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Giant Rats

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� Paul Konerko attains milestone in White Sox's 4-1 win at Cincinnati | Main | Soriano, Bradley given day off in Cubs game with Braves �Originally posted: June 22, 2009Paul Sullivan's Cubs mailbagAsk Paul answers probing questions about Soriano's hand gestures, Bradley's bleacher toss, Sinatro's whereabouts, giant rats and Ryan Theriot's grandparents' fishing expedition.

As always send your questions to [email protected]�Paul, Alfonso Soriano waves his hands in front of his face after a home run because he is mimicking WWE wrestler John Cena.

The grappler does this taunting waving of the hands right before he does one of his "finishing moves."� Nobody told Soriano that professional wrestling is about as cool as a leadoff hitter with an OBP under .300.

He was actually ringside at WrestleMania this year in Houston which would have been the Cubs season opening series against the Astros.

And don't ask me why I know any of that.

--Aaron, Gifford, Ill.

Thanks for doing the research for me, Aaron.

I don't follow professional wrestling, outside of the days Zambrano is pitching.

Paul, Is there any way the Cubs will trade Alfonso Soriano this season? If so, does he have much value left? This is a guy lazier than the day is long, routinely jogs after balls he's missed due to errors and never even hustles to first base.� I strongly believe that this lethargic attitude is a major contributor to the Cubs lack of success.

And, while Milton Bradley has received strong criticism for throwing the live ball into the right field bleachers, I think people fail to note another ridiculous error in judgment -- posing after making a routine catch.� --Stephen MonroeSoriano has a no-trade clause, so please stop with the 'trade Soriano' e-mails at [email protected]� And remember, the annual wacky trade edition of Ask Paul isn't until next month anyway.

As for Bradley's posing, yes, it was definitely over-the-top and got lost in the hub-bub over the bleacher toss.

On the other hand, Bradley is wearing Sammy Sosa's number and playing Sammy Sosa's position at Sammy Sosa's ballpark.

When in Sammyland…Paul, when I was an usher at Wrigley in '91 one morning when arriving for work after a night game I saw Roger O'Connor walk across the concourse near the left field corner carrying what looked like a dead giant rat with a shovel.� The next day I read in the Cubs notes of the Tribune that Cubs pitcher Bob Scanlan had encountered an opossum while running laps in the outfield after a night game and that it had been caught and killed.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is what Ozzie was referring to when he said he saw giant rats at Wrigley.

--Dave, ChicagoThanks for doing the research for me, Dave.

I'm not sure if that's what Sox manager Ozzie Guillen was referring to when he said he saw a giant rat at Wrigley Field, but Ozzie has told the story so often I wouldn't be surprised if he has a majority interest in a rodent exterminating company on the North Side.Paul, where was Matt Sinatro in late May and early June?� By the way, my wife and I met ryan Theriot's grandparents Tuesday in Houston and heard they went fishing without any bait on the off day in Houston.� What did they catch? --Mike Maki, HoustonSinatro was re-deployed to bullpen coach because Lester Strode had a health issue he had to take care of.

Sinatro is back at first and Strode is fine and back in the bullpen, though he'll sub for pitching coach Larry Rothschild tonight in Atlanta.

As for rumors of Theriot's grandparents fishing without bait in Houston, this is a question that may take some research, so I'll try to get back to you at a later date.

If anyone was fishing near Theriot's grandparents and knows what they caught, please e-mail me at [email protected] as soon as possible.

Paul, why does Manny Ramirez get to play games in the minor leagues when he is suspended?� Do suspended minor leaguers get to keep playing games, just not in the majors when they get suspended for PEDs?� Do you think this is fair? --Brian Young, Payson, ArizonaJust another loophole in the system, allowing players to get ready for their return from performance-enhancing drug suspensions by rehabbing in the minors.

Of course it's not fair, but that's baseball and its convoluted system to penalize cheaters.

I've also received many questions since the Sammy Sosa revelation, asking whether I think the names of the 104 players who tested positive in the "anonymous" 2003 drug tests should be released.

Ozzie Guillen, Lou Piniella, Aramis Ramirez and many others I've spoken to have come out in favor of releasing the names.

I'm against that idea, but if I were a player who took that test and knew I was clean, I would ask the Players Association to formally release my results to the media to let everyone know I was clean.

Instead of the names of the guilty ones getting slowly leaked to the media, any player knowing he was clean could stand up and let everyone else know he shouldn't be lumped in with the cheaters.

