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Cerina Vincent

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It Waits Movie Review Written by: wolfsoul4 A distraught young woman has decided to pursue an isolated career as a park ranger, in an effort to escape the metropolitan surroundings that lead to the death of a beloved friend.

With just her and her friend's pet parrot to keep her company, Danielle St.

Clair is enjoying her new life of quiet solitude.

Unfortunetly she is not quite alone.

In the depths of the forest lurks an intelligent and sadistic flesh eating beast, the personification of an ancient native american legend.

It feeds on negative energy and is instantly drawn to the depressed girl, igniting a cat-and-mouse duel of wits that will end with only one of them still breathing!In other words...a chronically depressed park ranger finds herself being menaced by a winged montrosity with a taste for flesh and a craving for human suffering."You f**ked up, bi*ch!" - Cerina VIncent to the beast after it flies off and leaves her alone with a cell phone!It Waits....lame title for anything other then a goofy movie spoof a la Eight Legged Freaks...although the title is quite accurate in the fact that the viewer will do a lot of waiting in this in waiting for something remotely exciting to occur! This is a flick that has tons of poetential to be a true gem....Cerina Vincent (last seen in Intermedio) is a fine actress with tons of appeal, the cinematography is downright gorgeous, the parrot sidekick is cute, the gore (though sparse) looks ugly and disgusting, the monster has a fun sense of sadistic humor, the native american roots are promising and the whole cat and mouse angle could work what went wrong to make this film so...average and forgettable?In essence there's only one really fatal flaw that just kills the's too danged slow! And anything that comes close to remotely resembling action is usually just very tame and unintresting.

The movie takes about 35 minutes to warm up.

All the exposition ties us into Danielle's traumatized past where it is revealed she is responsible for the death of a good friend.

We meet some useless side characters, get familiar with the settings etc.


All this time, our antagonist is busy vandilizing the area by leaving big scratch marks and not much else.We finally get to see the beast in full eventually and she (yes, she) is quite disappointing.

Far too near to the spectrum of "silly" and not scary at all.

Just imagine a cross between The Creeper and The Ice Queen....oh wait...never seen Ice Queen? Ok picture, The Creeper without his clothes, make the hair longer, give it an elongated Pumpkinhead stlye skull and give it a lithe female build and stance.

Voila, you have the Wakinyah in a nutshell.

Oh and she flies too! It's a shame that this monster, one with a cool backstory and an awesome sense of sadistic humor, would be so goofy looking.

I didn't buy it .Once the action begins to ramp up, it still fails to impress.

It's difficult to explain, I think the ratio of exposition related downtime to actual onscreen action is just far too low.

Possibly the most dynamic and successful aspect of the film is the relationship between Danny and the Wakinyah.

Only once does the film deviate from our core group of characters and thats just for an excuse to up the body count.

Aside from that, virtually the whole film focuses on Danny and her struggle to overcome her guilt and inner demons.

Thus, all this negative energy draws the demon that craves human suffering and ill feelings and it becomes fixated on Danny until it can sample her flesh...trouble is, she's safe and sound up in her ranger station so the beast just decides to torment her mentally! The Wakinyah's favorite method of messing with Danny is murdering her friends and stringing up the bodies to create a peek-a-boo surprise for the young ranger! In the film's most diabolical, sickest and hilarious scene, Danny buries three bodies and leaves, only to return and find the freshly excavated bodies posed in a banquet scenario!� The bloody,disembowled corpses are propped up on chairs, holding forks and they look like they are eating a severed head.

Awesome! And these mind games Cat-n-mouse mentality works very well.

Also, as I previously stated, the setting looks undeniably beautiful and the other subtext involving a woman vs.

a female monster is clever as well.

Despite these admittedly awesome high lights, the film is just ultimately too dull in the long run.

If the intensity and the action was upped just a bit and the chit chat toned down, we would have one hell of a clever and fun little film...although we'd still have to contend with the stupid looking monster! The unmercilessly slow pace and silly looking villain even out the monster's slick personality, lush settings and clever subtexts.

It emerges as an average flick that is worth a rental but nothing more than that.I really wanted to like this film, but when I fell asleep and actually had to rewatch the thing in the morning...well something's just not right.

It's got a lot of great ideas and several of them are executed very well, but the dullness of the end product just outright kills any incentive for a purchase.

But ultimately, it could have been worse.

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