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Jk Wedding Video

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Boy, are you guys easy! Yank your chain and you all start barking! It's interesting to watch the mob mentality.

The first few comments to my previous post were mild disagreement.

Then one or two take it a bit further, and pretty soon people who would probably be perfectly polite to me if they met me in person are baying for my blood.Here's the dilemma of an internet writer: You can spend weeks writing, polishing, and editing an insightful article on a given subject â€" say, the decline of respect for Societal norms â€" post it to the internet, and then sit back and watch as… nobody… reads it.

Or, you can take something that people are searching for right this minute â€" such as the JK Wedding Dance video â€" and find a way to fit that into your column about the decline of Society, quickly now, by tomorrow people will be searching for something else… and get hate mail from a hundred people.

I suppose I could have used the "Erin Andrews peephole tape," but I didn't want to have to watch that to see if it fit my subject.Would you agree that respect â€" not just for marriage, but for all the things Society used to respect â€" is declining? Likely you would.

Did I hold up the JK wedding dance video as the prime example of that? No, I emphatically did not.

I believe I handed that award to Ellen, Zsa Zsa, and Robin.

It was not my intent to chastise Jill and Kevin for having fun.

As I said in the column, the video is fun to watch, and would have been appropriate in other circumstances.Perhaps where I went wrong was in not addressing the real problem: the religious leader who agreed to having this party (including the Chris Brown music, thanks for that, reader) in her church.

Not that I really expected a church to remain hallowed.

Just as weddings have degraded for years with skydiving weddings, scuba diving weddings, nude weddings, and worse, churches have a long history of degrading themselves with everything from rock bands to strippers.

They say it's all about getting the word out.

But it's really all about the Benjamins.Revelation chapters 17 and 18 describe a prostitute by the name of Babylon the Great.

In fact, she's not just a prostitute, she's called the "mother of whores." (Revelation 17:5, Young's Literal Translation) The original city of Babylon was famous for her diversity of religions.

There was a temple to a different god on nearly every corner.

And all the wrong, God-dishonoring beliefs of modern-day religions can be traced back to ancient Babylon.

Down through the centuries the identity of that prostitute has been variously given as the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church, even New York city.

None of those, however, fit the description right there in the book of Revelation.

She is said to prostitute herself to 'the kings of the earth,' in other words, all governments.

That does not apply to the Roman empire or any other nation, nor to the Catholic church exclusively, and certainly not to any city.

But the description fits religion as a whole.When the communists took power in Russia and formed the Soviet Union, they told the Russian Orthodox Church they could stay in business as long as they allowed their message to be censored by the government.

The church complied.

Similarly, in Hitler's Germany, most of the churches lifted their skirts and allowed the Nazis to dictate their message.

Churchgoers were told to pray for Hitler.I would be willing to bet that the lady shown officiating in the JK Wedding video was paid for her 'spiritual' services.

Most pastors are.

But here's the problem: I would assume her initial reaction to what Jill and Kevin suggested would have been to tell them that a church wasn't the right venue for that.

If she failed to voice that because of fear of their taking their business elsewhere, or did voice it but allowed herself to be won over because of the money, what does that make her? Well, how do you define prostitute?I started writing this column with the intent of trying to answer, in one fell swoop, all the haters who responded to the previous one.

Clearly I have failed to do that.

I won't abandon my principles.But I have a challenge for open-minded readers.

I challenge you to go to several different churches and ask about holding a wedding there.

I want you to be sure to ask these questions:Can I hold my wedding here even if I am not a member of your congregation?Do you charge or require a contribution for your services?What, if any, premarital counseling is offered/required? Is there a charge for that?Would you have a problem with having my wedding party dance down the aisle to my favorite song? (If they say yes, ask if a significant contribution would overcome their objections.)I'd love it if you would ask these questions at a Catholic church, a protestant church, a Jewish synagogue or temple, a mormon church, a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall, and send me your findings.To Jill and Kevin I say, my deepest apologies, I should not have said you demeaned your marriage.

I should have made it clear that you were simply given poor spiritual guidance.
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