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Posted by marinejohn616
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So, what exactly is People String? It is a new social media site launched on September 23, 2009. They are making a bold attempt to compete with giants like Facebook by paying anyone and everyone to recruit members and grow its ranks.
People String is also working with companies who want to bypass the advertising giants and pay people directly for looking at their products/services. Quite a novel approach! The more people participate, the more companies will see this as a viable alternative to reaching their target audience.
It can potentially be quite lucrative, for those willing to recruit new members. They will earn a commission for every person they recruit, get paid per item of advertising they look at, thus getting a percentage of revenues from everyone they recruit for life! For those not interested in recruiting others, the remaining income streams may be more to their liking and more are to be added over time.
Have a look at Sally's scenario:
After Sally signed up, she recruited 25 people in her "string". She mainly used Facebook and emailed a few friends to accomplish this. She made $12.50. ($0.50 per recruit)
A few more weeks go by and she starts receiving 2-3 pieces of mail a day and she diligently enters the codes found on each one. On average, she made $4 a day. (worth $0.30 to $3 per piece of mail)
During that time, the 25 people she recruited also got to work and add another 490 people to her downline.
*To keep this simple, let's say they all did the same thing (using the Mailbox Cashbox as the only revenue stream in this example)
Sally's results by week #10...
She is making $80 a month just for looking at ads she gets in the mail and entering codes.
($4 a day * 20 business days = $80)
She is also getting 5% of the revenue generated by her direct recruits who participate in the Mailbox program.
(25 people * $80 a month * 5% = $100)
Finally, she is making another 2% from the revenue generated by everyone else in her downline.
(490 people * $80 a month * 2% = $784)
Sally has put in a minimal effort and now makes an extra $964 a month. This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, but if you would like a little extra spending money and if you use the internet then why not get paid to do it?
This is free now, free tomorrow and free forever for all who join and make money with them.
I'm obviously spreading the word for you to join my "string” and add me as a referral, which is marinejohn616, but I am also spreading the word because this is an excellent opportunity to basically earn FREE MONEY. You have absolutely nothing to lose. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me at [email protected] Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you on soon!!!

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