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Annelid Worms

Annelid Worms

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� Candlelight Vigil Planned as Police Chief Floats 'Gay Panic' Defense in Violent Bar Raid in Fort Worth, Texas | Main | Wisconsin Expecting Rush as Domestic Partnerships Become Law � 07/01/2009 Is Something Scary Living in the Sewers of North Carolina?Anybody see the horror movie C.H.U.D.

in 1984? Well, it seems Raleigh, North Carolina may have its very own 'cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller' living in its sewers.

Okay, maybe neither humanoid nor cannibalistic.

This clip, which was allegedly shot by a sewer-cam, has inspired curiosity and nausea, and experts say they have an explanation:"They are clumps of annelid worms, almost certainly tubificids (Naididae, probably genus Tubifex).

Normally these occur in soil and sediment, especially at the bottom and edges of polluted streams.

In the photo they have apparently entered a pipeline somehow, and in the absence of soil they are coiling around each other."Just hope they don't mutate.Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...Sphere: Related Content Posted 11:07 AM EST by Andy in News, North Carolina | Permalink Like it? Subscribe to FREE Towleroad daily headlines with our RSS feed! ...

or by Email RECENT STORIES:Towleroad Guide to the Tube #502News: Amsterdam, Oraine Barrett, DNC, Ants, Gay ApartheidWhich Hole Do You Prefer?School Principal Under Fire for Suggestive Bruno Football ShootMichigan Gay Sex Sting Was 'Bag-a-Fag' Operation, Email RevealsComments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post.

i don't see why this article is here.

i know this is supposed be be about more than gay news for more than gay men, but this article has me mystified.

to demote a police brutality story (in which the chief is now blaming the victims) with a fluff article that has nothing to do with LGBT news other than the possible link to the fact that we have sex using our bowel organs seems way beneath the usual pre-Bruno levels that this blog once aspired to.Posted by: voodoolock | Jul 1, 2009 11:19:45 AM This is cool and kind of weird.

Thanks for the post!Posted by: Reachout | Jul 1, 2009 11:27:33 AM Voodoolock--this makes you think of sex? You must be a fun date.Posted by: kmr76 | Jul 1, 2009 11:29:12 AM @ Voodoolock - God forbid something that isn't gay related pop up...I, for one, welcome our new amorphous blob overlords!this is interesting/gross...I don't mind these kind articles...Posted by: Dubwise | Jul 1, 2009 11:30:04 AM @voodoolockI think knowing the many stages of the republican lifeform, including gestation, is relevant to the topics of this blog.Posted by: sameom | Jul 1, 2009 11:30:25 AM Wait - is that - Glenn Beck?Sorry, couldn't resist.Posted by: TonyG | Jul 1, 2009 11:31:48 AM Voodoo, TR has always been a place where freakish and/or cool nature stories were posted, as long as I've been reading, which has been for years.

We are more than our dicks and our civil rights...not that those aren't important.

This is about curiosity and puzzlement at the world around us.Keep it up TR.Posted by: notshychirev | Jul 1, 2009 11:32:14 AM to voodoolock:please, get over yourself.

that line you just spewed came straight from your sexy bowel organs.

wtf?Posted by: sean revoltah | Jul 1, 2009 11:33:48 AM @voodoolock:Andy regularly posts science-related articles to this blog.

Note the recent postings on the NASA release of moon landing tapes and on the Japanese moon mission.

Posted by: Mark | Jul 1, 2009 11:35:42 AM For real,voodoolock get the fuck over yourself.Goddamn it,Mary Mandeline and the saintsPosted by: Danel | Jul 1, 2009 11:37:52 AM Isn't this the same picture from Katie Couric's on-air colonoscopy?Posted by: crispy | Jul 1, 2009 11:38:38 AM I've alwyys enjoyed it when Andy gets all science geek with posts like this one.

My only complaint with this post is that it's only 8:30 PST.

This was the top post & now I'm off breakfast for a little while!Posted by: hank | Jul 1, 2009 11:39:30 AM lady gaga is takin it underground, GOD she's SOOOoooo groundbreaking! Wow...Wow...what an artistic talent...Posted by: James Anthony | Jul 1, 2009 11:54:31 AM Long live Andy's cryptozoological posts!!!Posted by: Feral | Jul 1, 2009 11:55:25 AM @voodoolockthis post is here because Andy has a long established interest in, and history of posting stories about the natural world, including unusual creatures, and odd /interesting photos/videos.It's one of the things that makes Andy and his blog special and top-notch in my book.Sure, he feeds us occasional eye-candy treats of Ruggers and models, while providing important and vital updates about LGBTQ+ issues and News.

But this blog is one of the most well rounded I've ever read.

It is not and never has been a purely political/activism blog.

there are plenty of other blogs for that.

This one is about MORE than activism, celebrity, music and pretty bodies.Some of us queer folk actually have more...

esoteric interests; and it is nice to have Andy to feed us treats for those as well.Posted by: Dego | Jul 1, 2009 11:59:37 AM "...article that has nothing to do with LGBT news other than the possible link to the fact that we have sex using our bowel organs "Who's bowel organs? My stuff don't look nothin' like that, dammit! And I wouldn't date a man that had a colon looking like that mess.How would I know? Every decent homo keeps a fiber optic camera in their bedroom...for proper inspection, you know.(actually, that was kind of mean of me, wasn't it? Well, if I'd coninuing seeing him if I truly loved hi....oh, bullshit)"Voodoolock"...and to think we practice the same religion.

Keep it up, you may get excommunicated, Babaloa.Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jul 1, 2009 12:09:00 PM "WHOSE WHOSE WHOSE WHOSE bowel organs! WHOSE"I messed up my own joke.

Damn, I wish I was CRISPY--he never makes mistakes in grammar and usage.Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jul 1, 2009 12:15:53 PM I live three blocks from Cameron Village and this makes me WANT TO DIE! Vomit! I can't believe those things are bulging and scampering around right under my exquisitely kept man-feet! :) On a lighter note...

The Harris Teeter at Cameron Village has the hottest men in North Carolina strutting around gathering groceries.

It's like an alternate universe of hot men 24/7! Sometimes it takes me 45minutes just to get eggs because of all the gawking.

:DPosted by: J | Jul 1, 2009 12:15:54 PM Has anyone tried poking it with a stick yet?Posted by: Garst | Jul 1, 2009 12:17:42 PM So there's where my colon polyps went...Posted by: Mr.

E | Jul 1, 2009 12:20:58 PM Someone needs to try poking it with a stick, clearly.Posted by: JeffRob | Jul 1, 2009 12:31:11 PM It's because I don't drink during the day, Derrick.

Well, not much.

:)Posted by: crispy | Jul 1, 2009 12:33:46 PM "It's because I don't drink during the day, Derrick.

Well, not much.

:)Well, then, CRISPY, my dear--you will have to remain Towleroad's best comedian with perfect grammar and spelling because there aint no way I'm giving up my medication.

Hell, without booze I'd have killed someone years ago--hopefully, a gay-basher...

but it coulda' been some evil queen too.I just hate having to replace my bourbon medication with that un-American vodka.

But vodka is perfect for the office place, CRISPY.

No one can smell it.Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jul 1, 2009 1:33:42 PM So good to know this stuff is going on right under my feet.

Literally.Posted by: Will | Jul 1, 2009 1:38:26 PM Five minutes after this was filmed, Andrew Zimmern was there with a fork and some soy sauce to take care of it.

Posted by: paul c | Jul 1, 2009 1:39:25 PM Next (more comments...) » Post a comment Name:Email Address:URL: Remember personal info?Comments:
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