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Just Married

Just Married

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Login to leave comment, or create a nickname and avatar26 comments to "Just Married!" (RSS feed) Zonnetje says â€" reply to this1Sounds kinda cute ^^ First? zaniac01 says â€" reply to this2I think it is really sweet and low key for a second wedding.

they did it the way they wanted.

good for them.

for our 10th anniversary I am just doing a finger foods cocktail party, with similar foods.

so who cares.

if you like it; its your party.

Long Dong Connery says â€" reply to this3fucking first UrMajestyMsG says â€" reply to this4Peretzel, u know not everyone wants a uptight stuffy ass wedding that they have to pay hundred's of thousands or millions of dollars to show off at…if corn dogs and lemonade makes them happy then who gives a fuck, its their wedding, not the guests..and i give him props for not having liquor if he is trying to stay sober…so STFU…i think u've made an ass out of urself enough last week to take a break for a couple days, or do u like having ur foot in ur mouth??? LizardKinG says â€" reply to this5YOU KNOW HE FOUND A CURE FOR CANCER TOO.

brainchild says â€" reply to this6Val was there because she's just happy to be rid of him!! Long Dong Connery says â€" reply to this73 way…………..

) Cute Posion says â€" reply to this8You're a shithead.

For the love of Christ,if this is the way they wanted the wedding to be,then let them be.

I assume this is unclassy,but the way GaGa dresses is just "faboosh",right? Go get a life,retard! brainchild says â€" reply to this9did they take out the red M&M's??? comet1989 says â€" reply to this10wow, i'm impressed.

So many "rockers" think it necessary to get wasted and live the iconic rock n' roll selfdestructive lifestyle to be considered a real rocker.

sayrah999 says â€" reply to this11Come on perez, you know Eddie destroyed his liver with his drinking.

It's a great thing that he can find ways to celebrate other than with drinking.

mememe3 says â€" reply to this12she looks like ali lohan for real.

like not a future ali lohan.

hell, she even looks a bit younger than ali.

BigDuke6 says â€" reply to this13Read the whole story Mario:"Non-Alcoholic Bar At 7:30 guests were served appetizers such as mini hamburgers and corn dogs, roasted garlic-parmesan, French fries, and an assortment of nonalcoholic beverages from the lemonade bar.

Later on, diners were treated to organic fare such as heirloom tomatoes, baby arugula salad, Niman Ranch Filet Mignon, orange and rosemary glazed grilled chicken, Mojito-marinated prawns and grilled vegetables.The simple, elegant wedding cake was layered with white chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream and decorated with white hydrangeas.

The bride and groom toasted with non-alcoholic French Sparkling Apple Cider and Sparkling Pear Juice honoring Eddie's year and a half of sobriety."Why do you try to make everyone look like an ass? Are you that unhappy and bitter that you have to put down other people? redrory says â€" reply to this14Congrats to one of my all time heroes and a living rock legend.

Sounds like the wedding was a blast and sweet cause Val B was there too:) straight eye for the queer guy says â€" reply to this15He is so fug.

straight eye for the queer guy says â€" reply to this16Re: comet1989 â€" Ummm have you read his bio? blueboy says â€" reply to this17Don't rag on Mario - it's not like he actually wrote this post.

Lady_Saccharine_Sweetness says â€" reply to this18well it doesn't follow the norm but it sounds like it would have been fun! Amber Alexandria says â€" reply to this19I can't believe you're seriously mocking Eddie Van Halen.

A rock legend.

Go fuck yourself, Perez.

UrMajestyMsG says â€" reply to this20Re: Long Dong Connery â€" #7 is ur mind always in the gutter? lol @[email protected] says â€" reply to this21Glad to see him building a cozy nest.

Hopefully it will help unleash a pile of new guitar wizardry.

I just saw him play last tour (with Wolfie), and this guy has an otherworldly connection to a range of sound with his guitar that is beyond reason.

(Liver or no liver.) He takes riffs to places I've never seen anyone else go.

So many SO appreciate his skills; and that includes us musicians.

When I'm so blown away I have to sit back with my mouth open and focused so I don't miss a note, that says something to me.

Thanks! for years of that, Eddie.

sheba088 says â€" reply to this22I hope they have a wonderful life together.

Glad he kicked his demons.

Go Eddie! He is still a bad arse guitar player.

He did the beat it guitar on MJ Beat IT song.

But, everyone knew that.

Just sayin…Nice to see him happy at last! Have a good day peeps!! airisplayer says â€" reply to this23i think u r a stupid fuck…he is recovering alcoholic every thing u say pisses me off.

dave_o says â€" reply to this24homophobic racist Oogabooga says â€" reply to this25Perez, chicks come and go, but guitars last FOREVERS! paulina=dan radcliffe fan #1 says â€" reply to this26awww congrats!!! i love van halen they look like they are really in love congrats!
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