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Firefox 3.0 Bugs

Firefox 3.0 Bugs

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Thousands of people have to remove the latest version of Firefox 3.0 from their computers.

Firefox 3.0 has many bugs, slows the users computer, doesn't load some pages, error messages, add ons problems, and the list goes on...

Reason for uninstalling




Some features didn't work




Missing features


Hard to use/confusing (menus, display, etc.)


Performance (load delays, memory usage)


Plugin compatibility (Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Windows Media Player, etc.)


Some web pages wouldn't work


Just temporary, I'm planning to install Firefox again soon




Date Recorded


Today, 01:54

Fix the bugs

Today, 01:44

Make it start up.

Today, 01:41

Finish beta testing.

Today, 01:32

it sucks the old version is good

Today, 01:26

I don't know the reason but it certainly works slowly that my google toolbar or Yahoo and it mess up some of my programs. I have to uninstall it !

Today, 01:21

Better test on oldest OS, firefow was more light and quick of other browsers and it could be the best choice for olds pc, but only if new version has full supports. I' Tried 3.0 on a IBM PC model Netvista 6794-72g (P4 1.5Ghz with nvidia vanta l6mb agp graphic cart, graphic drivers nvidia from windows update)

Today, 01:12

Opera is better

Today, 01:12

After installing firefox, I tried to browse a few web sites, but failed.

Today, 01:11

I really like the browser but uploading new pages takes much too long time to be acceptable in my work. Regardless closing down AV and Anti-Spyware, Firefox 3.0 takes considerable time to upload a new page. It seems Firefox is requesting one information string at a time as the network connection is occupied during the page uploading process which takes 5 - 10 seconds at a time.
I have to return to IE7 (Sigh!)...

Today, 01:04

fix slowdown on FF3. It is unusable at this stage. Am switching back to FF2

Today, 00:50

Be more honest in what your product does when installed, what it overwrites, what it does and does not do.
Honesty and straightforwardness, forthrightness, honor would go a long way.

Today, 00:46

where are your designers ?
Put them all out !
Or sell mozilla to windows (perhaps, it is already made)
Because the new display of firefox 3 is now the worst display in the world of web browsers:
the zooming is impossible
the icones are too big and horrible
and the worst of the worse: when zooming - to see (try seeing) all the page, the display has a bug and we can't return to the original page !!!
Bravissimo !
Make very fast a NEW 3 verison or pass to version 4 immediately
I hope that you arrive to save the famous mozilla of this dramatic damage

Eric DELORME architect france

Today, 00:34

There are a lot of usefull extensions, but it happens again and again, that extensions does not work any more with a newer version of firefox. So it is better to use no extensions and then firefox is a little poor.

Today, 00:34

I like use Firefox, but i have problem with import of certificate. I had for longer time normal used the certificate, then i have changed my proceeding and the certificate i have after use exported on the montable medium and deleted from file <certmgr.msc> (for security reason). This i have do several times and at once it does not go install on Firefox. Sure i have do a little error because i have after export deleted this certificate from file <certmgr.msc> but not from Firefox. But fact is, that in other applications is the certifikate OK. Even so i consider the FF the best.
I have tried uninstall and again install the Firefox without result. Sure if i would delete all setup and Firefox folder and install the Firefox clean, it would be OK. I dont want this.
This bug apply on FF3 and also on FF and
If you know better solution without all uninstall, please write me this on email <[email protected]****.com>. Thank you.

Today, 00:32

it seems you are sponsorised by windows IE now and made firefox 3 to be less comfortable, less beautiful, lesser than less. Whaou !!!

Today, 00:23

make sure i dont get booted out of pogo games all the time as it kept conflicting with java, my email is [email protected]****.com , if u can let me know when the bugs have been corrected or what i can do to make it work

Today, 00:14

I enjoyed using Firefox. I did not have any problem using Firefox until I installed Firefox 3. After that I could not get it to open. When I tried to open it all I could get to open was the crash Box. So I checked the two boxs and submitted the problem to Firefox. I have Uninstalled Firefox 3 and will try to reinstall Firefox 2. My problem now is getting back my favorites.

Today, 00:12

I dont need google search field.
I need my computer's memory for other purposes.

Today, 00:11

When I'm on billing websites or https websites, certain Javascript links won't work. Even with the pop up blocker off, everything I clicked or moved the dropdown menu, nothing would happen. So I'm reverting back to Mozilla Firefox 2 until everything is up and running again. I do plan on installing Firefox 3 once all the bugs are worked out.

Today, 00:08

Please speed up version 3. It looks great, but is nothing compared to version 2 in speed.

Today, 00:06

I like mozilla firefox. But 3.0 is having lot of issues. Its crashed/hanged sometimes automatically which irritate me a lot. Its not like the previous version. Please fix these issues at the earliest in order to satisfy firefox customer.

Yesterday, 23:47

Sell it to Microsoft

Yesterday, 23:41

Sometimes i can not download the TORRENT from the web while IE make it.

Yesterday, 23:32

I tried repeatedly to connect to the internet after updating from ver2 to ver3. My ver was working fine until the update to ver then it all started. It could not connect to the internet again. I do not ve anti virus running and the windows firewall is off. I am using windows xp service pack 2 and am on verizon FIOS fibreoptic network. I searched hours of the mozilla, google and yahoo forums, it seems many users are having the same problem, no fix yet. If you have a fix for this problem I would greatly appreciate it. I have even completely removed it and re-installed ver. 3, still same problem
Sorry to say, I really loved using firefox, now i have to go back to using IE6.
My E-Mail address is [email protected]****.com If you have a suggestion or a fix for this problem.

Thank You

Yesterday, 23:23

Have the option of restoring the V2 theme(ugly green back button), get rid of the "awesome bar" and replace it with the v2 equivalent, truly clear out all private data("awesome bar" dug up a website I visited ONCE and had cleaned out my private data 6 times beforehand), missing Go button, website blocking due to a "bad" certificate(fucking blocked me out of my bank's website,, and MY OWN FUCKING ROUTER!). Going back to V2 when it was perfect and had no issues.

Yesterday, 23:15

Firefox simply was not ready for release - it's a pity that the old version still isnt available. Now I go back to IE!

Yesterday, 23:02

I think that Firefox is perfect as is with possible customization. Sometimes I wish it was a little faster, though.

Yesterday, 23:01

The browser drains a lot of memory causing everything in my computer slow down. It's never happened before in previous versions.

Yesterday, 23:01

it less heavy mozilla firefox and that the pages load faster Internet

Yesterday, 22:58

Lots of bugs in Mozilla Firefox and my computer get in a crash very often.God bless!!!

Yesterday, 22:54

Make it leaner and more stable. I used to love previous versions of mozilla but now it is bulking up and starting to resemble its competitors.

Yesterday, 22:52

Resolve the bugs ;-)

Yesterday, 22:32

I've had pages that worked perfectly under FF2 but under FF3 they kept reloading and the links on the page didn't work. Sites Such as: (I think that's the addrrss)

These are some basic sites that I use and any link that I clicked on the front page reloaded with nothing new.

I'm going to wait for FF3.1 to be released before I go back to it again. Until that time i'm going to use FF2

Yesterday, 22:26

Never faced aby issues with firefox 2.0 or earlier versions

Yesterday, 22:23

had problems with 3.0 when I set a default dir for the downloads (instead of the desktop). It locked up the computer when I chose an existing dir on my d drive and started a download.

Yesterday, 22:08

Be 110% like IE but make it faster. :-)

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