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Best Buy TAG Heuer 2000 Aquaracer Mens Watch CAF2111.BA0809 Save Today! in USA, Free Shipping, Buy It Now!!!

I've been procrastinating the writing of this review for awhile on account that I wanted to get used to and familiar with my Aquaracer. I think I'm at that point, so here goes.

Why a TAG? After reading several dozen reviews about watches, my first time "luxury watch” (I hate that phrase, it's so pompous and erudite classist) purchase decidedly boiled down between the Omega Speedmaster and the Tag Heuer Aquaracer. You know what I discovered? Omega is the better choice. Do I regret my Tag purchase? Not in the slightest. I knew buying my Tag that Omega has a better watch (in terms of movement solely) but what it came down to for me was aesthetics, case construction, and brand history. The Omega Speedmaster is an ugly damn watch. The bulbous crystal is just begging to be bashed in by a railing or concrete post. Plus, it has that vacant, soulless black dial. I've tried it on several times thinking one day it would click with my taste and I just can't get over how boring that watch is. Oh yeah, plus that ugly Speedmaster bracelet with those weird two slender link lines. Wtf are those? No thanks. Give me the robust links on my Aquaracer any day.

Yes, the Omega guts will likely outlive my Tag's (apparently, the origin country plays a big role on quality movement-although I'm willing to argue otherwise) but I intend on keeping up with the annual maintenance and cleaning, so it'll be fine. Plus, the Speedmaster is small. It's, like, 39mm or something. Trying one on feels like you're wearing a Swatch. Again, no thanks. The Aquaracer has the heavy dutiness and it feels that way, too. The raised ticks on the bezel have saved my crystal several times already.

Tag has a company history I'm a big fan of. Sure, I could have bought into the whole JFK wore one and it was worn on the moon, but B.F.D. (Tag was the first watch in space, a feat they seem to downplay). Tag has that classic American (yes, I acknowledge the company was born in Switzerland) subtlety I prefer. Having an ensconced history in both automobile racing and aviation. It's like a Rayban aviator, a Triumph motorcycle or Levi's denim, something about the Aquaracer that gives it an indelible appearance: one that will neither go out of style or give up the ghost to faulty design. That latter statement will probably be argued by Omega enthusiasts as a flimsy argument, as Tag has foreign parts and blah, blah, blah. Tag makes a much more beautiful watch, so eat my ass.

The bracelet is durable and features a beautiful taper from the case to its clasp. Yes, the polished elements will scratch. People need to understand that's just part of the watch wearer's record. Scratches indicate a life well lived, one that doesn't live in fear of his possessions. I like scratches. I have scratches on my bracelet from Paris, New Zealand, Portland, Amsterdam, you get the idea. It's my world traveler. Gives my watch cache and adds to the patina of adventurous. Look, it's jewelry and that's all it is.

As mentioned on other reviews, the Aquaracer has a lot of weight to it. I highly encourage a person to go to a jeweler and try one on to ensure both size and weight on the wrist. I have a build kind of like Ryan Reynolds-IE: not a very large guy-and so the 41mm case was a preferred fit. Some dudes like a 43mm case and so I recommend the Aquaracer 2000. I think having a heavy watch like the Aquaracer adds to its appeal. It's a reminder of its presence and makes it feel like a luxury watch. They say that, like, 75% of a car purchase hinges on how the door of the car sounds when it closes; well I look at watch weight similarly. Cheap watches are light. Again, this is just an opinion and isn't really substantiated by evidence outside of the inherent psychology.

My Tag still shines, too. I love the brushed stainless more than the polished. And because this watch is monochromatic in its stainless color, it's really versatile. I wear it fine dining fittingly as when I wear it walking through an airport, playing sports, or at the office. Some douchenozzle mentioned that his watch dies if he wears it at his computer. Mine doesn't die and I sit at a computer most of day at my office, so I don't know what he's talking about. It's never died on me, in fact.

I will say that the watch doesn't get a ton of compliments. Actually, the only compliments I've gotten were from other watch people. I have a yellow faced Fossil watch (CH2545) that receives WAYYYY more compliments than my Tag. Seriously, if you want a watch that will get you some damn compliments, get that Fossil watch. It's insane. It should be renamed to the Fossil "Pussy Magnet.”
But again, my Tag doesn't get compliments due to its understated elegance and this is a preference on my part. I like subtlety. If you want compliments, I recommend getting a Grande Date Tag, Grand Carrera, or go full on stadium watch with a Breitling (a POS, from what I've heard).

One bode of contention, I wish the buttons that operate the chronograph were screw down instead of simple pushbutton. They feel like they're begging to get water-logged, since they don't have that screw down feature. Of course, that would preclude me bringing my ,500 watch into a swimming pool (yes it's a divers watch, but seriously-wtf are you thinking when you put metal in a corrosive salt-water / chlorinated environment?) Dude, buy a cheap Invicta diver for those occasions. Swimming with expensive jewelry is like swimming with eyeglasses-take it off!

