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The United States Food and Drug Administration are supposed to be the authority on all drugs available in the country.

No drug can be sold without FDA approval.

However, the FDA classifies natural supplements as food, therefore is not evaluated for its danger or side effects of these supplements.This has been proven to be a dangerous policy.

The FDA isn't telling that these supplements can be harmful, even deadly for young athletes who are trying to get the edge on their competitors.Creatine is a perfect example.

Creatine is a supplement, therefore not regulated.

However, the FDA will not tell you that creatine has caused both short term and long term effects on athletes.

There have been stories from around the country of athletes being sent to the emergency room from the effects of taking creatine.Creatine is a well known supplement that is supposed to give the athlete more energy and help them to perform better.

Creatine has been shown to increase muscle mass if combined with a workout.

With the continuing desire for athletes to improve their performance supplements like creatine are becoming more and more popular, not only at the professional and college level, but also at the high school level.The FDA seems to wants no part in regulating the supplement industry.

Either they don't have the resources to test these supplements or they don't want to be deemed responsible for the negative effects of these drugs.This is especially becoming a problem with high school athletes, who are the most impressionable and naïve market for both natural supplements and energy boosting products.

If you look in any convenience store today you will find energy drinks, powders, and pills promoting the benefits of additional energy.

They are loaded with natural supplements like ginseng and they are also loaded with caffeine.

Caffeine, taken in large amounts has been shown in increase heart rates and blood pressure.To make the problem worse is the pressure put on high school athletes to gain an advantage so their teams will win more games.

Pressure is put on them by both parents and coaches.

Coaches also put too much importance on winning, sometimes at any cost.

Some parents have been known to provide creatine, and other product like it to their children.

Unfortunately, some parents live vicariously through their kids and want them to be superstars.Some coaches even give their athletes these supplements.

There have been cases of coaches actually working for supplement companies, so they have an added stake in their distribution.The FDA will not come out and warn about the misuse of energy drinks and performance enhancing supplements.

Some parents fail to take the best interests of their children's health and many high school coaches support their use, despite the stories of these supplements causing medical problems.It is a sad state of affairs when winning has become more important than the safety of our children.

We believe that because the FDA won't come out and regulate these supplements, they are safe.Happening now...

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