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Jim Crowley

Jim Crowley

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" Welcome back Dennis and Callahan.

Hold on -- of putting someone to the head of the class as it were aware a -- just all call waiting patiently topless.

About this hot button issue and knees and -- him which is an apologist I apologize beg for forgiveness will talk you callers after 9 o'clock but for now -- joining is a couple lines of Sargent Jim Crowley Cambridge PD good morning sergeant Crowley how -- You what -- fine off the top I guess late I need to askew -- the chronologically wouldn't work back from last night.

What was your reaction when you heard the leader of the free world less -- at the in the press conference say the Cambridge police department acted stupidly.

And gates arrest in his home is a reminder that racism still haunts us what you think about that Jim."" Well.

Of course he's the president has stayed in I support the president.

It will points against.

I think it.

Disappointing that he waded in to witness of should be a local issue and something that is.

Really that please note here.

If he and so said to be a press conference he didn't know -- that certainly doesn't these Donald -- adjustment to."" I'd like to confirm what professor gates described as the beginning of the two of you coming together on the porch of his home in Cambridge.

He said he turned around to see an officer coming on the porch he said may I help you officer.

And then he said you said would you please step outside he refused.

He's that you ask him a second question which he refused to answer is that accurate and can you give us some details about the tone and tenor.

Of the beginning of this conversation.

Did you rush up on the porch and and and confront him a wolf the tone and tenor of your first.

Couple sentences with professor gates."" Well you know I wanna be careful not to be specific -- also not too well.

Cause any more problems -- these cities Cambridge speaking which which I understand.


I will say that.

When I first out of the -- I.

Really wasn't sure exactly what I feel.

Look at that particular people or any given -- came which.

They have experienced post break that have a date in the callers to the witness's statement mean it was part of witnesses apparently liable victims and witnesses she was right there are people which saw.

The reason I asked -- become outside.

Was not and yes because -- like with rest and it tells I didn't know what I was by myself I -- we saw in the what it was.

People break out that was from my.

Informal I have to all right.

Will likely depend on so.

I had no automotive other that we shall -- is that this gentleman could either have been one of the people breaking in or he could've been.

The -- morneau who was unaware that there were people in this house on -- right I just didn't know."" Well well professor gates.

You know Jim wants you to apologize not just apologize beg for forgiveness.

Is that apology come and anytime soon."" As I said yes that escorted by -- vector by their immediate that that.

Apology will ever come from be as early on will be as sergeant in which we apartment.

Whatever anybody else chooses to do -- in the name of the city of Cambridge which are beyond our control.

Or -- that.

I know what I did was right.

I have nothing.

-- apologized or."" Did you make any.

Mistakes did you do anything wrong did you were you did you cross any lines in your mind."" Well not only in my mind we have a professional in that conducted and -- right after the and believe they can in the it would spoke with the caller in the had a deviated from that which is acceptable and -- which.

Instead of policy there I would have been correct -- would've been."" Sort of Crowley will and you said please step outside and he refused.

He by his own accounts that you ask a second question which he refused to answer are you at liberty to tell us what that second question was that he -- I'm not answering."" Or supporting him because citizens in the police report that was released.

The the second question.

Is there anybody can with it.

It again our reasoning.

Is not -- his personal business but.

He may not know that there are people broke into his help I wanna know is there anybody else here but you're quite so.

If they get it -- would appearances but when I first.

Laid eyes on the professor.

To me in my mind thinking.

That'll accept that would break and whilst I was certain.

But his responses.

To -- who can increase the -- the outside part might safety in my inquiry about.

Is there anybody else residents.

The way not much is what he's that the but the one which he said it just seems very peculiar it even more so now they know how educated he would."" At what point did he seem irritated or agitated to you after you ask him if there's is or someone else in the house or even before that."" From the time he opened the door and it's that he was very upset.

Very put off that.

We know in the period and at at what."" chronologically did he say I'm the homeowner I'm Harvard professor gates."" Well I I believe it was it it's a point before he picked up eight.

-- this format -- was battling a number.

I don't know we've -- asking which was that you know equivocal in which we -- some are we shall we -- beaten to.

He had Dennehy he says I live here.

What I asked right -- To verify that because I'd be irresponsible like it.

Takes a word for that.

Yes I which I was reaching what it was but it.

Right hand pocket I thought well that's not an ordinary request but it is important reforms in front of but if if that's all the guy needs to comply with -- reasonable request -- But he walked it was kitchen and it's applied to Harvard University a -- eight drivers like that had stated -- That would have been helpful and but that wasn't by that I I just having -- diversity that is which.

The current that I was transmitting radio.

Is his name is so we got -- group within."" What why did you arrest them Jim."" If he was arrested.

After all on the outside of the house continuing the artery and after what multiple spoke a few more parents been.

The average person would've thought."" How many times."" I believe.

