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Bedbugs Are More Terrifying Than Ever!!

Bedbugs Are More Terrifying Than Ever!!

Posted by bedbugs205
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Hasn't mother ever told you to never pick up a hitchhiker? Well then you must be assertive to the most common one of them all, Bed Bugs!

BedBugs are a full year resident so being prepared and aware is your full time job. A Bed Bug infestation can leave a victim with over 500 bites, and though these bites cause no illnesses they are very disturbing. A bite can be recognized by redness and itching, but before you need to know about that you should know about way to keep yourself protected.

There are many simple ways a person can protect themselves, one being by just doing laundry. Bed Bugs cannot withstand the high levels of heat, so a dryer is capable of being a defense mechanism. Instead of waiting to do laundry until the pile is big, do it right away so no hitchhikers make their way out of your clothes and around your home.

Another great tool is the new Bed Bug Patch which is new to market. It is relatively inexpensive and it helps to reduce the levels of CO2 which you emit and which Bed Bugs are attracted to.

This quote is directly from their site:

"The Bed Bug Patch works by reducing and offsetting the levels of CO2 emitted out through your skin. It puts to use Vitamin B1 to mask the Bed Bug attracting scent. That scent which resonates outward through your skin, gets blocked by an essential barrier that is insulated by the use of our patch. Still confused? Well to simplify it, the Vitamin that is taken in from the patch is released back out through your pores, which acts as a buffer over your skin to mask your scent."

For more you can check out their site at

Being assertive of your surrounding is also something all should be aware of, though Bed Bugs can be found in the most lavish of places, you should still look around before you spend your time there.

If you have any further questions of any of the topics below please feel free to reach out

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