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Affordable Dental Implants

Affordable Dental Implants

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This unique implant system follows a bloodless protocol. A small pilot hole is made directly through the gums. That narrow entrance extends into the bone and provides both a starting point and a directional guidance. No bone drills are utilized! What’s more, the miniature implant is merely inserted into the pilot hole and painlessly screwed into place. The seated implant is then in intimate contact with bone, and can thus be immediately loaded. With x-ray requirement.

Oxyjet Dental Spa

A unique treatment package which performs multiple therapies for total oral care:· Tooth polishing· Gum Masage· Tongue Scrub· Fluoride BathThis type of treatment may be all that’s needed to remove plaque and food particles by controlling the growth of harmful bacteria and by eliminating conditions that courage gum disease. This special procedure mixes air into water stream in the form of micro-bubbles. The effect lasts for 3-6 months and may be done 2-4 times a year.

Tooth Whitening Systems

At-Home Bleaching Kits: Still a supervised procedure. This system consists of placing a bleaching gel in a mouth tray that has been custom-fitted for you and is one that you complete entirely at home.

In-Office Bleaching: The most popular option. The procedure is supervised entirely in the clinic, using either a light or a heat source to speed up the bleaching process.

Enhanced Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic brackets are desired for their aesthetic appeal by patients and approved for their clinical performance by orthodontists. We offer a wide variety of cosmetic options (with x-ray requirement)· Silver alloy brackets· Invisible ceramic brackets that pick up the natural color of your teeth; used by teen actors, models· Durable 24k gold brackets-simply awesome and one-of-a-kind· Lingual brackets for flight attendants, public speakers, statesmen

Orthodontic Essentials

·Re-cement loose molar bands·Replace missing, broken molar bands·Bracket re-attachment· Replace missing, distorted metal brackets· Replace missing, distorted wires

Removable Braces

The patient is required to wear a single-sized, pre-fabricated, orthodontic appliance to· Correct myofunctional bad habits· Treat TMJ disorder in zero chair time· Assists in CLASS II correctionUsed one hour daily plus overnight. X-ray requirement.


The final step in most orthodontic procedures is to prescribe some method of retention until the tissues have stabilized and are able to support the teeth in their new position. Retainers should be comfortable, self-cleaning, easy to maintain, and as inconspicuous as possible. Let’s discuss what’s best for you.

Anti-Snoring Device

This dental office is able to play a very vital role in the treatment of snoring problems as well as in the recognition and treatment of the life threatening condition known as Sleep Apnea - using snore-free devices. The palatal lift appliance has an acrylic button which extends distally to the midpoint of the soft palate and gently “lifts” pendulous tissues, preventing them from vibrating as air passes during sleep. The palatal lift has received clearance for marketing as a medical device for snoring only.

Designer Colored Composite Resins

This composite filling has the advantage of seven attractive colors with glitter effect â€" gold, silver, blue, pink, green, orange, yellow. An all time hit with children to overcome their anxiety with seeing the dentist. Mix and match colors. Choose your own design. Fluoride release.

Mercury Amalgam Removal and Replacement

This clinic promotes a “mercury less” dental practice. Mercury amalgam fillings should be removed only by experienced dentists using the latest mercury amalgam protocol. Proper placement of composite should be left to expert amalgam removal dentists as the average well-meaning general dentist may not be aware of the newer placement techniques. With x-ray requirement.


Indicated for local deep fluoridation, hypersensitive necks of teeth, re-mineralization of enamel, and pediatric caries prophylaxis. Forms fluoride depots for intensive and long-term effect. Pleasant fruity flavor. Economical and simple, high yield, hygienic, quick.

Hypo-Allergenic Dentures

An innovation referred to as the “rubber dentures.” This unbreakable flexible acrylic has the right translucency that blends with the natural tone of your gums â€" nobody will know you’re wearing dentures! Unsightly metal clasps are replaced with the same strong nylon-based thermoplastic resin materials. Various shades to match different gum colors.

Black Gums Management

Dark, pigmented gums are often caused by poor quality alloy. Lesser quality alloys often contain “un-refined” metallic elements which yield toxic and darkening substances during formulation. These “un-refined” metallic elements are lead, cadmium, iron, mercury and other undesirable elements. Our ceramic alloy is medically pure having the same qualifications as artificial heart valves, joint implants and bone splints! The exceptional physical properties and bio-compatibility of our advanced formula alloy is derived from the aero-space industry. DO NOT GAMBLE WITH FAKE SUBSTITUTES. With x-ray requirement.

Gum Veneers

An adjunct to black gum management, gum veneers are artificial gum façade prescribed to patients with dark gums due to smoking or heredity. Or patients with “long teeth.” Used to stimulate the appearance of pink, healthy gumlines.