As for the runs-fast complaint, whatever. It's an analogue automatic watch, not a digital satellite. It takes twenty seconds to roll back my minute hand once every three weeks. Plus, that implies I haven't let the watch die from not wearing it for three days (btw, that's an amazing feat, having a solely automatic movement that can last 72 hours without a recharge). I have a bunch of watches I trade between, so it's inevitable that by the time I wear my Tag, it'll need to be reset. 20-seconds and then I'm good to go.

My gf, who wasn't a watch person but is becoming one, loves my Tag too. It's handsome. And it's as versatile as you want it to be. Just when buying one, avoid all the Aquaracers in all the stupid trendy colors and gimmicky gizmo features. Get a simple, timeless color and you'll be able to wear it for years without looking like a shmuck wearing his neon blue Tag from the eighties.

Ultimately, consider this poorly written review as upmost support to this particular color and pedigree of Aquaracer. I'm a big fan.

Solidly built, classy, sporty, sharp looking watch - Clayton Tarics - LA, CA, USA
This is a beautiful watch. Nice and heavy and built like a tank. The picture on the Amazon site absolutely does NOT do it justice. The color on the brushed steel (as opposed to polished) is totally off (much darker than in reality). See the Tag Heuer site for a much better representation of what this watch really looks like. As you know, automatic watches are less accurate than quartz movement. My watch is 5-10 seconds fast per day. This is not a problem for me. The Amazon price is outstanding. After shopping around on the internet and in stores, this is certainly the best price. For reference, the Tourneau store at my local mall sells this watch for 2700 as the standard non-sale price. They do have it on sale for up to 20% off, but even on sale, its still far more expensive than Amazon's price. As far as sizing goes, I purchased the 10 dollar watch band link removal tool from Amazon and figured out how to remove the links myself. On this watch, the pins simply push/pull out either direction, although one direction was easier. I also needed a towel, small hammer, and small needle nose pliers for the band resizing. I was able to remove 2 links and put everything back together without any problems or scratches (although I did bend a pin pulling it out…but I doubt I'll need it anytime soon). Compared to the non-chrono versions of the aquaracer, the chrono watch face is bigger. While the face diameter is the same, there is an additional ring between the face and the bezel, and the body around the watch is also bigger. This makes for a significant increase in overall watch size…FYI. The chrono certainly isnt huge, (not as big as most of the Omegas I saw in the store) but the chrono is definitely larger than the non-chrono.

This watch definitely has some thickness and weight to it. I'm a bigger guy and I actually like the bulk and weight, but it may be a turn off for someone looking for something sleeker or lighter. Overall I'm extremely pleased as this was exactly what I was looking for and it was a pleasant suprise when the watch arrived looking SO much better than the pics on the internet (I had only seen the black faced version in the store before hand). With the peace of mind that the Amazon warranty offers, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

TAG Heuer 2000 Aquaracer Mens Watch CAF2111.BA0809

Products by : TAG Heuer

Rating :
Price on May 11, 2010 15:37:17 : $2,700.00

Best Price : $1,675.00
Availability : Usually ships in 24 hours

Best Buy TAG Heuer 2000 Aquaracer Mens Watch CAF2111.BA0809 for Sale Features

  • Quality Swiss Automatic Movement; Functions without a battery; Powers automatically with the movement of your arm
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective interior coating
  • Solid 41-mm fine-brushed finish stainless-steel case with screw-down caseback; Three link brushed and polished stainless-steel bracelet with diving extension
  • Chronograph functions with 12-hour, 30-minute, and seconds subdials; Date function at 3 o'clock
  • Water-resistant to 984 feet (300 M)

Best Buy TAG Heuer 2000 Aquaracer Mens Watch CAF2111.BA0809 Overviews

eDesigned with professional divers in mind, the Aquaracer Automatic CAF2110.BA0809 from TAG Heuer combines state-of-the-art timekeeping technology with sporty, prestige styling. Equipped with calibre 16 automatic movement, this watch winds itself with the natural motion of your wrist and does not require a battery. It features a round silver dial with luminescent hands and markers, a monochrome TAG Heuer logo, and an automatic date calendar at the three o'clock position. Three subdials display 1/10 second, small seconds, and 30-minute registers. A stationary inner bezel, with a seconds ruler, frames the dial, surrounded by a unidirectional rotating outer bezel with a dive time scale and a luminous marker. Set in a 46mm brushed stainless steel case that fits comfortably to the contours of your wrist, this watch presents on a handsome and durable stainless steel link bracelet with brushed and polished pieces. The bracelet features an extension system for divers and fastens with a fold over clasp with safety.

Shop for TAG Heuer 2000 Aquaracer Mens Watch CAF2111.BA0809 in the USA Today @ Amazon. Don't hesitate.

*** Product Information and Prices Stored: May 11, 2010 15:37:17

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