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Balance Oriental Health Centre

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Professor Chen originated the Peripatetic Acupuncture. During the acupuncture, the internal environment of more than 98% of the volunteers changes rapidly in a short time, normally between 2 and 30 minutes. The temperature of a certain parts of the body, or even the entire body produces great changes. Note: It has been confirmed through advanced instruments such as Infrared Imaging System and etc. Many experimental studies have been done both in the Infrared Imaging Laboratory of Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. and Austrian National Hospital Lab. Generally speaking cooling method can make the body temperature down between three to six degrees while warming method can make body temperature rise in 2 degrees. It can also make abnormal harmful emotion recover quickly, for instance, furiousness which is always leading to high mortality rate can be calmed in one to five minutes. Lab results show the changes. For example, wrinkle microcirculation under the nail is improved and the alpha wave of EEG recovers orderliness. And the mechanism is the recovery of multiple organ functions. The Peripatetic Acupuncture is not only an innovative and high effective treating technique, but also may be a carrier. Under the participation of it ,the qi can easily get into the zang-fu organs or tissues, such as head, brain, kidney, liver, uterus, ovaries, joints, etc. It works by making the qi rotate in the above organs or tissues and leads to a sense of comfort or sensible very high efficacy in them, such as immediate alleviation of asthma, disappearance of the joints pain .

It help recover rapidly which has seductive prospects.

First, heat reinforcing acupuncture technique. It can make the temperature of local region rise and thus the circulation improved. It has the effect of heat reinforcing and detoxification. Through the effects, it can make the depressed function restored, which includes liver problem, uremia, hypothyroidism, depressed immunity, fatigue syndrome, etc.

Second, cooling reducing acupuncture technique. It can make the temperature of local region decline. It has the effect of excessive heat elimination and detoxification. It is suitable for all the problems needing reducing which include fever (high fever, low fever,), hot flashes due to yin deficiency , hyperhidrosis, hyperthyroidism, herpes zoster, liver-yang hyperactivity( including irritability). Under special circumstances, great extent of cooling can provide protection to the organs, tissues and cells.

Third, based on the state of the illness, the Peripatetic Acupuncture can give reinforcing, reducing or combined application of both reinforcing and reducing and thus make the inner environment change rapidly. The inner environment includes nervous system, the immune system, circulation system, endocrine system and lymph system. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine it includes organs, tissues, emotions, etc. The speed of restoring the dynamic balance between Yin and Yang is so fast that it brings surprise to us. The technique can bring efficacy that it's unlikely or impossible for the other acupuncture techniques to make.

In order to make the new originated highly effective technology better widely serve patients who are in need of it, comparison is welcomed, honesty first (no comparison, no identification).

First:After treatment, the objective tests and other index of the patient would be improved or normalized. The speed and amplitude of the improvement can be compared.

Second: The subjective symptoms of disease would be alleviated. The extend of the alleviation and the time that it cost can be compared.

Third: During the treatment of the Peripatetic Acupuncture there will be obvious temperature fluctuation, a feeling of Qi rotating in viscera and etc, no pain but special comfort instead. It is so unique that no other acupuncture techniques can achieve.

Fourth:The special efficacy of the Peripatetic Acupuncture in treating many difficult diseases such as renal damage (middle term uremia) etc, can be compared with efficacy of the other acupuncture technique.

Fifth: The Peripatetic Acupuncture based on overall adjustment of the body has unique stimulation methods. It can treat many problems with high efficacy through a selection of only a few acupoints. It provides new ideas and renews conceptions. And thus the mode, method and treatment instruments of stimulating the meridianal acupoints can be changed. The advantages can be absorbed in theoretical innovation and clinical application, so that the western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine can do their best and complement each other in some new technological areas in the future. The areas include Restoring functions under quasihibernation of the damaged zang-fu organs, Seek and Application of genetic engineering of TCM meridians and even some pain problems in space exploration field. Upon the above, the Peripatetic Acupuncture can lay a solid foundation for such high-end researches and it has been creating an unique way in space diseases treatment and prevention.

Welcome to experience the miraculous, painless and effective treatment!

Balance Oriental Health Centre

33 Old Brompton Road
South Kensington
United Kingdom

Mon-Sun 10:00am to 10:00pm

(We are next to the Royal bank of Scotland)

Less than 1 min from South Kensington Tube station

Phone 02075892292

E-mail [email protected]

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