It's a loophole that would give every player a chance to prove he wasn't tainted.� Randy Wells had a beer shower? I thought beer was forbidden in the clubhouse? Where does it come from? --Tom KnudsonGood catch, Tom.

Beer is banned in the Cubs clubhouse at Wrigley Field, or at least that's what the media has been told.

But Wells said he was doused with Coors Light after his win on Sunday, and is on videotape saying so.

The obvious follow-up question (Where did it come from?) was not asked.

The media dropped the ball on this one.

Mea culpa.Paul, I remember a game from the mid-'70s when the Cubs were in a hitting slump and George "The Baron" Mitterwald (according to Jack Brickhouse) took the bats out of the bat rack before the game and shook the outs (or bad karma) out.� I think they went on to win that day.� I'm not sure who would be the best candidate to do the shaking, but maybe it's worth a try.

--Dan Foote, New YorkIf anyone wants to research this George "The Baron" Mitterwald incident for me, by all means send me an e-mail.

Coincidentally, the 2009 Cubs tried a similar approach, having Zambrano pick me up over his head and shake me like a salt shaker.

It didn't work, however, and eventually the Cubs decided to change hitting coaches instead.

Paul, please explain to all of us novices out here how Lou can justify having a leadoff hitter with the awful on-base percentage he has and on top of it a bum leg to boot apparently.� Out of hundreds of at-bats this year he has very rarely offered up a quality one of that I can assure you.� Any combination of Theriot/Johnson or Fukudome batting 1-2 with Soriano batting, let's say 5, would lead to better results.

If by chance he makes contact, there is a much better likelihood of, dare I say base runners being on ahead of him.� The idea of having higher on-base percentage hitters hitting ahead of your power hitters was thought of long ago for a reason and still holds true today.� --KenYes, Soriano's .291 on-base percentage is abysmal, and he's hurting the lineup in the leadoff spot.

I think he really should be benched a few days, as Magglio Ordonez was in Detroit this week.

Detroit manager Jim Leyland said it wasn't a "benching," but giving Ordonez a chance to clear his head.

Piniella could use the same approach, showing his superstar he's not going to be coddled and he has to start producing consistently.

I don't expect this to happen, but at least Leyland gave Piniella a precedent to follow.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the Cubs tend to lose when they're on a national broadcast.� Is there any truth to this?� Or am I just fraught with negativity? Thanks.

--Ryan C., Greenville, N.C.Fraught.

Hi Paul.

Is there any truth to the rumor that last Friday, Milton Bradley was auditioning for one of those Southwest Airlines "Wanna get away?" commercials? Inquiring minds want to know! --Tom Bowden, Lombard, Ill.I like your theory, Tom, and will pass it on to Bradley the next time we have a quiet moment to talk.

Paul, what is the deal with the Cubs getting rid of the red billed caps?� I think this might have something to do with their terrible road record this year.

--Frank Shepke, Tremont, Ill.Frank, the deal is someone didn't like the red-billed caps, and whoever it is should be applauded.

Now please stop e-mailing [email protected] with this question.

Paul, with the Cubs making a switch with their hitting coach (it is about time they did something, this is getting pathetic), I was wondering how much we should expect from a switch like this?� What does a hitting coach really do and should we expect anything different from the Cubs hitters? --Erik Anderson, Michigan I think you can expect to see the Cubs going to the opposite field more often under Von Joshua, and better plate discipline.

A hitting coach is as much a psychiatrist as anything else, instilling confidence in a hitter.

Joshua helped Theriot, Geo Soto, Mike Fontenot, Jake Fox, Micah Hoffpauir make it to the majors when they were his pupils at Iowa.

He did likewise with Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Lee and other productive hitters when he was with the White Sox a decade ago.

It was a smart move, and a timely one.

Hey Paul, watching the last two Cubs victories have been truly bittersweet (emphasis on bitter, though).

It hurts a lot to watch Woody blow those saves, even though we got the W.

I have loved watching Kerry Wood for the past 14 years and he has always been one of my favorite Cubs.

I was wondering.

Is there any way to get a copy of the full page ad he printed in the Trib during the convention this year? I missed out on picking one up when they were printed and have regretted it since.

--Andy Cureton��I'm sure you can purchase back copies of the Tribune by calling the customer service department of the paper.

Very strange weekend for Wood and DeRosa, with the blown saves and the phone incident- almost as if the legendary "Curse of Rocky Colavito" was haunting them.

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