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Koop Island Blues

Koop Island Blues

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Asuka and Vitolio take on a Mandy Moore "thrash rocker jazz" routine (their words, not mine).

They dance to "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar.

I don't find this routine all that memorable.

However, Nigel said it was fantastic.

He said it included simple steps, but that they did the work.


Mary says it was really good, but it wasn't "holy smokes!" She says certain things weren't synchronized, and she expected a bit more.

She liked how they "got" the character and how they are growing as a partnership.

Toni says they have the potential to develop into a powerful couple.

Toni talks about how Vitolio carried Asuka in a macho, sexy way.

She tells them to not let their technique get in the way of their emotions (that comment is spot-on).Melissa and Ade do a Tony Meredith rumba.

I LOVED their routine last week, so I have high hopes for them this week.

It's to "Emotion" by Destiny's Child.

I'm not a big rumba fan, but I think they danced this pretty well.

Adei is awesome.

Nigel starts by complementing Melissa's body and the way she carries herself.

Then, he breaks out the pun: "What a difference Ade makes." Hee! He says they did well.

Mary says what they are selling, she is buying.

She says her rumba walks and glances were believable and in tune.

She says Ade was grooving while some ballroom dancers look stiff.

"I saw what was going on there; yes, I did!" she screams.

Toni says it was beautifully done, and that the ballet training paid off.

She says the couple was hot because Tony was hot during his own competitions.Janette (who would be working in a bank as a loan processor if she weren't a dancer?!) and Brandon are coming off their disco high for a rock-and-roll-meets-hip-hop routine to "What a World" by Common.

It's definitely one of the better hip-hop routines we've seen this season.

I love how expressive they both are -- they totally sell it.

Nigel says it's like a "junior all-stars 50 Cent and Cher." Ha! He says Brandon impressed him with his hip-hop, and Janette with her rock.

(Brandon is totally proving Mia Michaels wrong, no?) They get a "well done." Mary says she thinks they really hit it.

She says she's very proud of them, then screams.

Toni says the juxtaposition of the rock and hip-hop was strategic on the choreographer's part and good for the couple.

She complements their connection, then Nigel interrupts and asks if Toni had similar tights back in the day.

She says she had to use scissors to cut holes in them.Kayla and Kupono are paired up for the first time this week, and they're doing a Viennese waltz by Jean-Marc Genereux.

They dance to Jewel's "Sweet Dreams for You." It's a very liberal waltz, but very, well, sweet.

It had wonderful flow.

They're gorgeous as a couple.

Nigel said they're not going to get a hundred rounds of applause, but that the routine was very beautiful.

He says he's not sure people will stand and cheer, buit, of course, then the audience does.

Mary says: "That was no nightmare!" She says it was believable and endearing.

She adds that it wasn't even close to ballroom, though, but that was OK.

She offers a bit of criticism about Kupono's steps.

Then ...

Mary puts them on the hot tamale train.

Surprise! She says she never yells for a waltz, but that they deserve it.

Toni really liked the routine, but that by allowing no shoes in a waltz, Jean-Marc is pushing the envelope.

"Miss, you are something else," she says about Kayla.

She's amazed they are a new partnership.Randy and Evan are doing a Mia Michaels contemporary routine.

Randy's butt gets attention during practice (and during the routine).

The idea is that Randy is almost like a "poodle" (sexy and sophisticated), and Evan is captivated by that.

They dance to "Koop Island Blues" by Koop featuring Ane Brun.

I adore the routine.

It's so fabulous, yet simple.

Nigel offers a lot of "there wasn't a X, but ...".

But! Butt! He says that a simple routine that you can follow through as a story will make everyone talk about it the next morning.

Mary says she wasn't hypnotized by just "the butt." She says they were terrific, and that it was one of the best numbers tonight.

She says the dance has made her finally see Evan as a leading man.

Toni says the choreography didn't become the star -- that they lived up to it.

Toni says Mia was phenomenal, and so were they.Caitlin (who would want to be a broadcast journalist if she weren't dancing -- another wannabe reporter!) and Jason will do a Jean-Marc Genereux paso doble.

The music is Carmina Burana.

They're not joking around! It's not particularly a crowd-pleaser, in my opinion, but it seems strong.

Plus, the way the camera films it, in circles, it's making my dizzy to the point that I can't really tell if I love it.

I'm going to defer to the judges on this one.

Nigel says the music is so passionate, but that Jason wasn't performing to Caitlin; he was performing to the audience.

But, he says, a lot of the things they did were exceptionally well.

He says Caitlin's lines and flow are very good.

Good job overall, he adds.

Mary says it was a strong performance.

She says Jason wasn't as strong and in character as he could have been.

She adds that Caitlin's jump at the beginning was magnificent.

Toni says she liked that even though the style wasn't always working, they kept performing it; they kept living with the music.

What? But, hey, she thought it was really good.

Last are Jeanine and Phillip, who wants to be an inventor.

He researches on the Web.

(We see him looking at Wikipedia.

Ha!) They're performing to "Moses" from Singin' in the Rain, complete with a couch as a prop.

It's 10 times more entertaining than Asuka and Vitolio's Broadway routine from the Top 20 episode.

Phillip rips his pants!!! and does an impressive jump over the couch.

Nigel says they needed to bring personality to the routine; Jeanine did, he says, but Phillip needs to bring a bit more.

Mary says she's allergic to down feathers, but she "wasn't allergic to that routine" (groan).

She expected it to be a nightmare for Phillip, but it wasn't.

His steps got a bit weak toward the end, though.

She says Jeanine was fabulous.

Toni thought the dance was adorable, but it didn't rise to that extra level.

She said they were better as a couple this week than last week.

She admits that "it's the luck of the draw" when it comes to the couple, the choreography and the music.

That's for sure.Who do you think is in the bottom three? I'm going to go with Karla and Jonathan, Asuka and Vitolio and maybe Caitlin and Jason? I still think voters love Phillip too much.��,0,5102775.storylink
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