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Best Life Diet

Best Life Diet

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Oprah Winfrey has struggled with yo-yo dieting for years, and let us all watch her go through it on national television.

One diet she saw success with and which helped her beat her food demons (at least for a while) is Bob Greene's Best Life Diet."Diet" is a bit of a misnomer; however, as the plan stresses lifestyle changes instead of a diet that you stick with until you lose weight and then abandon.

Rather than exercising simply to lose weight, it emphasizes exercise as an important part of day-to-day living.

It also doesn't ask its followers to avoid carbohydrates; rather it encourages them to replace more processed carbs like white bread with healthier whole-grain bread.The plan is about making better choices, and unlike other diets that enforce a strict first stage, the Best Life Diet promotes gradual changes.Phase 1• The first phase of the diet lasts four weeks.• Do not eat two hours before going to bed at night.• Drink a lot of water and refrain from consuming alcohol.• Portion your food into three meals and one snack daily.• Incorporate daily supplements into your lifestyle.• Move more than you are used to doing.Phase 2• The second phase is the weight loss stage and lasts at least four weeks (longer if you have a lot of weight to lose).• Remove six problem foods from your diet.• Increase your daily physical activity.• Control physical and emotional eating as well as portion sizes.• A weekly weigh-in is a part of this stage as well.Phase 3• This stage is intended to last for life.• Maintain eating habits from previous stages, and increase vegetables consumption.• Eliminate or at least severely limit intake of certain foods.• Allow yourself a small number of "anything goes" calories.• Exercise daily.Dieticians adore the best life diet because it is packed with sound nutritional advice.

In fact, it is filled with what people have known all along â€" eat healthier and move more to lose weight and maintain a healthy physique.

And while that is no surprise, the fact that it obviously worked so well for such a visible public figure might encourage people to give it a try.That is where the problem with the plan truly lies.

Most people will try a diet in order to determine if it will give them results, and since the first phase of the Best Life Diet is not really designed as the weight loss stage, many people won't stick with it beyond the initial trial.

Once a person decides to lose weight, they have an emotional need to see results fast, and that is simply unlikely with this plan.

Couple that with the fact that while Oprah was able to talk to Bob Greene whenever she needed to, others who follow his plan don't have that option.

The Best Life Diet is definitely a sound weight loss plan and promotes a healthy lifestyle, but for people who either need to see results immediately or who can't manage to stick to the plan for life, it may not be the best option.
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