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Kovacs Brothers

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Jillian Harris visited five of the guys' hometowns on episode 7 of The Bachelorette.

(ABC screencap)On Monday's Bachelorette, Jillian Harris started out with the best of intentions.

Meeting a guy's family is a huge step.

And after all, this would ultimately bring her closer to finding that one, true love she went on reality TV to find.First on the chopping block is realtor Reid Rosenthal and his hometown visit.

Jillian flew to Philadelphia on what looks like a private plane.

Sitting down on a park bench, she and Reid start off the day with an awkward kiss.

Oddly enough, germaphobe Reid didn't reach for the Purell once.At his family's abode, viewers can immediately tell what Reid sees in Jillian.

Lighten Jilli's hair and add a couple decades to her face and you've got Reid's classy, realtor mom.

Mom talks with Jillian about real estate, telling her she'd fit right into the family business as an interior designer.

And hey--if things don't work out with Reid, maybe she'll at least get a few jobs from the Rosenthals.

While dad doesn't say much, Reid's mom also drops that he's great with kids and says she hopes he settles down and has some soon.

Jillian shows off her momma skills by holding a kid on her lap.On to the second hometown date, where Jillian meets Michael the breakdancer's family.�Jillian knocks on the door, and Michael is so excited he pees in his pants a little (again).

He promptly runs away from her, wags his tail in excitement and then mauls her with a so-excited-to-see-you(!) hug.

�When Jillian survives the meet and greet, we realize there are not one, but two Michaels.

Not quite, but it is his twin brother Steve.Meeting Michael's parents is a breeze.

Brother Steve takes Jillian outside and assures her that Michael is ready to take that next step.

As he puts it, "My brother and I have always known from a young age that we wanted to get married young, so we could enjoy time with our wives before we have kids." And while Mom talks to Jillian in the kitchen, the two pranksters try to pull a fast one on the bachelorette upstairs.

Oh boy, oh boy! Michael goes upstairs and shaves off his stubble and the two swap shirts so they can try to look like each other.

As soon as Steve walks downstairs in Michael's shirt, Jillian calls his bluff.

Dang--we didn't even get to her kiss the wrong guy.

Not that she's kissing Michael all the time anyway.

During dinner,�Michael's sister shows up late, saying she flew in all the way from Australia to be on TV meet Jillian.

Michael says his sister's approval means as much to him as his parents'.

In a heartfelt goodbye, Michael sends off Jillian at the end of the night with a kiss.

You can tell he wants their relationship to be so much more than it is, but she's not sticking around for any hot tub time.Someone who does make it into the hot tub with Jillian is Kiptyn (lip)Locke.

In his hometown of Encinitas, Kiptyn introduces Jillian to his well-off mom and stepdad and their huge-as-life house.

Sophistication is key here, and for the first time, Jillian is worried that she might not fit in.

Before they do anything else, Kiptyn's stepdad says Jillian must undergo a little initiation they've prepared for her.

Nervous about this, she follows the family outside where they have prepared two lasagnas and poured several glasses of wine.

It's up to Jillian to pick out the best lasa and pair it with the most appropriate glass of booze.

She says she's a foodie at heart, and this should be easy enough.

Jillian aces the Garfield challenge, which is great news.

Now Kiptyn's mom says she'll fit in with the family.

What a relief.

Now she can rest easy.After dinner, Kip's mom sits Jillian down for some more quality time--and another test! She asks Jillian the strangest questions ever for someone who's simultaneously dating five guys.

"Is there something you'd change about yourself, so that you could be better for Kiptyn?" Jillian mutters something about working too hard for love ("They say that looovve, it don't come e-e-zay.") and mother approves.

Doesn't keep mom from eyeing the hot tub like a hawk after Kip and Jilli make their way out to soak under the night sky.

Make out, make out, make out.

Next.The next date is at Jesse's California winery.

The dates feel quite rushed this season (saving time for dramatic returns), but nothing truly noteworthy happens at Jesse's hometown, unless you count Jesse's "honey boo bear" comment.

During their alone time, Jesse asks Jillian if there's anything she needs to know from him.

She asks if he's ready.

No answer, which should be Jillian's answer.

But she hops on Jesse's tractor to tour the vineyard before meeting up with his parents and overprotective brother Jacob, co-owner of Kovacs Brothers Winery.

Jesse's mountain man brother is the main instigator here, grilling Jillian about her intentions.

Jacob gives Jesse a hard time for falling for a girl, and especially for thinking he might have kids in the next five years.

What about the family business? After a heart-to-heart, Jesse's bro warms to Jillian, and all is well.

