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Cheat And Eat Anything You Want

Cheat And Eat Anything You Want

Posted by skinny13
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Imagine being able to reduce your calories by up to 25% without changing your eating habits at all - that is the power of CHEAT!

In a recent study participants who used Cheat lost 169% more weight than participants who didn't use Cheat. Participants who used Cheat lost an average of nearly 8 pounds in 30 days, without changing their diet or exercise regime.

Cheat blocks calories from virtually any food. And because Cheat only activates in your digestive system, it won't change the taste or texture of the foods you love - From burgers to pizza, pancakes to omelets, steaks to pasta, even ice cream, once you sprinkle it on, you won't know it's there.

In fact, Cheat is so versatile, you can even bake with it. Simply sprinkle Cheat into your cake mix or cookie dough and cut up to 25% of the calories out of your baked goods. Be careful though, before you know it your friends and co-workers will be begging you to share your Cheat.

Cheat can be used with any solid food, but because of Cheat amazing properties, it should not be used with any liquids, such as soups or sauces.

Cheat goes to work immediately to reduce by up to 25% the calories in the foods you eat. Remember though, you can't lose weight if you increase the amount you eat with Cheat.

The Cheat story starts with the Konjac plant. Native to tropical eastern Asia. It was originally introduced to Japan as a medicine in the 6th century and has been eaten there for almost 1,500 years.

Konjac is made up almost entirely of water and the dietary fiber Glucomannan. Glucomannan is extremely difficult for humans to digest and has virtually no calories and no fat. It has been shown to help normalize cholesterol levels, prevent high blood pressure and normalize the level of sugar in the blood. For these reasons, it has come to be regarded as a health food in Japan.

Both Konjac and Glucomannan have interested scientists as potential weight loss aides. Clinical evidence suggests glucomannan may be beneficial in weight loss because it promotes feelings of fullness while traveling through the digestive tract.

Aware of the various benefits of Konjac, from Konnyaku - the scientists at CNI began an effort to develop a way to unlock the power of this amazing natural plant. What interested us the most was that Konjac forms a gel-like mass which moves safely and harmlessly through the digestive track preventing any of its contents from being absorbed by the body. If this gel could be combined with our food, would it not be possible to also trap some of the food content in the gel and have it pass through the digestive system without being absorbed by the body?

After considerable technical innovation, we developed a method a unique method for crystallizing the Konjac so that it could be sprinkled onto food without effecting the taste or texture. When the Cheat crystals reach the intestine, the protective coating breaks down forming the gel that traps up to 25% of our food.

The secret to Cheat is the patent pending process we use to micro-encapsulate our remarkable all-natural fiber. Normally, calories, fats and nutrients start to be absorbed by your body in your small intestine. However, when food mixed with Cheat reaches your small intestine, the encapsulation breaks down and Cheat is released to form a gel that traps a portion of the food. This gel, along with the food it traps, is not absorbed by your body, and instead passes harmlessly through your digestive tract.

The next step was to ensure that the additive was safe, was free of debilitating side effects and most importantly was effective. Extensive clinical trials were conducted and the results were AMAZING! Cheat has none of the embarrassing side effects common to fat blockers.

This clinical trial, conducted through an independent, accredited testing laboratory showed that Cheat removed an astounding 25% of the calories from the diet of the group that used the product as compared against a similar group using a placebo.


Losing Weight Has Just Become as Easy as Using a Salt Shaker!

No one has EVER seen anything that successfully eliminates 25% of the calories ingested! There is no deprivation or denial, just a simple, healthy way to lose 6 - 12 lbs in 2 - 4 weeks.

The CNI LIFE Team proudly recommends the most powerful, results-driven product to ever hit the Weight Loss Industry.

Even if you are not over weight, you know many who are and they would LOVE to lose weight without the struggle, anxiety and dieting disappointments.

Go ahead - Cheat and Eat! CHEAT is the world's first food sprinkle that:

Eliminates 25% of calories eaten
Clinically proven to reduce weight*
Tasteless and Effective
Patent Pending

*In a clinical study, participants lost an average of eight pounds in 30 days without changing their diet. Individual results may vary.

Cheat: prices range from $26 to $43.20, two sizes available

Free sign up for business opportunity at:

For any questions on CHEAT or the Core4 Nutrient Fusion System, call Maureen at (970) 433-7207

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