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Discount Canon Eos Rebel T2i 18 Mp Cmos Aps-c Digital Slr Camera Best Price.

Discount Canon Eos Rebel T2i 18 Mp Cmos Aps-c Digital Slr Camera Best Price.

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Reviews for Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP CMOS APS-C Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens best buy.Faster & Saver shipping.Limited time Offer! Save today! in USA, Free shipping!!!

Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP CMOS APS-C Digital SLR Camera is as fantastic as the other 5-star reviewers have indicated. I was a young amateur SLR hobby-photographer 20 years ago; I mostly stopped buying film but never purchased anything more than a compact digital point'n'shoot for mediocre memory-shots. This DSLR was worth the wait. I buy a lot at Amazon but don't review much; this is an exception. I'll try not to reiterate too much, but I'll endorse some of the points in other reviews, and then offer some of my own thoughts.


* Indeed, image quality is fantastic; 18MP is not "too much" for the APS-C-size sensor. Low-light performance is also great. But rather than listening to my broad statements (or those of other reviewers), Just read through the many pages of www.[amazon removed the website name - but it's the same review site that they feature near the top of this camera's page, or if you just google for "digital photography reviews" it should be the first hit].com review, including the comparisons with "competitor" cameras. The bottom line: is the T2i light-years better than all competitors at a similar price: no; but is it very good, often equaling its own master-at-twice-the-price EOS 7D: YES!

* No, no stereo mic and silent lens operation like the Panasonic GH1, but the standard stereo mic jack resolves this for me. If I want fantastic sound, then I want two mics on a stereo mic bar out on a boom anyway. In fact, I prefer this mic-input over the high-quality built-in stereo mic of the GH1 (and the few other new-comers that boast built-in stereo mics).

* I will side with those who appreciate the video qualities of the camera. No, it's probably not the right camera for taping the kids' full basketball games (in 1080p HD!?), where you may want electronic zoom and quiet auto-focus (though a better lens would help with the auto-focus problem a little). But if you wonder what kind of masterpiece videos can be taken with this gem, google around for T2i videos and prepare to be awed. The community of artistic videographers is having a hay-day with the Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP CMOS APS-C Digital SLR Camera, Panasonic GH1/GF1, and a (very) few others. These stand out in a class of their own. And the T2i, with 60fps 720p stands on its own, really, enabling some incredible slow-motion effects. Indeed, as has been mentioned, you can't get an interchangeable-lens video camera with a large sensor like this for anywhere near the price of this camera. Oh, and yes, make sure you have at least a Class-6 SD card, preferably Class-10, apparently (though I only have a Class-6 card and it's done ok so far), before you blame the camera for choppiness, and make sure you have a fast computer with a fast video-card before you blame the camera for taking unwatchable video.

* Indeed, indoor auto-white-balance doesn't seem perfect. But the auto-ISO works pretty well; thank you Canon for the ability to limit the ceiling on it - that makes it worth using.

My additional thoughts:

* Yes, the body is light. It's not a professional all-magnesium brick that you can leave out in the snow and rain every night as one reviewer elsewhere likes to do with his professional Canons. But it's also not entirely "plastic", as some reviewers suggest. It's a stainless steel chassis (though who knows what gauge) with a polycarbonate resin / glass fiber shell (ok, yeah, plastic). It does "feel" light enough to be all plastic. I wouldn't treat it like a professional brick, but I also appreciate the advantages of its light weight. In my opinion: it feels light without feeling cheap. Of course, compared to a solid Magnesium, I might be inclined to say it feels cheap. To hold, that is. The function of the controls does _not_ feel cheap. Also worth noting: I have medium-small hands and have no trouble operating all of the controls _with_ thin gloves on; the profile and controls may not be acceptable to the largest-handed pro photographers, but I wouldn't read too much into those negative comments. And, finally, I, too, can't wait for camera-armor to produce a mold for the T2i (with the cutout for the new video button) so that I don't have to worry as much that the body isn't brick solid.

* The kit lens may be relatively slow at f3.5 and may be plastic, but it really is a great start lens its price. You'll find a faster (f1.8) plastic lens for the same price, but it won't have image-stabilization (though the argument that you won't need it at f1.8 has some merit). It really is quite sharp, for the money. It does hunt a little for (auto-)focus in imperfect conditions, but it's not clear to me (yet) that this is all the fault of the lens. The hunting _noise_ (audible noise, that is), on the other hand, clearly marks it as an inexpensive lens.

* Battery: I don't have enough experience with it yet to comment much on its performance, other than to refer to the stats according to CIPA standards. But I did notice that you can choose your background color for the LCD, where settings are displayed. I changed mine from the default white background to a dark background. If my hypothesis is right, this will save a little power. You can also reduce the amount of time a shot is displayed on the LCD after it's taken. Or you can turn the LCD off altogether, which is likely to save a healthy bit of juice.

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