She has a great time rocking out with the Kovacs family band in the living room, and calls it a night.Traveling to Austin, Jillian puts on her country girl jean jacket and gets ready for a good time with Wes Hasbeen.

She is super-excited to meet Wes's family because she can see herself fitting in with them the most.

The musician meets Jillian for a hug, with running and squealing on her part and mild politeness on his.

Jillian says she's totally crazy about Wes, and wants to know how he feels.

"I need you all to myself." Uh...

that didn't answer the question.

Either this guy doesn't like Jillian at all, or he's getting a terrible edit.Next up, the country singer gives her a spiel about having two families, and needing to introduce her to both.

When she realizes the first family she'll meet is his very own band, this girl is stoked.

Her own private concert with the Wes Hayden crew! The guy promises her a copy of his CD before she leaves (note that he mentions his CD again).

After playing a group number, Wes takes the stage alone to play Jillian her song that he wrote for her.

Swooning on her part.

Meanwhile, Wes's voiceis dubbed over his own performance, and he goes on and on about how playing music is his livelihood, even his "church." No woman could ever compare with the feeling of being onstage and performing.

That's career 2 points, Jillian 0, in case you were keeping score.Elsewhere in Austin, Jake the pilot is preparing for his dramatic return.

He's got insider info, and that's enough to get him a hotel room down the hall from Jillian and some more time on camera.

But should he do it? In a moment of self-doubt, Jake picks up Zack Morris's cell phone and calls Tanner P.

to see if he's doing the right thing by tattling.

After all, Tanner's a guy known for his great judgment, such as which underwear to don before dropping his pants on cue, or which nail polish to use for a pedicure.Jillian is in her room waiting for Wes.

But it's Jake at the door.

Happy to see him, allbeit confused, Jillian thinks she's got some 'splaining to do.

But Jake isn't here to win her back.

Why is he here? She waits for him to spit it out for a good 15 seconds.

"Just give it to me...Wes doesn't love me.

Wes is here for his career.

Wes is gay.

I can take it," she prods.

"Wes has a girlfriend.

Her name's Laurel," Jake replies.

He's heard Wes talk about Laurel on three separate occasions.

As reality sinks in, Jillian's smile turns upside down.

She goes over their conversations in her mind, where she asked him to be real with her.

Is Jillian coming to her senses? Jake leaves, and Jillian prepares for Wes's arrival.Instead of shocking him into some kind of honest moment, Jillian prolongs the inevitable by asking Wes, "Is there anything you need to tell me?" He looks confused.

So she tells him the whole story, which he cleverly denies, saying Laurel is an ex who will always be one of his girl friends.

Crying and confused, Jillian sucks it up and goes on the family visit.

Oddly enough, Wes's family says he's good as gold and would never lie.

Assuming these are his real sisters and real mom (not paid actors), this guy's got a superb support system at home.

Jillian leaves Wes's house believing in his integrity.The day of the rose ceremony, Jillian is in her hotel room getting ready.

"I can't take any more surprises," she confesses.

Ding-dong.�Guess who's at the door? A surprise.

In walks�Ed,�the bachelor who left the show willingly to go back to his job.

Realizing he's made a mistake, the technology consultant asked Jillian for another chance.

Shocked at his return, she's still happy to see him and smiles as Ed caresses her hand.

She tells Ed to come to the rose ceremony that night, but worries that it won't be fair to the other guys who've been here for her all this time.Chris Harrison talks with Jillian about the rose ceremony, where she'll have to send 2 of the 6 home, now that Ed's added to the mix.

She's unsure if she can move Ed forward, not having met his family yet.

The decisions are getting tougher, but Jillian knows what she has to do.

The roses go to:�ReidKiptynEdWes�In a sad goodbye, Jesse�approaches Jillian and barely says a word.

In his exit interview, he says he was confident he'd get a rose and didn't expect to be going home.

The guy's family may have given him a bad rep, for being too closed-off relationally.�Michael�takes the news a lot harder, saying that he just wants to tell Jillian she's beautiful, and so much more.

He's crying again, harder than Jason Mesnick cried over the balcony when he had to let Molly go.

After all, the guy had a "straight-up crush on the girl." He's crushed.Back in the winner's circle, Jillian tells the remaining four guys that they'll all be going to Spain, a place filled with everything she loves.

The previews for next week's episode make it look like Wes finally slips and tells Jillian he has a girlfriend.

"My girlfriend....Uh, I mean EX-girlfriend." Will she wise up to his schemes, or is the bachelorette just ready to take this country boy to the fantasy suites?follow BachelorNews at
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