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Since the 1990s, a series of technical breakthroughs made great changes took place in the Internet, e-commerce and e-business arises in business activities, direct indirect effects on all aspects of the social economy. International trade development trend of electronic is. From a foreign trade enterprise implements the necessity and advantages of e-commerce, the international e-commerce trade industry and to promote foreign trade enterprises, and puts forward how to use electronic commerce should develop international market and the problems that should pay attention to in.
In the field of international trade and e-commercechina electronic,china cheap electronics
ELECTRONIC COMMERCE from English, business objectives of EC. Just as its name implies, its content includes two aspects: one is the electronic means, Second is the business activities. E-commerce is simple, fast and low cost of electronic communication, both parties not met for various business activities.
In the field of international trade e-commerce is part of the electronic commerce system, but it is the most important part of the world, is the e-business strategy formulation. It refers to the international trade field, abandon traditional transaction mode, use simple, quick and low cost of electronic communication, negotiation and signing from the payment and delivery to the whole, to greatly improve the electronic trading china wholesale,china store electronics
From the perspective of international trade, the content in the field of electronic business can be divided into two parts: the tangible and intangible indirect products trade products direct trade. The former refers to the way to handle through electronic business, orders, invoices and receipts, etc and tangible goods trade related activities, The latter refers to electronically, especially the international telecommunications network, to sell the consulting report, computer software, nc program can through the network transmission and can be stored in some way to the intangible of Commodity Exchange all process.iphone china store,wholesale ipod parts
From the perspective of international trade field, the method of the main electronic tools to electronic commerce is the information network. As the Internet and computer network information processing technology such as electronic data interchange technology EDI. EDI is a kind of computer technology, the application of this technology trading partners according to the agreement, to advance the economic information according to a standard format, and these data through the computer network, the electronic computer application in their exchanged between system and automatic processing. Trading partners can send orders by EDI, inquire about commodity information, accept orders, transport of goods and bank accounts, etc. Namely, trade and related formalities can not use paper documents in the circumstances, so the EDI is generally called cashless trading.wholesale ipod,cheap electronics online
From the characteristics of international trade, in the field of electronic commerce must use standard format to complete information exchange. First, it will orders, invoices and other business and administration of standardization documents through the FanYiQi, thereby files with structured, can be identified or computer data file format, Then through the communication network to trade partners or trade related departments within the computer, Finally to accept by computer automatic completion of treatment, FanYiQi through the files can be converted into computer identification of company file format. Therefore in international economic activities using EDI, in principle in the process need not produce any paper documents, so as to realize the paperless trading.
Second, the foreign trade enterprise implements the necessity of e-commerce. cheap ipads from china,wholesale mp3 players
1 foreign trade enterprises through the electronic commerce to international trade increasingly international method, also is the need to adapt to the environment changes
As the United States, Singapore, eu countries have e-commerce solutions, e-commerce has begun to replace traditional trade ways. With the increase of economic openness, any enterprise is in a changing environment. The network technique is a means of exchange to major changes. Original letter, fax to the evolution of communication will electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic order, online order to develop. Face-to-face talks will evolve into widlife distance network, which changes the business negotiations, the foreign enterprise to work more quickly and efficiently to standardization international operation. 2 is tra arency. The Internet makes customer data will operate, transparency, it becomes open will make more competitive, while broadening service channel and improve the quality of our service. china electronic shop,chinese electronics store
And e-commerce, as a kind of new technology and new business model, are significantly change the state of the macroeconomic environment in the pattern of competition, the industry and enterprise internal management system. Along with the global economy integration, Chinese foreign trade enterprise faces unprecedented fierce competition, not only the requirement of the trade in China's foreign trade enterprise management concept, short-term change more requirements for Chinese enterprises in the short term rapid change management methods. Today is the age of the Internet, the Internet using Internet browser software technology implementing e-commerce is an inevitable trend. Severe forms can be described as "either e-commerce, otherwise no business affairs can."
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