF-800 EQ-HPF-1000X60 EQ-HPF-1100X55 EQ-HPT-1900X-25 EQ-SPS-5-10 RTP Furnaces EQ-RTP-1000D4 EQ-RTP-1000D4HV EQ-RTP-1000D4LV EQ-RTP1000-LV3C EQ-RTP1000-HV3C Dental Sintering Furnaces EQ-CMF-1100X-110V EQ-CMF-1500T EQ-CMF-1700T EQ-CVF-1300T Induction heaters&CZ grower EQ-SP-15A EQ-SP-16A EQ-SP-25A EQ-SPG-6A-I EQ-SPG-6A-III EQ-SP-16BVM EQ-SP-16VIM EQ-OM-OS524E EQ-IT-6151 EQ-Cu-coil-1/4-20f EQ-SKJ-50 EQ-AM-5C20 Lab Ovens / Hot Plates Gravity Convection Ovens, Max. 220C EQ-OV-SS-00AB-240 EQ-OV-SS-00AB-110 Mechanical Convection Ovens, Max. 400C EQ-WG20-220V EQ-DZF-9013V220 EQ-DZF-9013V110 EQ-DHG-9070V110 EQ-DHG-9070V220 EQ-DHG-9140V220 EQ-DHG-9000J Vacuum Ovens, Max. 250C Max - 2200C Max. EQ-DZF-6020-110P EQ-DZF-6020-220 EQ-DZF-6020-110V EQ-DZF-6050-110V EQ-DZF-6050-220V EQ-DZF-6210 EQ-VBF-1200D8 EQ-VBF-1200D8P EQ-VBF-1200X Heating Plate and Stirring Plate, Max. 300C EQ-SH-3 EQ-SP-131320Q-230V EQ-SP-131325Q-120V EQ-HP-3040 Melting Furnaces EQ-MF-1100C2 EQ-CF-1200X-110V EQ-CF-1200X-240V EQ-VBF-1200D8 EQ-VBF-1200D8P EQ-VTF-1600X EQ-SP-16BVM EQ-SP-16VIM EQ-AM-5C20 Film Coaters Dip Coaters EQ-TL0-01-DCOAT EQ-PTL-MM02 EQ-PTL-UM01 EQ-PTL-NM01 EQ-PDC-01 EQ-HWTL-01-A EQ-PTL-UMB EQ-WPTL5-0.01 EQ-WPTL6-0.01 EQ-PL-Cable-100 Spin Coaters EQ-TC-100 EQ-VTC-100 EQ-VTC-100P-110 EQ-VTC-100P-220 EQ-VTC-200 Tape Casting / Electrode Film Coaters EQ-AFA-I EQ-AFA-III-220 EQ-TCA-01 EQ-Se-KTQ-50 EQ-Se-KTQ-100 EQ-Se-KTQ-150 EQ-Se-KTQ-150A AFC-200 CVD / PECVD Coating EQ-OTF-1200X80-HVC2 EQ-OTF-1200X100-HVC2-1 EQ-GSL-1600X-100-Z1C3LV EQ-OTF-1200X80-HVC3 EQ-OTF-1200X4-III-9HV EQ-PECVD2-4LV Glove Box EQ-VGB-2 EQ-VGBTH-2 EQ-VGB-1 EQ-VGB-4 EQ-VGB-3 EQ-VGB-4PC EQ-DFN-500 EQ-RH-520 EQ-GB-Glove EQ-GB-VG EQ-SP-VC-1 EQ-GB-PCS EQ-GB-HCS EQ-GB-OA Lab Press & Rollers Hydraulic Press EQ-YLJ-15T EQ-YLJ-24T EQ-YLJ-100T EQ-YLJ-20TA EQ-YLJ-40TA EQ-YLJ-60TA Pressing Dies EQ-Die-06D EQ-Die-12D EQ-Die-18D EQ-Die-15D EQ-Die-25D EQ-Die-50D EQ-Die-25S EQ-Die-75D EQ-Die-HC Rolling Press EQ-MR-500-Roll EQ-MR300E-Roll EQ-MR-400 