Stainless Steel Pediatric Crowns

The sci-fi of a new generation of replacement crowns! These anime crowns will not split, stain, or crack. Each crown is pre-trimmed to ideal length and contour to save reduction of tooth structures.

Sports Mouth Guards

Every member in your family who is involved in any athletic activity where physical contact can be made or a fall can occur must be using an athletic mouth guard. A few examples are badminton, basketball, bowling, boxing, soccer, tennis, karate, judo and jogging. The mouth guards we supply are comfortable, do not impede breathing, allows for normal speech, and are custom-formed for the individual patient alone. The ready-made, ready-to-use, store bought protectors usually fall short in quality and is not recommended.

Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ)Splints

Splints come in a variety of designs. This office prides itself on producing the finest splint appliances possible:· Disengaging splints â€" induce relaxation of the masticatory muscles by reducing, modifying, or more widely distributing the afferent neural input from the occluding teeth (for sinusitis)· Occlusion correcting splints â€" temporarily eliminate chronic and acute malocclusion (for night grinding/bruxism)· Mandibular repositioning splints â€" used to prevent the disc-condyle complexes from returning to the fully occluded position or to set the condyles in a more favorable position.· Besides being used to treat TMJ clicking and popping, pain and dysfunction, there has been much interest, of late, in TMJ splints to release or enhance the strength in the athlete.

Oral Habits

· Thumb-sucking and finger habits â€" could cause an anterior open bite, facial movement of the upper incisors, lingual movement of the lower incisors, and constriction of the maxillary arch.· Lip biting and lip sucking â€" can procline the maxillary incisors, retrocline the mandibular incisors and increase the amount of overjet.· Tongue thrusting and mouth breathing â€" could create and anterior open bite.· A lateral tongue thrust or cheek biting habit

Space Maintainers

The early loss of primary teeth often results in a reduction of arch length. This change can directly affect the normal eruption of the adult teeth. If the permanent teeth are not going to erupt within SIX months of the loss, a primary tooth appliance therapy is indicated.


Single tooth anterior or posterior crossbite corrections are rather simple procedures that can be accomplished with either fixed or removable appliances. A fixed procedure is typically used when the correction requires bodily movement. A removable approach can be successfully employed if the tooth is crossbite needs to be tipped or uprighted to its correct position.


As with any other surgical procedures comprehensive physical examinations, laboratory results , surgical and medical histories, allergies, pre-medications and taking dental x-rays are extremely vital.

Cleft Palate Repair and Prosthetics

Palate function is essential for normal speech and swallowing. Cleft palate repair and surgery is always elective and the patient must be free from infection and in optimal physical condition prior to surgery.

Allografts and Alloplasts (Bone Grafts)

Our bone grafting particulate offers a completely new approach to guided bone regeneration. It actually becomes part of the patients own tissue. It generates predictable infection free bone and offers no risk of transgenic disease or tissue rejection. The graft material could withstand mechanical forces and is completely resorbed and replaced by host bone. Indicated for:

  • Extraction site/socket grafting
  • Inadequate ridge augmentation
  • Increasing vestibule depth
  • Soft tissue augmentation around dental implants
  • Stabilize loose teeth

Root Canal Therapy

Beneficial to a tooth damaged, inflamed or infected root structures. This treatment involved delicate removal of unhealthy pulp, then gently sterilizing, smoothening and shaping the root canals. The cardinal rule in restoring root canal treated is adequate support with (1)post (metal or fiber cemented in the root canal, (2)filling used to build up core support on the crown portion and jacket crown. Usually gold or porcelain.

Odontectomy (Wisdom Tooth Treatment Options)

A sound philosophy to adopt whena wisdom tooth does not or cannot erupt into proper position is it has no benefits to offer and instead will be a potential source of head and neck medical problems. Cramped for space, impacted wisdom teeth grow in many directions:

  • At an angle toward your other teeth
  • At an angle away from your other teeth
  • Horizontal position
  • Submerged vertical position

Whether you have obvious or silent symptoms of sudden and severe pain, the advantage of early removal is priceless.

Apicoectomy (Periapical cysts, Tumors, Lesions)

A dental cysts is a liquid containing semisolid inflammatory exudates and necrotic products. It is always considered to be infected and the increase pressure from food chewing caused the bone to further resorb and the cyst to enlarge. In the upper jaw, cysts proximity to the large alveolar nerve can cause permanent numbness and damage.

Periodontal Planing and Surgery

In the past it was common to ignorantly extract teeth in chronic periapical infections. But in modern medicine, treatment of the disease is directed toward salvaging all teeth and even treat multiple sites in a single flap surgery. The root planing procedure allows cell migration, repopulation and gum re-attachment.


The most unpopular and the least performed dental surgery. Tooth extractions offers no dental nor medical benefit but as last resort treatment option.

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