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Best Buy Generac Portable Generator : Generac 5606 Xp Series Xp8000e

Best Buy Generac Portable Generator : Generac 5606 Xp Series Xp8000e

Posted by amazonpromotion
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Best Buy Generac Portable Generator : Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E 12,000 Watt 410cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator With Electric Start (Non-CARB Compliant) Save Today! in USA, Buy It Now!!!

Generac Portable Generatorr : Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E 12,000 Watt 410cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator With Electric Start (Non-CARB Compliant)
Products by : Generac
Rating :
Price on May 04, 2010 09:10:44 : $1,599.00
Best Price : $1,299.00
Availability : Usually ships in 1-2 business days

I bought this fourteen hours before we lost power for 182 hours. OPERATIONIt's very simple to operate. You could easily show a child. It was easy to fill. If you accidentally spill a little fuel it doesn't end up over the control panel or the muffler. There is easily accessible first-stage fuel filter in the filling area. Very nice feature. It has an hour meter which is very handy. I like the options for plugging items in. They give you a very nice 25-foot extension cord for the 30 Amp circuit. VERY nice. PORTABILITYIt is very portable...easy to roll and maneuver. It is heavy. Two good-sized male adults or three people to load and unload from a pickup truck. One person can easily lift one side to maneuver over a curb.Easy to assemble. All you have to do is add the wheels, add oil, add fuel. The fold-down handles are VERY solid and just a really nice feature. I rested my garage door on the frame so I could have the muffler outside.NOISEYou are not going to have long conversations around it. It's louder than my 650 but it's supposed to be. I did not feel it was too loud but I'm sure someone makes one that is more quiet.FUEL EFFICIENCYWe ran a 1,500 watt heater, a TV/satellite receiver, two notebook computers, a wireless Ethernet router, a satellite modem, a 300 watt light, a 150 watt light, a 250 watt infrared lamp, a livestock heated water bucket for the miniature donkeys and a heated water dish and heated blanket for the barn cat and our large GE fridge. Plus we used a few other items on occasion but everything above was on all the time. I filled the tank as full as I could...over-filling it according to their instructions so it probably has a little more than eight gallons. We ran it for 14.5 hours and it was still running when we turned it off for the night.I've always liked the Generac name and have had a good experience with them. They give you everything you need for your first maintenance. They give you a paper funnel. So if you buy this while the power is out you can get it up and running quickly.Negatives: Noise, the oil level "dipstick" Good unit after replacement, so-so customer support - ML - To start, in my updated review I would bump this to 4 stars if ratings editing were possible.Like another reviewer here, I am the proud owner of a 10+ year old Generac Portable Generator 4000xl. That model ran great the entire time I've had it, though is not quite powerful enough to start my well pump without struggling. I've wanted a bigger unit for some time and last December's ice storm here gave me a good reason, so I went with a name I already knew and trusted. I also decided to go with the XP over the GP for the "True Power" technology, though I'm having difficulty determining how that actually works as nobody at Generac Portable Generator Customer Support can explain it to me other than "it cleans up the power". Anyways, I bought my unit at Lowes as they have it for a much better price that Northern Tools. the model number for Lowes is 5708 (vs 5606 from Northern Tools) though they are the same machine from the same assembly line. Everything out of the box was easy. Nice packaging, easy setup, others have already stated. So I was hopeful. Before starting I picked up some synthetic 5W30, got everything ready to go. I then checked the air filter to make sure my prefilter was lined up correctly per suggestions here and found that there was no prefilter. I called Generac about this and they stated there is not supposed to be one, which is a little confusing as others here have stated that their units came with a prefilter. So anyways, I started the unit and it seemed to surge up and down for a few seconds until I adjusted the choke. Surge went away and I pushed the choke all the way in and she was up and running fine. I let her run for about 15 min then put a small load on it...everything seemed fine. Took off the small load and went to power up my 3/4 HP well pump (I believe it draws about 4500W to start...well within this Genset's ability) and the gen started the pump but for about 10 seconds after the start, the engine on the genset surged up and down...almost as if it were starved for fuel. "Well this aint good" I thought. It evened out finally but I'm sure it was NOT good for my well pump...certainly would not be good for any electronics that may have been attached. So I reproduced the problem several more times and called Generac. Their customer support, while polite, had no useful advice other than "take it to a dealer." I called my local dealer who will look at it even though I bought it at Lowes (the local dealer doesn't sell XPs). He stated it sounds like it needs some carb adjusting. So that's where I'm at....I dropped 50 on a brand new generator and right out of the box it runs poorly. Generacs's response..."we have your money, we can't help you." The only other idea I've come up with is due partially to what another reviewer stated....the air filter precleaner. Since mine did not come with one, and the lack of a precleaner could cause the engine to run lean, I may try installing one ({CustomerReview1}.55 at the local dealer) to see if that helps out. The Rep at Generac did state that there should not be one (even though other folks have them in their units and the instruction manuals clearly state that your prefilter should be cleaned) but I'm a little leery regarding Generac Customer Support's level of knowledge. I'm giving this 2 stars for now because I'm hopeful that it may be a simple carb adjustment and nothing more. I expect a Generac GN engine to run flawlessly, not run like a cheap Chinese knockoff. Fortunately there is a parts and labor warranty for this unit and other than my time trailering this thing to the store and back, it should end up working out okay. I should have been able to give this 5 stars as I did with my 4000XL many moons ago, but Generac's extremely weak customer support and the fact that this should have been adjusted correctly out of the box has made that impossible. If my local dealer needs to send any charges my way, I will certainly be taking it up with Generac Management as this unit should not need ANY adjustment out of the box. I have already shot them an email asking management to contact me about this issue. I'm not too hopeful for a response. UPDATE 9/2/09I picked up a prefilter from the local dealer and it made no difference as far as how the engine would surge under a heavy load. I spoke with the company that installed my well pump and they informed me that starting watts for the pump will run around 4000W - well within this Generator's means. Also, never received a reply from Generac Portable Generator Customer Support. Looks like I'm stuck taking it in for an adjustment at a local service center. Update 9/4/09I received a call from the rep at Lowes who sold me this unit. We talked about how poorly it was performing and he thought it was likely due to the carb setting at the factory. Since you can't adjust the carb yourself anymore (thanks for nothing, EPA) there is not much that could be done other than returning it or bringing it to a service center and HOPE that Generac would cover the adjustment. He therefore offered me a swap for another unit he had in stock. The new unit works great. No more hunting under load. It also sounds better while running and the voltage is a steady 120/240. As an aside, I opened up the air filter and a prefilter is in fact installed...this after the Generac Rep insisted "the instruction manual is wrong, it should not have a prefilter." Whatever, no harm done outside the loss of some time and 2 quarts of Synthetic oil. If I could update the rating I would bump it to a 4. I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for Generac Customer Support's lack of knowledge.

Best Buy Generac Portable Generator : Generac 5606 XP Series XP8000E 12,000 Watt 410cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator With Electric Start (Non-CARB Compliant) for Sale Features

Covered outlets for protection from the environmentTrue Power utility quality electrical output for sensitive electronicsSteel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge12,000 Surge Watts/8,000 Rated WattsNon-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

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