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Dizzy Feet Foundation

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By Steve West: 2009-07-01 20:36:57 They keep saying that the quickstep is the �kiss of death� for competitors on So You Think You Can Dance.

Maybe the truth is that no one has been able to pull it off properly, or it�s never been choreographed as well as it was tonight.

The fact that I was entertained by a quickstep is even crazier than aliens impregnating the last surviving human man.

Aside from the great dancing this week, which we�ll get to in a moment, we were also treated to what the hell Katie Holmes has to do with the show.

We�ve been hearing recently that Katie would be making an appearance in an upcoming episode and she�d be dancing.

All has been revealed and it�s a new foundation to support dance: The Dizzy Feet Foundation.

As for ideas I think it�s a really great one.

But I can�t be the only one who felt the timing and presentations was awkward, especially as they listed off members of the steering committee and got to �Milee Cyrus.� Seriously? It�s Miley! We�ll spend no more time on this, but if you�re interested in more information on the foundation visit their website here.

Janette and Brandon - Choreography by Jean Marc Genereaux: Am I imagining things or is Jean Marc doing some of the best and most entertaining routines this season? Usually I think of him as the most capable choreographer for the ballroom style, but his stuff is really stepping up to compete as just plain old best choreography.

I think Janette was even stronger than the judges gave her credit for.

Until it was mentioned I couldn�t even remember if this was her style or not, that�s how good she was at the cha-cha.

Kayla and Kupono - Choreography by Sonya Tayeh: It�ll be justice served when Sonya finally gets her Emmy nomination.

She�s still relatively new to the show, so we may have to wait a little while.

What I loved so much about this piece was the way the lines worked.

Not just individually, but especially when Kupono and Kayla came together and intertwined.

Randi and Evan - Choreography by Joey Dowling: Was Evan really disappointing? I honestly didn�t think that in the least bit.

Perhaps because he wasn�t mind blowingly brilliant there could be cause for some criticism.

And there were distinct moments with Randi that felt like she was encumbered by the routine.

Yet only Mia Michaels made any brief mention of that when she described it as �heavy.� Caitlin and Jason - Choreography by Brian Friedman: Who cares if this was good, it was a horrible mistake to give two people who need to connect with the audience such an outlandish number.

The fact is that Caitlin and Jason were both good during this jazz piece, the problem is that it was straight up weird.

And not weird in a trying to figure it out way that you�d get with Sonya or Wade Robson.

Jeanine and Phillip � Choreography by Tabitha and Napolean: What keeps these two out of the bottom three when they deserve to be? I have no idea.

Phillip has a lot of fans, and Jeanine is one of the best females on the show this season.

Yes she is.

The problem is that Phillip keeps her back.

But damnit if Phillip isn�t right there this week to take the lead and make what should have been a fumbling wreck into a hot hip hop routine.

Melissa and Ade - Choreography by Thordal Christensen: Pack everything up and let�s all go out and play until the next season starts in the fall because there�s no way Melissa should lose.

We�ve seen other ballet people tryout on the show and they never seem to make it, which is odd since ballet is so ridiculously technical you�d think those people would be amazing.

Melissa has proved that theory correct in previous weeks.

But this was the first time I can remember a dancer on the show getting their own style and just glowing about it the whole time.

Melissa wasn�t just happy to be the first to perform a Pas de Deux on SYTYCD she was radiant.

Karla and Vitolio - Choreography by Jean Marc Genereux: A quickstep that wasn�t a train wreck on this show is a rare thing to witness.

We�ll never see a perfect version of this dance unless two trained quicksteppers are paired up, but this was the closest I think we can hope for.

It also helps that for the first time the choreography was entertaining and told a story.

Karla and Vitolio were able to use that rather than focus on the close hold portions that always trip up competitors.

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