EQ-MR100-Roll EQ-HRP-02 EQ-HRP-01 Cold Isostatic Press CIP-15 CIP-50M Hot Press EQ-HRP-02 EQ-HRP-01 EQ-HP-58V110 EQ-HP-88V220 Coin cell Crimping EQ-Die-2016D EQ-Die-2032D EQ-MT180-2032 EQ-MT-190-20 EQ-MT-160-20 EQ-MSK-110 EQ-MT-160E precision disc cutter EQ-T06-Disc Cup Forming Machine EQ-CF-500 Laboratory Mill / Mixer Laboratory Mill & Mixer EQ-SFM-1 EQ-SFM-2 EQ-SFM-3 EQ-SFM-4 EQ-SFM-5 EQ-SFM-6 High Quality Natural Agate Mortar and Pestle EQ-OP-MTA-3 EQ-OP-MTA-4 EQ-OP-MTA-5 EQ-OP-MTA-6 EQ-OP-MA-7 EQ-MJ-500A Milling Ball & Jar EQ-YSZball EQ-SSball EQ-YSZball-S EQ-ALOball-S EQ-MJ-500 EQ-MJ-250 EQ-MJ-500A EQ-MJ-500S Battery / Capacitor Analyzers EQ-BST8-WA EQ-BST8-MA EQ-BST8-3 EQ-BST4-10A50V EQ-BST8-10A30V EQ-UBA5HV EQ-STC-19 EQ-STC-20 EQ-STC-24 EQ-3ESTC15 EQ-M9711 EQ-IT8512 EQ-BK-300 EQ-BTS-1t10 EQ-BTS-f10 Desk-Top X-Ray Instruments EQ-MD-10 EQ-DX-100 SOZero25 SiZero24D10C1 SoZero303025S2 SiZero252520S1 SiZero201815S2 SoZero303025S1 Digital Microscopes EQ-MM500T-USB EQ-MM300T-USB EQ-MS-XJM213H-3M EQ-MS-XJM413H-3M EQ-MS-ZMKZ03 EQ-MS-comp EQ-AS-SE304-PZ EQ-MS-DCM-310 EQ-MS-DCM-510 EQ-DCMA45 EQ-MS-M45 EQ-ECO-421 EQ-AS-GT100 EQ-MS-48LEDring EQ-AS-Dual-Y DI Water / Ultrasonics EQ-UL-CD-3800C EQ-VGT-1620QTD EQ-VGT-1613QTD EQ-VGT-1860QTD-110 EQ-VGT-1860QTD-220 EQ-DI-D4641 EQ-D5028 EQ-CCA1110 Digital Lab Balances EQ-Bal-IB101 EQ-Bal-iB601 EQ-Bal-VB-302A UV Equipment & Adhesives UV Equipment EQ-UV-EC500-110 EQ-UV-81485 EQ-UV-EC410 UV Adhesives Lab Ware / Accessory Agate Mortar and Pestle EQ-OP-MTA-3 EQ-OP-MTA-4 EQ-OP-MTA-5 EQ-OP-MTA-6 EQ-OP-MA-7 EQ-TA-50D-M700 EQ-TA-50D-M1000 EQ-TA-50D-M1200 EQ-TA-60D-M1200 High Purity Alumina Crucibles EQ-KSL7-05 EQ-CA-L100W20H20 EQ-CA-L100W40H18 EQ-CA-L300W40H30 EQ-CA-L50W40H20 EQ-CA-L50W20H20 EQ-CA-D25H25 EQ-CA-D50H35 EQ-CA-D40H40 EQ-CA-D60H60 EQ-CA-D100H80 EQ-CZ-D40H40 EQ-CA-D159H175 EQ-GR009g EQ-CB-G001015 EQ-CAL-25 EQ-CAL-45 EQ-CAL-65 EQ-CAL-100 EQ-QB-4284 EQ-QB-3062 EQ-QB-1062 EQ-QB-1042 EQ-QB-2025 EQ-QB-3025 EQ-QB-4025 EQ-QB-6025 