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Posted by cdmadl
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Cdmadl.Com company is a big producer and wholesaler of parts for cell phone and other accessories established in 2004. We are offering an extensive product range and different remarks. our main series are Flex cable, mobile phone LCD Screen , Housings , Battery etc. The remarks we usual carry are: original new, high quality copy Grade A, high quality copy, Renovation new etc. Usually, we will quote the best price for our customers according to their quantity and remarks they need.

For Motorola series from

VE66 EM35 Aura Q 11VE538 RAZR2 V9x ZN200 W396 W231 EM30 EM28 EM25 VE75 ZN5 A1600 A1800 A810 W388 Z9 Z6w Z6c W181 W177 W161 W270 W230 U9 RIZR Z10 ROKR E8 W377 W213 W180 W160 V1100 PEBL U3 RAZR2 V9 RAZR2 V8 ROKR W5 W490 W395 W380 W360 W218 RIZR Z8 KRZR K3 SLVR L9 Q 9h Q 8 W510 W215 A1200 A388c A6188 A630 A668 A728 A732 A760 A768i A780 A780 A830 A835 A840 A910 A920 A925 C980 E1000 E1060 E1070 E1120 E365 E375 E378i E380 E398 E680 E680i E770 E895 KRZR K1 KRZR K3 L2 L6 MOTOFONE F3 MPx MPx100 MPx200PEBL U3 PEBL U6 Q 8 Q 9h RAZR Maxx V6 RAZR V3 V3c V3M RAZR V3i RAZR V3xx RAZR2 V8 RAZR2 V9 RIZR Z10 RIZR Z3 RIZR Z8 ROKR E1 ROKR E2 ROKR E6 ROKR W5 ROKR Z6 SLVR L7 SLVR L7e SLVR L9 T720 T720i T725 U9 V100 V1050 V1100 V150 V171 V176 V180 V186 V188 V191 V195 V220 V226 V230 V230 V235 V290 V291 V295 V300 V303 V360 V361 v3c v3m V3x V400p V50 V500 V501 V525 V535 V547 V555 V557 V560 V60 V600 V60i V620 V635 V66 V66i V690 V70 V750 V80 v8088 V872 V878 V975 V980 W160 W161 W180 W181 W205 W208 W209 W213 W215 W218 W220 W230 W270 W360 W375 W377 W380 W395 W490 W510 Z6c Z6w Z9 V9m k1m Q Q9m VE240 W260g Hint QA30 ZINE ZN5 ACTV W450 i576 i776 Krave ZN4 Rapture VU30 VU204 W376 / W377 i365 / i365IS RAZR VE20 Adventure V750 Renegade V950 W755 Z6w W175 Z9 i570 ROKR E8 W375 W395 Z6c World Edition i335 SLVR L9 / L72 ROKR U9 Sidekick Slide ic602 Buzz+ i425 RIZR Z6tv Q9m / Q9c RAZR V3a / V3s C168i RAZR2 V9m W385 ROKR Z6m RAZR2 V9 / V9x ic902 Deluxe RAZR2 V8 ROKR Z6 W490 / W510 / W5 W370 RAZR maxx Ve Q Global / Q9h SLVR L7e / L7i / L71 RAZR V3xx ic402 Blend ic502 Buzz i880 / i885 V365 SLVR L7c W315 KRZR K1 KRZR K1m RIZR Z3 i670 RAZR V3m i580 C290 V195 / V197 A1200 / MING C139 V177 V176 C261 / C257 Q ROKR E2 V235 RAZR V3i / V3t / V3e / V3r RAZR V3c V190 i870 / i875 i930 / i920 V323 / V325 / V323i / V325i ROKR E1 i450 / i455 i415 PEBL U6 V540 i560 V360 / V361 i850 / i855 i760 L6 L2 i355 i275 i605 / i615 SLVR L7 i285 i215 V170 / V171 / V173 C381p A668 E815 / E816 Hollywood V635 i265 MPx C155 V535 / V545 / V550 / E550 i860 i325 i315 E68 0 / E680i V620 V551 / V330 / V547 / V555 / V557 A780 RAZR V3 V265 / V266 / V276 MPx220 V260 / V262 V65p A630 MPx100 A845 C380 i830 / i833 / i835 / i836 V80 V60v V220 A840 V180 / V186 / V188 C650 E398 V710 T300p C370 / C450 C250 / C256 V690 V878 T725e i530 V810 i305 V400 E310 V300 V600 A835 E380 V60t Color MPx200 V500 / V525 / V505 C353t C343 / C343a / C341 T730 / T731c i730 / i733 / i710 / i720 / i740 388c i205 v60p / v60s A920 C350g / C353 / C359 (GSM) C333 (CDMA) v60x A830 i35s T720i / T722i
(GSM) v120e i60c T191 i95cl / i99cl i30sx C331t C332 / C331g / C333 (GSM) T720 (CDMA) T720 / T721 (GSM) T280
i v66i v60i (GSM) / v60gi v60i (TDMA) / v60ti v60i (CDMA) / v60ci / v60ic v120t v70 v120x A388 i85s / i88s i50sx i55sr / i58sr A6288 i90c v200 i80s v60g v66 Talkabout T193 / T193m v60t A009 Timeport P280 v120c i2000plus v60c v100 Timeport 270c Timeport P7382i Zine ZN5

Deling Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Tel:86-20-62881255 Fax:86-20-62796035 Mobile:8613710655055
Emai/MSN: [email protected] [email protected]
Deling electronics Co.Ltd.(mobile phone accessories) ready to serve you.
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