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Debbie Rowe Interview

Debbie Rowe Interview

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Login to leave comment, or create a nickname and avatar25 comments to "Debbie Rowe Interview FAKE, Her Attorney Claims!" (RSS feed) Long Dong Connery says â€" reply to this1next Spindoc says â€" reply to this2The children are obviously no phycial relation to Michael Jackson, it will be hard for his family to retain custody when they aren't blood relations AND for YEARS Michael has been saying that his family was abusive.

JohnnyD says â€" reply to this3I say give the children to Rowe.

Then they will have a chance at a normal life.

They can never have a normal life while living with the crazy Jackson family! It is a sin that Michael took those children away from their natural mother.

Jackson is burning in hell with SATAN at this very moment because of all the disgusting, sinful things he did with little children.

SATAN has special place in hell for child molesters! What a monster! vengance says â€" reply to this4NO SHIT???? - WELL STOP REPORTING FAKE NEWS MARIO jjcc924 says â€" reply to this5OF COURSEE it was fake….why would she want to hurt his image by saying hes not the father…i hate how the media twists stories around..its truly not fair RIP michael BellaM says â€" reply to this6I agree, it takes more than just giving sperm to make a father.

carinacarina says â€" reply to this7Perez, I knew you were jumping the gun before you even knew this was fact,you were posting.

You will never ever learn.



*****We've learned the story making the rounds detailing the terrible condition of Michael Jackson's body is a fake.A report in The Sun gave harrowing details of the body, but we've learned the report was fabricated and - completely false.************** missB says â€" reply to this9Duh it was fake.

Did you read it? Anyways I still don't believe those are his biological children.

I think Debbie Rowe will prob get custody.

nikki0512 says â€" reply to this10duh.

that's what you get for quoting a tabloid.

Kittencaboodle says â€" reply to this11Regardless of whether the interview was real, thos kids are not biologically Jacksons.

However, they would be happier, I'm sure, staying with the Jacksons, since that is all they know.

surfergirl says â€" reply to this12already knew that.

there were several posts on blindgosssip about what is really going on with debbie rowe and also about who blanket's mother really is.

debbie will get ALL of those kids! Ishefa says â€" reply to this13Those are NOT MJ's biological kids! I am certain this fact will be finally revealed when the horrendous custody battle begins.

Rowe won't get them, but MJ will be revealed to be only the ADOPTED father.

Proud to be Dutch says â€" reply to this14I have my doubts if teh kids are his.

I mean official he was a black man and those kids are white.

Not even half black half white and theyr hair is nog like black people have.

Its brown.

but his hair was black and thats a very strong color.

elliee84 says â€" reply to this15how could MJ be the biological father of those kids, since they are white? I mean, despite all the operations he had a white skin, MJ still had black genes inside..

TORTEZ says â€" reply to this16A castrato is a male, artificially produced soprano, mezzo-soprano, or alto singer whose voice is artificially changed through castration before puberty.

This is done in order for the child to be more physically suited for advanced training as a singer.

A castrato may also be one who, because of an endocrinological condition, never reaches sexual maturity.

The practice was almost exclusively an Italian one, largely influenced by the Catholic church beginning in the mid-sixteenth century and lasting through the 1800s.

Today, castratos are often regarded as a type of manufactured virtuoso, having been victims of, or slaves to, their craft NativeNYer says â€" reply to this17I believe in that last court case she revealed he wasn't the biological father of the kids.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out anyway.

None of these parties are ideal, but the lesser of two evils would be for Debbie Rowe to take the kids.

I know I wouldn't want my kids growing up anywhere near the Jacksons.

Some reports say that the kids don't even know the rest of the family.

It's time for DR to woman up and protect those kids.

lhutton-work says â€" reply to this18There is no way those kids can be his.

Being that he is an African- American male, despite his looks, those kids are completely white with no sign of any African decent.

This will be such a hard decision because neither of these families are stable enough to raise young children.

CA90069 says â€" reply to this19My grand-niece is half black/half white.

She has blonde hair, blue eyes and is pale as hell.

You never know… JuneGordon says â€" reply to this20You are an idiot to even suggest that that black tranny fathered white children.

SlowNewsDays says â€" reply to this21Is anything you post real? All you do is steal from unreliable sources.

Maybe you should make a video and start bawling and play the victim again, blaming everyone else for your miserable life.

CuddlyCarla says â€" reply to this22Duh, the interview came from News of the World.

What did you expect?! Shame on you people for believing some D- list tabloid, and shame on Perez for printing for bogus sources.

CuddlyCarla says â€" reply to this23Why should Debbie get the kids? How many deadbeat parents are out there who conceive of a child but aren't willing to do the work to care for them? As a child of a single parent and one such other parent, I can tell you right now, heaven forbid something happened to my mom, I would want to have been raised by her parents and the only family I ever knew that took care of me as a family should.

Why is everyone assuming Debbie is normal? Given her choices, how can that be? Debbie Rowe has no family that I know of, if I recall correctly her mother died when she was a baby and she doesn't have a large family.

At least these kids could be with the only family they know and have access to like 50 family members that could all take turns raising them as they did with the other Jacksons.

If they are happy with their grandma, let them stay with her.

I remember an old interview with Debbie ten years ago in which she stated she wasn't motherly and wanted MJ to raise them because he was a great parent.

I'm sure that will come back to haunt her if she even seeks custody.

She will lose.

genifur says â€" reply to this24I'm black by the way .

AT first I didn't want Debbie Rowe to get custody of those kids.

But after I saw Joe Jackson at the awards.

That has completely changed.

Joe Jackson is still the abusive, manipulating, snake, of a man.

Katherine Jackson is a weak, enabling, parent who cannot and NEVER has stood up to her husbands pimping, fame whoring ways.

This makes her a HORRIBLE choice for those children.

Joe Jackson messed up Michael.

His wife stood by silently and let this happen.

Joe Jackson has decided to pick up the ball and run with it again.

Katherine will do absolutely nothing because she cannot speak for herself and is submissive to a narcissist who abused and terrorized his entire family.

His red-carpet appearance was a disaster.

How in the hell do you have pimp swagger at 150 years old.

How in the hell are you gonna promote your record company and bring out your pimp partner, attorney and publicist who are all too happy to promote themselves.

How in the hell are you gonna tell the world you're doing great and smile and shuck and jive when your child has died.

State of California, please keep those kids away from the Jackson family.

Team Debbie Rowe @[email protected] says â€" reply to this25Well isn't THAT the very bottom in journalistic fabrication.

I smell a successful lawsuit.

You can't just make sh*t up.
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