Well if he would caution in the house meaning you know compound or your voice.

Once we get outside one of the general public in the police -- there.

Two warnings.

The second it was.

Would be holding that handcuffs and Mike in in in something I really did it do what I.

The professor at any time brought that was a good result because quite quieting down in -- one backed --"" Is it heartening to note that he hasn't dispute anything essentially in the police report.

I mean even the comment that you.

Recorded when he said you know -- mama's outside.

And and and a -- you know I am intelligent -- your mess and with.

Despite the fact they'll talk to anybody in every one and and defense in defense and he has disputed these this this language.

Which is obviously confrontational which no.

Not a normal person would use to an officer who showed up at this the scene of a potential break in."" Well there's only been in this incident which is he scratched my head wondering.

-- somebody in.

Effect that I apologize.


I just was not aware oppressive heat what and when I read the -- the -- it was like I said oh.

-- act now that educate them it's still just amazed that somebody of his.

Level of intelligence.

Could stoop to such a level.

Being racist racial profiling and then.

Speak about my mother is it just.

Beyond words."" we're talk with Sargent Jim Crowley from the Cambridge police department as article I'm wondering.

Where -- cognizant were you aware of your training in these volatile situations at what point did that kick in where you said.

This is what we've been taught this is what I've taught in in some work of art classes.

I need to handle handle this in a particular manner because clearly this is getting -- sensitive nature."" Well I picked up -- in Hawaii on my training every caller who.

Most -- get directions to the public dole and the way this incident and did.

I think from the I would try to do what I had to do to protect myself to keep -- say well.

Responding to.

-- all the corporate progress."" We you have to defend your character.

Here because there's no reason I mean you didn't do anything wrong so there really no reason for you give us.

Your whole resume but tell us about your attempt to save Reggie Lewis."" Well.

It with another very important one which exists it's that is regrettable.

I was very pleased supervision recipe in nineteen like seven.

When it was all -- Initial quote somebody.

Wasn't reading it.

Is in at the time I was this week sort of like and he.

-- responded to that.

At some point during my response if somebody.

00 what was.

Although white in all -- Closely his medical history I did know of the previous.

Previous spells it what was enemies and it was going to be a serious call.

When I got you -- but I thought it was properly equipped but.

The tip that I had taken -- in.

Your bag.

Out to substitute.

Its open position.

Iran and first and the ever had."" Obviously didn't work."" No unfortunately I I really do believe that that it was probably already gone you know and looking back at it but.

Nonetheless I did whatever records to see him that would do anybody else on the situation which I have done.

You know after that particular."" How disappointing was it for you watched your department attorneys for your department stand up there in place some of the blame on you and say.

That this all the -- as we all could handle it better and you're sitting -- go on what that I do to deserve this."" Well again you know like I support my agency.

And in those statements.

I'd I'd I'd rather not comment."" Right pop up among your fellow officers and I'm guessing you're getting.

A lot of support god knows the public is supporting you maybe not the elites may not the president of the United States.

But the reaction on on message board's reaction on talk shows and just people on the street -- video on your side officer you can be sure that sergeant."" Well you -- which you.

I have -- the people whose opinion most to me that being my family my friends call it has been a tremendous amount of support and that makes.

Feel really good effective.

-- had used it quote people knocking on the door calling all out with him right.

I can sustain that I think it's -- on my -- You know what part of this apart so now.

Hated and and three children -- make.

But it is very heartening I have a great group and implement network with.

You know at some point as well but I -- it get personal bank."" Crowley evidence and testimony makes it clear even by professor gate own website.

But he raises voice screamed you called you racist called your mother in the question and said don't know you're messing -- I asked the question to expect extent did you respond in kind.

Become agitated angry or allowed yourself and -- myself of that situation ovals for -- things happen to me.

I'm not sure I can remain level headed and it is -- at any point did you respond in kind and -- at the level the professor gates had taken it."" No it you know and we are expected to.

Maintaining becomes.

Public even even members of the public world and -- and actually mean.

The first time there have been yelled at me for and the people have been through and unfortunately -- Obama but the first and the old.

Embryo and other.

As I explained my support and this happened.

There was no hint about what.

Though -- that's what.

Police officers myself included -- a -- the professor.

In this situation to resolution to the point where I told him I was leading.

In all the ethnic."" And did you ever to -- ever get your name and and that's being -- look at your badge."" He asked if my name when I first arrived when when he -- door open site or what wasn't in contained in the report.

Yes yes second time in the post which I responded well but I am not at all surprised -- investigate it doesn't we all admit.

Don't -- might have to communicate with and so it it's not surprising to me that he would get."" Quickly review what you did to accommodate and we'll see you.

You you handcuffs from the back to the front because he says the ads on an ailment you.

Went back in the house to get his pain after you put him in the cruiser you didn't put them in a wagon to put in the cruiser.