EQ-QB-8025 Precison Digital Balances EQ-Bal-IB101 EQ-Bal-iB601 EQ-Bal-VB-302A Glove Boxes & Vaccum Desiccators EQ-VGB-2 EQ-VGBTH-2 EQ-VGB-1 EQ-VGB-4 EQ-VGB-3 EQ-VGB-4PC EQ-RH-520 EQ-GB-Glove EQ-GB-VG EQ-SP-VC-1 Vacuum Pens / Pumps EQ-TW-1A-220 EQ-TW-1A-110 EQ-TW-3A-220 EQ-TW-3A-110 EQ-2TW-4C-110V EQ-2TW-4C-220V EQ-DFN-500 EQ-P-2005SD EQ-P-2010C2 Ultrosonic Cleaners and D.I. Water Makers EQ-VGT-1620QTD EQ-VGT-1613QTD EQ-D5028 Rechargeable Flashlights EQ-L8913+6V1200 Micrometer Head and Translation Stages EQ-MH-250 EQ-MHD-25C EQ-MHD-50C EQ-SKCH-1 EQ-ECO-415 EQ-ECO-402 DC Motors for Laboratories EQ-DCMotor-12V EQ-DCMotor-24V EQ-MT-5400 Electrical accessories EQ-DMV-A830 EQ-DCM-UT201 EQ-AD-TF-60W EQ-TF-220110-200 EQ-TF-220110-300 EQ-TF-220110-500 EQ-TF-220110-800 EQ-CN-TFACAC01 EQ-Acapt-Allin1 EQ-USSBD22015 EQ-RDST-tape Round Wafer Carriers Single Wafer Containers SP5-S1 SP5-S2 SP5-S25 SP5-S3 SP5-S4 SP5-S6 SP5-170 EQ-SP-VC-1 Multi-Wafer containers SP5-2-25 SP5-3-25 SP5-4-25 Dust-free Wiper 100 class Wiper-yx-2001 Sticky & Film Boxes Gel Sticky Boxes SP1-5510BK/BK-LL-P33 SP1-5510T/BK-LH-P33 SP1-5510T/BK-LL-P33 SP1-5510T/T-LL-P33 SP1-7515T/T-LL SP1-7515T/BK-LL SP1-7515BK/BK-LL SP1-8512T/BK-LL-P66 SP1-8512T/T-LL SP1-12012T/T-LL SP1-12012T/BK-LL SP2-5510T/BK-LL-P33 SP2-5510T/T-LL-P33 Membranes Film Boxes SP3-3818 SP3-4516 SP3-7512 SP3-8018 SP3-100 SP3-16030 Smart Carrying Box for Rods SP8-19038-T/BK SMY-D3-D8 EQ-SP-VC-1 IC Tray & Plastic Boxes Plastic Foam Module Carrier SP4-8512T/BK-1 SP4-8512T/BK-H SP4-12012T/BK SP4-12030T/BK SP4-18060T/T Die / IC Trays NH20-Cover NH20-C5 NH20-CS NH20-20-20-15 NH20-48-46-22 NH20-90-80-24 NH20-105-110-28 NH20-210-210-24 NH20-280-280-30 NH20-300-300-30 NH20-411-411-30 NH20-480-510-30 EQ-SP-VC-1 Vacuum Pen&Tweezers EQ-TZR-5-SA EQ-TZR-2A-SA EQ-EVP-V20 EQ-TZR-2AB-SA EQ-TZR-OO-SA EQ-TZR-OOD-SA EQ-SMT-150C EQ-SMT-72-NORMAL EQ-SMT-72-ESD Wiper-yx-2001 DS-01 [Press Ctrl+F to search for a specific text]
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