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Next ArticleHouston Shamanism ExaminerDancing with the Houston Weather Spirits July 22, 4:20 PM Comment RSS Email Print I'm reading a book that seems especially appropriate for shamanic practitioners in Houston.

It is Weather Shamanism by Foundation for Shamanic Studies instructors Nan Moss and David Corbin, published by Bear & Company in 2008.According to Moss and Corbin, weather shamanism is about perceiving and working with the weather beings.

It is about developing your own relationship with your inner self, with helping spirits, and with the creative and destructive spirits known as weather.Primal cultures often relate to weather events and weather patterns as intelligent beings.

For example, Hurukan, the spirit of hurricanes, was deeply respected in the Maya and some other Central American cultures.There are other Native American stories of storm beings, such as Thunderbird, who was very important to the Great Plains peoples.

There are also stories of more human-like storm beings among the southeastern woodlands peoples, such as the Cherokee.We have all heard of rain dances.

They are real in some cultures, and they often work.

Moss and Corbin write about "weather dancing," interacting cooperatively with weather beings to heal the environment and bring humans into harmony with nature.

In weather dancing we ask nature herself what it is that we need to do to bring balance to our environment and to our culture.For those familiar with the classic shamanic realms of Upper World, Lower World, and Middle World, Weather is a power of the Middle World, which is the inner, energetic aspect of our daily world.

It is the energy that directly behind ordinary reality.

Shamans travel in the Middle World to find lost objects and people and to scout ahead to other localities to see what awaits.

For example, is there still water in the creek a few miles ahead, or will it be necessary to take the longer or more dangerous route through another valley to be sure of having water for the people? Is there enough food available along that route? What other dangers lurk? Moss and Corbin write that just as weather affects us, our collective emotions affect the weather.

And individuals or groups that have strong relationships and communication with weather beings can influence the weather more deliberately.

You can journey to the Upper World or the Lower World for teachings and communication with weather beings or for guidance in how to do that.Do you love storms? Do you revel in the cool winds by the ocean or hear voices in the breezes that whisper through the trees? Do you love to watch clouds?Each of those is a spirit, and any of those or other things can be an opening for you into the world of weather beings.

Either journey to them, or journey to your other teachers and ask for guidance.Understanding and working with weather beings is well worth the effort.

Considering how severe the weather can be along the Gulf Coast, it seems especially valuable for us in the Houston area.Moss and Corbin, though also well trained, are writing from their own practices and experiences.

They are both experienced instructors, so they anticipate our questions and answer them.The book is very well written.

The authors are able to explain spiritual and magical things in a way that is easy to understand.

Weather Shamanism is a large format paperback, so it is easy to read, and the price is reasonable.

I highly recommend it.

Author: Kathleen GreshamKathleen Gresham is an Examiner from Houston.

You can see Kathleen's articles on Kathleen's Home Page.

My Bio Subscribe to EmailAdd Kathleen to Favorite Examiners Find out more about Kathleen: Kathleen is the organizer of the Houston Shamanism Meetup.

She studied shamanism with Leroy Anderson and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, starting in 1989.

Kathleen teaches courses and workshops on journeying and on healing with sound.

Visit her website, or send her a message.

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