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1m Taiyuan Aacas - Solution To Accidents Or Crash

1m Taiyuan Aacas - Solution To Accidents Or Crash

Posted by 1M Taiyuan AACAS
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Background of the product

1M TAIY Automatic Automobile Collision Avoidance System (AACAS) is a high-tech integrated system, which can execute auto-alarm, auto deceleration and auto-brakes on moving vehicle in order to avoid accident or crash.

1M TAIY AACAS is a revolutionary achievement which offer an active safety driving system device for any type of driving vehicle without interfering the vehicle standard driving system features.

This intelligent active vehicle safety system device of 1M TAIY AACAS will collect data from the radar installed, process and execute measured braking action in order to avoid collision or fatal crash.

1M TAIY AACAS is an intelligent solution that offers an extra protection for any moving vehicles in addition of other vehicle traditional safety system.

1M Taiyuan AACAS Technical Performance Automatic Collision Avoidance
When obstacle are appearing a threat to driving safety, the 1M TAIY AACAS can produce auto-alarm, auto-deceleration and auto-braking in order to avoid possible collision or crash.

Early Warning of rear end collision
The system can light the brake lights in advance to remind other drivers behind.
Highly Integrated
The system integrated a set of high-technology such as sound, light, electricity and machinery.

High Adaptability
The system can be applied to various motor vehicle which meet standard performance by the country. It can be equipped with no changes on the original structure of the car. It is portable and easy to use. Can be turn on and off in different situation.

High Stability
The performance has been tested, approved and found to be effective in the past two decades. 1M Taiyuan AACAS Operation Principles

Auto Alarm
The 1M TAIY AACAS can automatically display real-time speed and distance of threatening vehicle or object in front of the car. Once received the instructive message from the central processor, The 1M TAIY AACAS will produce alarming sound to alert the driver on the up coming danger. This alarm can enforce driver to be cautious and help the driver to avoid dangerous situation.

Tracking Identification
Employing a Radar system that can make effectively real-time monitoring on static or moving objects in front and the data will be sent back immediately to the central processor.

Intelligent Processing
The central processor will analyze, compute and process the data collected by the Radar System. By analyzing the obstacle, the central processor can timely sent executable signal to auto alarm device and braking system.

Braking and Deceleration
In case of dangerous situation, the braking system can take automatic deceleration, heavy braking, parking and other actions when receives commanding signals from the processor.

How Does 1M Taiyuan AACAS Works? When the driver is stepping on the brake pedal, the brake force is magnified three times by the leverage. The hydraulic mechanism is driving piston system to magnify the force three times. Magnified braking force push the piston with brake caliper and brake discs to generate a strong friction, so the vehicle can be slowed down. This is the simple model of braking system.

1M TAIY AACAS system can automatically compensate for human weakness of perception, judgment and manipulation. Its automatic level depends on specific program developed by the Taiyuan R&D institution. The development of active safety system fully takes consideration of various factors.

1M TAIY AACAS can remind the driver by alarming sound to alert the driver of the danger ahead, enforcing the driver to take preventive measures in advance. In case of the driver did not take any action or delaying the preventive action, 1M TAIY AACAS will execute the braking action and make the judgment to control the braking system whenever the vehicle is in the danger zone and will automatically stop the car. The mechanism of automatic judging and decision making can complement the relationship between people and the system.

1M TAIY AACAS belongs to an interdisciplinary subject, including mechanic, electricity, computering, physiology, psychology, social and science. It is a state of the art technology that coupling with the interface of Human-Computer Interaction.
With 1M TAIY AACAS shows the integration of automobile, people and active safety device system. Compensating the weakness of human and vehicle, 1M TAIY AACAS can significantly enhance and ensure the safety of driving.

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Company details:

Optimum iT Sdn Bhd

C9-M Dataran Palma

68000 Ampang

Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: 603 4270 2611

Fax: 603 4270 2511
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