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1 semiconductor survival system is changing. Along with the development of semiconductor industry for decades, the manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor demand and service are in change, from the manufacturer, the demand level by reference to the design of components, rising overall solutions, including hardware, software, and even appearance etc of industrial design, it put forward higher requirement of semiconductor manufacturers, On the other hand, semiconductor suppliers to face more challenges, including higher integration, lower power consumption, lower cost. Based on these requirements, the extensive cooperation will become a necessity. For example, a semiconductor company may need with dozens of even hundreds of software vendors, cooperate, launched a platform to meet the demand of application. In this respect, hoping China semiconductor manufacturers in the local industry to develop extensive cooperation, the characteristics of the forming, quickly establishing joint its brand image. cheap chinese wholesale, cheap electronics china
2 the importance of platform solutions and industry acceptance is more and more obvious. Leading semiconductor companies have launched a distinctive products, its advantage platform reflected in strong function, a wide range of third-party software and hardware support, product of continuity and upgrade, etc. From the perspective of the trend of development of industry of a single device, when we to higher integration development process, the platform solutions is necessarily resulted in broad platform, especially those on the concept of the ramifications for specific vertical markets such as the platform solutions, depending on the application, audio frequency, display applications. china electronic wholesale,china elektronik shop
3 and reliable, high efficiency and low consumption of power system are the permanent pursuit. Some of the leading from the current power semiconductor manufacturers solutions, in small power applications, improve efficiency and reduce cost is still the main. For high-power application, will undoubtedly become mainstream, phase in the application server, telecommunications equipment has obvious to see this trend. Energy-saving products has become into Europe and other developed countries, the related regulations of pass in and standard of the industry, the use of advanced energy-saving technology in semiconductor lighting electric control, main power field of energy saving 30% to 50%. china shop electronics,electronics for cheap
4 programmable devices and techniques and platform semiconductor solutions form more intense competition situation, and promote the FPGA/CPLD device, and further enhance the density of the new device for specific applications. Rapid updating cycle of product and continuous upgrading made programmable devices for the rapid development of the sample, and the emerging electronic products, will keep its flexibility, fast, while the advantages of rapid growth and maturation stage, programmable device company strategy is a low cost programmable devices or similar device to mask the ASIC further extended its product life cycle. And this is the interest for manufacturers can seamlessly, and successfully transplanted code into mass production. cheap iphone wholesale,cheapest iphone accessories
5 EDA tools and semiconductor IP becomes the important semiconductor industry development support powers. Semiconductor process to 45nm and 65nm 90nm 32nm until the process, greatly increases the complexity, and other chips using CMOS technology needs, such as analog rf circuit, DFM, and EDA tools, etc, to DFT put forward higher request. SiP is semiconductor manufacturers can be considered an important model. Meanwhile, the semiconductor industry, especially some IP is widely recognized as the core, the rapid release of IC (single IP core or IP core) a shortcut. electronic shop china,electronics china
6 simulator thing still everywhere. The wireless connections, digital home of portable digital products fashionable audio circuits, power management, signaling pathways that highlights the importance of simulator, we see the growing trend is in the digital world created more simulation application, amplifiers, ADC and DAC/interface is obvious example. In the future, we should pay more attention to the simulation and digital devices is how will continuously fused the development process. china wholesale iphone,dsi modul shop china
7. Information encryption system is the identity authentication, information confidential information, complete and information guarantee confirmation. PKI encryption algorithm, and can provide the security of data, and combining the smart CARDS and PKI storage solutions, through encrypted "card" and "key" common use, can further enhance the safety reliability. At the same time, the biological keys, quantum key encryption methods and other in progress.
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