You didn't -- because he's claustrophobic Q let him go to -- room and meet with his friends and -- namely.

Would you do all that for me Jim if I were disorderly if I had -- did you like he did."" Also -- Where might I make although I don't talk about the police department the agency."" Well I I'd rather not comment on decision that somebody other than myself made.

The decision I made two.

And cut in front of the -- as I suppose anybody with a disability.

And disability or that.

It would be a reason to do that I I suppose that would is the first part of of the put it -- in the hand of somebody had just arrested.

And we did make it.

Secure wolf from you know immediate deficit itself apple -- that was the witness to a little broke the previous.

I treat everybody the same I think you know that I try to do that that's what they have a truck.

Is as we saw -- Again I think it's just regrettable that that the situation has gotten.

To this point."" A final question -- Sargent Jim rally I'm sure you've gone over this from the moment you've got the call.

To the time that you're explaining to your supervisor is what exactly happened in Cambridge.

All over and over and over again in your mind a thousand times.

What would you do differently is there one thing to things anything that you would do differently if you had to do all over again."" Maybe take flight test if it was a good thing at a."" No.

I don't think you know certainly -- have -- In my mind and as he -- And yes.

I respond.

No I really don't think so.

I regret I have.

What they apologized.


That I with the city and in which we and in the positions in the -- something like this -- A lot of good.

Working in this city to city state and -- the great job balancing many competing interests he really does -- You know with the the -- that's what I regret that this is really -- distraction.

--"" Just out of curiosity is there any dashboard camera or any other kind of recording.

That might.

Come forth in this deal that the public might find out about -- even exist in the first place."" Well the dashboard camera wouldn't be effective -- In the driveway -- word -- in oh -- that sometimes -- records audio does not.

What -- we don't happen.

Okay we don't in the city in which.

I guess you know and I.

In general traffic.

Battle one calls are recorded.

Radio transmissions recorded.

I cast is these.

The court shortly after the bird as it -- them to go back to a 00 see that -- system as well as speak with but also by -- mission.

Olbermann in real time.

Although I don't have well a while back now direct quote my first radio broadcasts.

After I was in the residence was.

Really my intent was slow to respond now because as you can imagine he grabbed a call like that those can -- tremendous.


Because of the country have a lot of resource.

I want to make sure that nobody was going you know what else what else it probably.

But it is called -- twisted -- beat they.

They write so when my first mission will be down.

And residents with somebody believes -- right here.

Every walk so that's in real time not really sure how much if he you know in the back I don't know I have.

-- If if there are making it was."" We got a call earlier an email from a cup earlier Jimmy said.

He goes through this all the time and it pulls over a guy at 3 in the morning when that it has lights on.

And the and the guys that it tinted windows and rules on the windows as you just pull me over because I'm black.

I mean how often does that happen you guys.

And and do you think this might think you might happen more often now that.

The the president of the United States has kind of bought the the the bill of goods that is all -- skip gates --"" Personally I like sincerely hope not.

I hope not for the man and woman all over the country.

It is difficult throughout the day.

I hope that in its objective in war.

Of that behavior because something -- It that would be regrettable that.

Was that people it was for a while.

Regret that that that may happen."" Has the final question has there been any indication from your superiors the police commissioner of the mayor or anybody in a position of power.

That you were going to be disciplined bigger job and is any way shape perform -- and Crowley in jeopardy."" No I have at the order by association.

The art.


Very supportive in his solutions they would really appreciate which are -- civil.


-- is support it is concerned -- my family.

-- association and actually painfully a police he'd go out of my old.

To -- it.



-- thoughtful on certain people or --"" Clearly professor gates -- and the president owe you an apology.

But his and I think you should do Jim don't make a bag make a bag.

For forgiveness."" Well the president has a lot of other stopping path ahead of him.

I I wish for the good of the whole country that.

Is successful in is there.

Anything to."" Happily on most other tasks he actually gets his facts straight is clearly he didn't know what he was talking about winning that addressed.

You -- a little issue."" I I think it's regrettable that anybody and you decide this issue would make comments and you know what I saw someone that -- anybody.

You know somebody who supports me or somebody who.

In fact it would make comment with -- normal story with a plot to vote with there.

First and knowledge of the event.

Saw themselves the way in which.

Prosecute acted well within."" we'll -- you probably I leave you with this as you look outside your window and your family looks out so fled the windows and seized the live trucks and reporters and all the media swarming out there.

One was lost -- once told me any time of turmoil.

This too shall pass sergeant probably the -- next big thing will happen very very quickly in this too shall pass."" Well I I'm just looking for to get back to the business of much has been a lease options in respect them also -- that we shall.


Tremendous amount of patients.

Recently I I think -- short."" Sergeant Greta thanks for your time we really appreciate it.

Sergeant Crowley joining Dennis and Callahan and AT&T -- AT&T your world delivered."
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