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3g Era, Is Mainly To Mobile Phones

3g Era, Is Mainly To Mobile Phones

Posted by szchinagoshop
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About 3G, a view is, how again upgrade, again how restructuring, communication is so big, cake, the cake is not.Free shipping This view without considering such a simple fact: 3G era, mobile phone will mainly be a data terminal services as communications terminal, use (including SMS) Cell Phones will be smaller proportion. Popularly says, is mainly to mobile phones. A user, mobile phones, will play with mobile phones, and listen to the time card, phone messages, than for a much longer time.Slide Phone So, from industrial pattern, 3G and 2.5g will completely not a dish. The cake was so big that communication, how is it back to the person, that is only saw 2.5g this soup, didn't see it 3G data communication, data communication 3G head under the support of the information service of the revolution, the main course. Wise men have no attention to the word down spoon has a bit cool the soup, took up the knife and fork dish wait for hot on the head and main,Bar PhoneRecently, there are two news support my point of view. The first one is about western operators deployment of 3G data business growth after analysis, very strong, as follows:HiphoneMarch 2, 2007, the world famous Informa Telecoms market research company & Media report, released in the third quarter 2006 in the third quarter of 2007 to 12 months, global mobile operators of message data business realized strong growth. The most prominent American carriers, AT&T performance of its total business income according to the text of the annual growth rate than income as the year was 103.1 percent. In contrast, China mobile's annual growth rate for 17.4.New Cell PhonesReport, many operators deployment of 3G network data flow after the messages directly led to the rapid growth of income increase. Mobile operators to browse and wireless Internet access is the fastest growing income of message type of business. Most operators in these business growth more than 40%.PDA Smart PhonesInforma believes that the current user data, and greatly increased the demand of the business operators in data rates continue to drop. Operators 3G network covering and perfecting connection rate increased with the user interface, the improvement and mobile phone screen size increases, is change user for data business, make them more willing to use data services.WIFI Cell Phone"Mobile operators are studying how to promote the use of more frequent user data business, can be expected, 2008 will be mobile data service development faster than a text data business, moving toward mass market." Dario Talmesio Informa analysts said.Watch PhonesIf the above information disclosure is future mobile phones "staging, then a news revealed that future phones" availability ": Yesterday, the national political consultative conference, China mobile scommunications corporation WangJianZhou President in the first financial daily said, this time he will submit an advocate of electronic payment system of small.WangJianZhou said in Beijing and Shanghai, this city is developed, the daily petty pay has reached 20 million deal/day, Dual SIM Phones accordingly, small electronic payment is consumer demand, more can bring convenience to consumers. But the present situation is small, China, the market does not pay the market need business licence, technical and business nor standard, it is a very common market needs.Therefore, in the country, WangJianZhou advice should be under the guidance of first in some areas, the pilot, of course, he is from the Angle of China mobile phones, hope to carrier, and that for China mobile will actively involved.TV PhonesNote: some information disclosure. First, now, the daily petty pay has reached 20 million deal/day. WangZong said that the mobile phone is small. If you haven't met such application, can reference: mobile plotting mobile business, mobile payment views and try, e-commerce and the effective combination mobile exploration. Second, mobile WangZong has begun to consider "advocate a unified electronic payment system," small let everyone phone later can be used to brush calorie of consumption.Quad-Band Phones
Industry restructuring and industrial upgrade, this kind of thing almost every day. However, as this will bring 3G application more than one industry reshuffle, more than one industry (such as communication, data service industry, industry e-commerce industry restructuring and upgrade the revolution), maybe just a hundred.Cheapest Phones
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